Telegraph fantasy football – “ones to watch” GW4

I thought since I had neglected it so much I should do a brief version of my  Telegraph fantasy football “ones to watch” ie the best picks in the different player categories .  I’ve ranked them in order as well.  It’s a bit brief as its Friday and alot of transfers to do.  Alot more detail in the fantasy premier league “ones to watch”


1.Mignolet £3.5m

Best value in an excellent defence with good fixtures

2.  Cech £3.9m

A way of getting Chelsea defensive coverage without having to suffer the cost and rotation of the defenders

3.  Hart £4.0m

Similar comments to Cech although need Kompany back to stabilise the defence


1.  Rose£3.2m

Excellent value for a very good defence with good fixtures

2.  Koscielny £3.7m

Also good value for a strong defence with good fixtures

3.  Coleman £3.5m

Has a bit of an injury doubt this week but defence has looked good and he also has good attacking potential

4.  Vidic £4.5m

Good fixtures and good attacking potential .  Some gametime rotation risk

5.  Lovren £3.2m

Best cheapie option in a good defence

6.  Reid £3.2m

Another reasonable cheapie option


1.  Walcott £5.1m

Plays high up the pitch and should benefit from Ozils creativity.  Excellent fixtures

2.  Oscar £4.3m

Chelsea is worth coverage and Oscar and Willian look the best value to compensate for the rotation

3.  Eriksen £4.1m

New boy may not start tomorrow but can score and assist and will give Spurs the creativity required

4.  Coutinho £4.2m

Started poorly but still has good fixtures and the value to make it worth some patience

5.  Willian £4.1m

Same comments as Oscar

6.  Pablo £3.6m

Quite value with fixtures improving

Budget mids 

Fer £3.1m.

JWP £2.4m

Redmond £2.6m

Brady £2.7m

Barkley £2.5m


1.  Giroud £5.7m

Good fixtures no rotation risk and one of the worlds best creator of chances joining in Ozil

2.  RVP £8.0m

Some great fixtures but expensive

3.  Soldado £5.8m

some great fixtures and Eriksen should create some more chances.  Has pen duties

4.  Sturridge £6.2m

Excellent fixtures and team should create alot of chances against weak opposition

5. Negredo £6.1m

Should hold the most advanced position for City which will produce alot of chances

6.  Eto’o £5.9m

Will suffer rotation but should be the main man in front of some fantastically creative players

7.  Benteke £6.0m

Hard to believe such a quality player is low down. Has pens and a great fixture next

8.  Lukaku £5.4m 

Amazing striker who will really produce.  Is ineligible this week

9.  Bony £5.2m 

Fixtures getting better and should be the most advanced striker with good creativity behind him

Thats it .  Hope it helps but sorry about the brevity


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5 thoughts on “Telegraph fantasy football – “ones to watch” GW4”

  1. Fantastic, thanks for that.
    Can I ask why you neglect the telegraph ff, it’s the only one I do.
    Hope you spend a bit more time on it.
    Thanks again.

    • Its just time. i’m still a corporate drone so ts a matter of finding the time after ive dne the core fantasy premier league articles which is what the majority of my readers want

      will try though!

  2. Hate to be a bother but can we get another one of these for TFF. I’m struggling a bit and need to make some transfer looking into the next month of fixtures.

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