Telegraph fantasy football tips – FFGeek contributors show their teams GW21

Here’s our telegraph fantasy football tips version of the “FFGeek contributors show their teams”. In it we have last seasons 7th place overall finisher Bryan, Sergio who finished 1,951 last season and top 1k finisher Ben Humphrey

Telegraph fantasy football tips – FFGeek contributors show their teams GW21

With the holidays there’s only limited information for Bryan and Sergio this week.  Apologies for that.

Bryan Forbes O’Rourke

Bryan finished an incredible 7th place overall in telegraph fantasy football last season

90 gameweek points, total points 1,094,  Overall rank 1360

Unfortunately his team is private so I don’t have a screenshot.

Sergio Torija

Sergio finished in 1,951 position last season in telegraph fantasy football

Gameweek points 106,  Total Pts 1,055,  Overall rank 3,979,  Transfers available 18

telegraph fantasy football tips


Ben Humphrey

Ben is a top 1k finisher in TFF

Week points: 105  Over all rank: 3087  Transfers remaining: 25

team review.

Oh dear, that all went a bit pear shaped. After a good score during the week, it all went wrong over the weekend. A couple of goals and one clean sheet was about the sum of my teams efforts, I should also acknowledge the assist from Mr Doherty. The biggest disappointment was a ranking drop of around 1000 places, thanks in no small part to the lack of that dastardly Mr Salah.

team thoughts.

Kepa, Robertson and Doherty are all in my good books, but Mina and Kolasinac are on borrowed time unless they can prove their worth over the next week or so.

I’m pretty happy with the rest of my team, but as I said last week, Salah is going to have to come in soon. When he does well, it kills my rank, and it’s hard enough to get in the top 2000 as it is.

I’m also starting to think that it’s time to jump on the Man United train. I’m looking at Martial, £4.7m or, and I never thought I’d say this, Pogba, £4.9m. I have never had Pogba in a fantasy team, but I’m getting the feeling that he’s woken up and the faith of his new manager is releasing the potential that everyone’s been talking about since he joined United. He now has surety of starts and can contribute with goals and assists. How I make any of this happen is yet to be decided.

It could be done by changing Richarlison for Pogba and freeing up the extra funds by swapping out Kolasinac for a cheep defender. I would still like to exchange Mina or Kolasinac for another Liverpool defender too, once the Man City game is out the way.

It’s very easy to get sucked in to forcing in the players you want at the expense of the teams balance, and this is something I’m very conscious of this year. I don’t want to squeeze the pennies out of my defence, leaving my back line weak and leaving behind a legacy of inexorable regret.

Balance is so important, and at the moment my team feels fairly good in that respect. With that in mind, I think I will leave things how they are, then bring in the extra Liverpool defender next week.

Good luck and a happy new year.

telegraph fantasy football tips

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