Telegraph fantasy football tips – FFGeek contributors show their teams GW22

Here’s our telegraph fantasy football tips version of the “FFGeek contributors show their teams”. In it we have last seasons 7th place overall finisher Bryan, Sergio who finished 1,951 last season and top 1k finisher Ben Humphrey

Telegraph fantasy football tips – FFGeek contributors show their teams GW22

Bryan Forbes O’Rourke

Bryan finished an incredible 7th place overall in telegraph fantasy football last season

100 gameweek points, total points 1,163, Overall rank 1,452 transfers available 20

A good week with 100 points scored and a slight rise in the overall rankings to 1452 place.

Heroes of the week were the defenders Taylor and Kolasinac, who both started and kept clean sheets in the FA Cup 3rd round. Harry Kane scored having come on as a late substitute, that was another unexpected bonus.

The team is in good shape, I don’t expect to make any transfers this week. With 20 transfers left their will be opportunities later in the season to make radical changes with the FA Cup and rearranged fixtures.

Here’s to a good gameweek :)

telegraph fantasy football tips


Sergio Torija

Sergio finished in 1,951 position last season in telegraph fantasy football

80 Gameweek points Total Pts 1,135  Overall rank 3,169   Transfers available 18

That was a pretty decent return from the FA cup games given I didn’t do any transfers and was not expecting much of them. I had returns from Kolasinac, Ederson, Sterling and Kane, while 5 others got appearance points at least. So a total of 80 points for the week and a nice rank rise of about 1000 places.

For this week, probably will do Kolasinac to TAA taking advantage that Arsenal play first. Even though Kolasinac has returned decently for me, that was all based on KCs since Arsenal don’t seem to be able to hold clean sheets, their defenders get injured for fun, and it is Chelsea, Man U and Man City in the next 4. While Liverpool have excellent fixtures all the way to March and will play their stronger team each game given they are out of cup action and going for the Premier League. The center back injury situation also helps TAA for this.

Good luck for GW22 Geekers!

telegraph fantasy football tips

Ben Humphrey

Ben is a top 1k finisher in TFF

Week points: 88  Overall rank: 1934  Transfers remaining: 24

Team review

Judging by the fact that I’ve sneaked in to the top 2000, I consider this a good week. Even the FA cup weekend wasn’t as annoying as it usually is.

The biggest bonus over the week has to be Kolasinac, who gathered up 17 points over the two games. So far, he’s proving as much of a bargain as I hoped he would be when I brought him in. The only other point to come from defence over the cup games was a sub appearance from Doherty.

There were a couple of nice surprises in attack, where I wasn’t really expecting any of my team to start their respective matches. Sterling supplied a goal and assist, while Mr Kane came on late to grab himself a goal.

Team thoughts

I’m still basically happy with my team. My one burning issue is the recalling of Salah. He is currently owned by just over 60% of managers in TFF, so if he explodes and I don’t have him, my rank is going to suffer. As I said last week, the most likely way of doing this will be to remove Aubameyang, which will also give me some handy extra cash. An extra little bonus to this plan is that Arsenal play West Ham in the Saturday lunchtime kick off, meaning that I can play Aubameyang, then swop him for Salah who plays at 15:00.I love it when transfers and fixtures come together.

The only other change on my wish list would be to have Arnautovic instead of Anderson, but there is a massive £1.8m difference in price so I have yet to work out how that would be done. Arnautovic is also owned by less than 5% of managers at the time of writing, making him a potentially monstrous differential in my quest to climb the rankings.

I am therefore looking at one transfer this week, Salah for Aubameyang.

Good luck.

telegraph fantasy football tips

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  1. Update on my team: having a closer look at the fixture list, I won’t be doing the Kolasinac to TAA move today. The move would provide 2 liverpool games (1 clean sheet maybe), but then it is 3 consecutive Arsenal home games before Liverpool play, so even without many clean sheets, Kolasinac should match TAA points if not be best.

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