Telegraph fantasy football tips – the FFGeek contributors show their teams week 50

Here’s our Telegraph Fantasy football tips article where 4 FFGeek contributors show their teams. All of them finished in the top 1000 and 2 within the top 500 last season.

Telegraph fantasy football tips – the FFGeek contributors show their teams week 50

Bryan O’Rourke

Bryan finished 37th in TFF last season and 7th in 17/18

Overall rank: 6k, transfers remaining 6

Well all I can say is I’m glad I’m not anywhere near the leaderboard this season. Coming home from work to find another game on the tv is something new.

After Soyuncus red card on whatever day it was last week I felt it was the right time to bring in players from the Manchester teams, with their cup fixtures to play. I took out the Liverpool defenders and went for a Man Utd block defence and also brought in Fernandes for Abraham, at the cost of 6 transfers. As I write Martial has scored and United have a clean sheet so the subs have worked out quite well. After the points update I hope to be in the top 5000 again.

6 transfers left. Like before I have no plans for subs, it probably take an injury or another red card to force the hand. Best of luck and enjoy the games.

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Sergio Torija

Sergio finished with an overall rank in the 300’s last season

Overall rank 2kish

Decent scores during the last week to keep my team with a sight of the top 2K in the overall rank. In the previous set of games I had good returns from the United and City contingent, plus clean sheets form Sheffield United. A more modest return this week with the key City assets being rested, but the United ones all returned.

I talked in the last update on my plan to swap Salah, my main to targets were Sterling and Fernandes, in the end I decided to go with Fernandes to have a more balanced spread between both Manchester teams. Which was a pity given Sterling’s hattrick on the weekend, but following Soyuncu’s red in the later games, having gone to Fernandes allowed me to bring in Wan Bisaka for Soyuncu.

So that is it for transfers with only one left. Which I will keep to bring in someone from the teams that qualify for the FA cup final. For those out there with more transfers in hand, I would still be looking to load up in City and whoever the winner of the Chelsea vs United is.

Good luck everyone !

telegraph fantasy football tips

Ben Humphrey

Ben finished with an overall rank of 576 last season

Week points 25 Rank: 5,391 Transfers remaining: 3

Team review.

After last weeks write up, I made a big decision, and brought in Sterling for Mane. Thank the fantasy gods I did make that late decision, otherwise I would have been sitting there watching him score a hat-trick, crying like a baby.
I made another late decision on Thursday. Soyuncu had to go, after his red card, but I was struggling to find a replacement. My budget was very limited, with just £2.6m to play with. In the end I settled on Bednarek.
Other than that, I remain thankful for the glorious consistency of Fernandes and Ings.

Team thoughts.

I have kind of put all my eggs in an all Manchester cup final shaped basket, So the semifinals will go along way to deciding how my season pans out. And what I do with my remaining transfers.
I wish I could have brought in Martial some weeks ago, but I just don’t know how he would fit in.
I am generally happy with my team, but rotation wasn’t my friend this week.
Good luck everyone.

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Stephen Troop

Stephen finished with an OR in the 900’s last season

Rank: 1.1k  

It’s been a bit of a backwards step so far this week (1,145 rank as of Thurs eve update) after a great week last week which saw me rise up to the 800s in rank (showing how volatile rank still is).

I swapped Salah for Sterling Sat night prior to his hat trick which was nice, and swapped the suspended Soyuncu for Greenwood (although 2 blanks so far). Unfortunately Tuesday nights FA cup and the highly owned Martial and Rashford punished me tonight, alongside a Leicester clean sheet.

I’m in good shape for FA cup semi finals weekend, and imagine I’ll get a start from all 4 assets. If City and United get through then I can have 11 players for the final (presuming they start), although part of me wants Chelsea to go through given how highly owned United players are around me in rank. If City go out to Arsenal (can’t see it) then that’ll be a huge spanner in the works for everyone, but would make things interesting.

Good luck all

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