telegraph fantasy football tips – FFGeek contributors show their teams GW9

Here’s our telegraph fantasy football tips version of the “FFGeek contributors show their teams”. In it we have last seasons 7th place overall finisher Bryan, Sergio who finished 1,951 last season and top 1k finisher Ben Humphrey

telegraph fantasy football tips – FFGeek contributors show their teams GW9

There’s also a telegraph fantasy football article from Stephen Troop who finished around 1k last season as part of a multi format article.

Bryan Forbes O’Rourke

Bryan finished an incredible 7th place overall in telegraph fantasy football last season

56 gameweek points, total points 438, Overall rank 4,160, transfers available 32

A better week, 56 points scored, 1 transfer used and climbed up to 4160 place overall.

Another last minute transfer made with Mendy replacing Wan Bissaka. I hadn’t planned to to make this swap but with Mendy starting and Palaces upcoming run of tough fixtures, it looked a good move.

This week I will definitely replace Stones for Robertson and possibly Ederson for Allison as Liverpools fixtures look appealing over the next few weeks. That would leave 30 transfers which is not too bad, perhaps 2 or 3 less than ideal.

Good luck for the week and here’s hoping Salah and Mane are fit.

telegraph fantasy football tips

Sergio Torija

Sergio finished in 1,951 position last season in telegraph fantasy football

54 Gameweek points Total Pts 456 Overall rank 1,922 Transfers available 31

Another solid week for my team with 54 points (no transfers used) and no significant rank change, still in the top 2K. My defence keeps ticking over with everyone contributing except Shaw. In attack, only the Richarlison goal plus the Lacazette double. His transfer in place of Mane a few weeks back has proved a good move.

For the week coming, I’ve got 2 players who are injury doubts in Salah and Shaw. Salah I want to keep over the next weeks and his injury seems minor, so he stays even if he misses the one game. Shaw is different story, United are not keeping clean sheets plus fixtures are mixed. Also they play the early game on Saturday, so regardless of the injury, Shaw is out for a defender of £3.6m or less. Ideally this would be Alexander-Arnold, who I expected will gain back his starting spot with Liverpool, but I might change my mind to Lascelles or Duffy to avoid the risk.

Good luck for GW9 Geekers!

telegraph fantasy football tips

Ben Humphrey

Ben is a top 1k finisher in TFF

Week points: 56 Overall rank: 2,016 Transfers remaining: 35

Slowly slowly catchy fantasy monkey. A decent week almost nudged me in to the top 2000, and I’ve only used five transfers, which makes me feel like I’m in a good place.

I saw an opportunity over the weekend, and made a sort of planned transfer. I was always aiming to bring Mendy back in, and when I heard he was fit, and I saw he was in the starting line up, I made my move. Moura was the one to make way, and since he had already played, it seemed like the right time. I wasn’t expecting a clean sheet against Liverpool, but that was a nice bonus.

The team

That unexpected, and slightly anticlimactic 0 – 0 draw was at least good news for the afore mentioned Mendy, as well as Robertson and Ederson. When you throw in Alonso’s clean sheet, it was a good week for the defence.

In the middle, it was that man Hazard again who was the star, bringing in 10 points. Richarlison also started paying his rent with his first returns since his ban. Salah blanked yet again, but I will be giving him another four games to make up for his disappointing points collection of late. With Huddersfield, Cardiff and Fulham in the next four, you’d be mad or very brave to kick him out the side now.

My attack was the only let down. They seem to be having one week on and one week off, both Aguero and Arnautovic returning to the changing room shame faced after notching just one point each.

Team thoughts

As I mentioned last time, my next exit strategy revolves around the removal of Van Aanholt. I don’t have a problem with him personally, I’m sure he’s lovely, but there’s no getting away from the dreadful fixtures awaiting Palace. I haven’t yet decided who will be taking his place, the favourite is probably Doherty of Wolves, (£2.9).

The player I really would like to bring in is Lacazette, (£6.0),. The easiest and most obvious thing to do, would be a straight swop for Salah, who just happens to be exactly the same price. But as I said, I can’t take him out ahead of those fixtures. I might just have to play the waiting game. But if Salah gets injured, or comes out the other side of those promising matches with nothing, I shall be boarding the Lacazette train quicker than you can say “Walk like an Egyptian”.

Good luck, and may your arrows be Norwich shorts.

telegraph fantasy football tips

There’s also a telegraph fantasy football article from Stephen Troop who finished around 1k last season as part of a multi format article.

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