Telegraph fantasy football “ones to watch” game week 6

Here’s the GW6  telegraph fantasy football “ones to watch”.  This is a menu of telegraph fantasy football players to pick from for your team with factors stating why.

I’ve also put the removals  in strikethrough to show you who has come off from last week.    The new telegraph fantasy football players and reasons why are added  in italics to make it easier to follow.  Below each position if applicable is a “bubbling under”  category for monitoring certain telegraph fantasy football players before they are added to the “ones to watch” list.  Remember these are telegraph fantasy football players in would have in my team.   At the bottom is a key if you want a bit more detail on the factors listed


Hart   £4.0m  – quality.  Underlying stats are still strong fixtures are about to improve.  I would still keep the faith.

Howard  £3.4m –  value fixtures

Begovic    £3.0m  –  budget

Jaaskelainen, J £3.0m budget

Comment – Hart still seems the best bet here despite the poor start.  With negative points for goals in telegraph fantasy football you’ve got to try for quality.

Bubbling under

Mannone -£3.0m Arsenal.  Short term  3rd choice keeper in first place due to injury.  W Szczesny game week 8


Rafael   £3.6m – value. attack

Distin   £3.2m – fixtures and value.  didnt play last game.  Wouldnt panic sell just yet but dont purchase at the moment

Reither  £3.0m – value  fixtures

Jenkinson  £2.8m  – value.   Difficult fixtures and should lose position when Sagna back in GW7 but good until then.  Don’t buy but don’t sell until Sagna effect realised

Gallas   £3.2m value.  fixtures have turned against Spurs

Ridgewell  £3.1m fixtures.  attack.  value.  WBA are showing strong defence and with fixtures getting better Ridgewell gives you clean sheet potential plus goals.  Holding his place at the moment against Popov.  Better value than McAuley at £3.5m although probably not as secure.

Baines   £4.1m  quality.  attack.  If you’ve got some cash up our sleeve Baines attacking prospects plus the “contribution” assist rules means that during Evertons outstanding run of fixtures you could do worse that gamble on Baines attacking plus clean sheet returns

Gibbs   £3.7m   – CS  – the improved Arsenal defence  demands coverage although wait to  see off City away and Chelsea at home.   Gibbs is the best long term value bet here.

Again the negative points for goals conceded in telegraph fantasy football means that you do need a side capable of clean sheets.  Ive gone for top 6ish sides with good fixtures above

However, if you really want to go for a budget defender here are 2  from Reading and QPR who have a good run of fixtures coming up

Gorkks – £3.0m  Reading.  fixtures

Nelsen – QPR £2.9m fixtures.  budget.  A short term batch of good fixtures coming.  Seems to have held his place.  Has the potential to nick a goal.

Bubbling under

Zabaleta  £3.4m.  Value. fixtures.  An absolute steal if he plays and Citys defence comes good.  2 big if’s.  If you believe in the defence you may think Joe Hart is worth the extra.


Hazard – £4.3m –  Quality.  Value.  Dont buy but not necessarily a sell just yet.  Poor fixtures.

Bale – £5.5m – Quality. fixtures now against him.  Dont buy but monitor for whether he has the quality to ride the bad fixtures out

Michu – £3.3m – fixtures. form.  Return him when the fixtures improve

Pienaar –  £3.6m – fixtures. form

Fellaini – £3.8m form.  fixtures. played in an advanced position again.  Good underlying stats too

Nolan – £3.3m  form.  Fixtures starting to turn.     Dont sell just yet but dont buy

Morrison – £3.8m  fixtures.  Expensive.  Not producing just at the moment but the best of the WBA midfielders with a goal threat.  Most advanced position wise as well.

Cazorla – £3.2m  quality. Value.   Most advanced midfielder for Arsenal.   Chelsea H next but after that fixtures improved.  Shoots far too much outside the box and a bit assist based but at this price very hard to resist

Lallana – £3.3m – fixtures have improved.  Good underlying stats

 Diaby – £2.8m budget.  form.  Fixtures after Chelsea game.

Guthrie – £2.7m  Reading – Fixtures.

Schneiderlin – £2.8m  Saints.  Budget.  Fixtures

Sterling – £2.6m  form.  budget.

Kacaniklic – £2.6M budget

Puncheon – £2.4m.  budget.  goal last week.  game time risk with Do Prado but seems to have held his place

Bubbling under

Gera  £2.6m budget.  fixtures.   Made the team last week.  Monitor if keeps his place.

Dempsey  £4.3m quality.   Doesn’t have fixtures with him and game time uncertain.  Has the ability to be fixture proof but stats need monitoring

Adam   £3.7m  A little expensive but has the potential to monopolise set pieces and free kicks.  Plenty of time to monitor as fixtures are a mile off becoming ok


Tevez £6.4m – quality. form.  Game week showed him and Aguero still bext partnership.  I wouldnt buy but dont sell with fixtures coming up

RVP – £7.0m – QUALITY.  Rotation is the main risk

Jelavic – £5.8m – fixtures quality. Should start

Berbatov – £5.8m  quality.  form. Injured

Lambert – £4.9m  form. Fixtures.

 Defoe – £5.4m –   Form.  quality I wouldn’t have seen him as a lone striker but showed real quality against Reading and QPR.  Adebayor injury and form will see him start.

Ba – £6.0mm  form.  fixtures aren’t great but has shown real quality.  Has the ability to score against any opposition.  Just monitor the noise with the club to ensure no game time risk

Podolski. – £5.9m Form. quality.  I would wait until  Chelsea H are over but no doubting his form

Aguero – £6.7m.  QUALITY fixtures.  Role seems assured

Vaz Te   £3.4m  – budget.  fixtures

Rodallega  £4.3m – fixtures.  value.

I’m not putting a budget section for strikers.  I just think the position is too important and theres too much quality to put a filler in.  However Pogrebnyak at £4.9m is the best option if you really must.

Bubbling under

Lukaku – £3.5m Budget.Watch him to see if he can get regular starts.  He is some player.  Fixtures are good just needs a chance.  Started first game and showed worth. Need to see if starts again but maybe worth a punt for Villa A


quality – an elite player for his position

value – a player at a value that is less than the returns I expect

fixtures – a player facing good fixtures over the next 6 games

budget – filler at the minimum price the position allows. Should play

sleeping giant – a player with past form who may have had a quiet season last year but has the potential for far greater returns than his value

YC – card magnet

DGW – has 2 games in the specified game week

pre-season – has pre-season form

pens – should take penalties

short term – will only play for a few games

Form – current form

hope that stimulates some thought for your telegraph fantasy football team.  Heres the link to the latest fantasy premier league fixtures article if you want to look at that again