Telegraph fantasy football – my team for GW4 – 1 transfer made

Here’s my team for telegraph fantasy football GW4.  I’ve made 1 transfer.

The  Silva injury led me to change formation to 3-4-3 and I’ve transferred in Giroud.  I generally don’t like doubling up but the Giroud/Walcott partnership with the transfer of Ozil (although not certain to start today) is just too tempting at the moment so I’ve introduced him after mulling over Negredo and Benteke and Eto’o.

Here’s the full team:


Mignolet, SMignolet, S

Mignolet, S


Koscielny, LKoscielny, L

Koscielny, L


Nastasic, MNastasic, M

Nastasic, M


Rose, DRose, D

Rose, D


Walcott, TWalcott, T

Walcott, T


Coutinho, PCoutinho, P

Coutinho, P


Barkley, RBarkley, R

Barkley, R


Mirallas, KMirallas, K

Mirallas, K


van Persie, Rvan Persie, R

van Persie, R


Giroud, OGiroud, O

Giroud, O


Soldado, RSoldado, R

Soldado, R



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2 thoughts on “Telegraph fantasy football – my team for GW4 – 1 transfer made”

  1. Hi there, great site with some good opinions.

    In this format would you change coutinho + soldado for Eriksen + Sturridge?

    20 points behind in my mini league and I’m convinced everyone has coutinho + soldado?? Not sure many would have Eriksen and a few but not all will have Sturridge.

    Views and opinions on clawing back some points?

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