Telegraph fantasy football tips – the FFGeek contributors show their teams GW4

Here’s our Telegraph Fantasy football tips article where 4 FFGeek contributors show their teams. All of them finished in the top 1000 and 2 within the top 500 last season.

Telegraph fantasy football tips – the FFGeek contributors show their teams GW4

Bryan O’Rourke

Bryan finished 37th in TFF last season and 7th in 17/18

Week points: 50 Over all rank: 16,835

50 points for the week and 16835 place overall, with 38 transfers left.

Best laid plains ! Guilbert was coming out but once I noticed he was a starter he stayed put and lo and behold a clean sheet and a KC. Not bad for a 2 million defender. As planned Gomez left for Emerson who scooped a whole point. With the £1m in the bank after that switch, that allowed Deulofeu to Martial. Currently have a Kyle Walker Peters sized headache but with a scarcity of alternatives at his price, I will almost certainly leave him in he team unless the prognosis is a longer term absence. Not jumping on the Pukki bandwagon quite yet. Best of luck.

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Sergio Torija

Sergio finished with an overall rank in the 300’s last season

Week points: 46  Overall rank: 11,423  Transfers remaining: 37

Last week was decent with 46 points. My transfer of Gomez (not playing) to Walker-Peters (no clean and got injured) was not the most successful ever.
This week looks tricky with 2 players injured and Ryan away to City. Happy to hold on to Walker-Peters but transfer Martial to KDB like everyone this week ‘
I realised even if Martial is back after the International Break, I get 3 City games to Utd’s 1 in the period
I would like Aguero, but no clear way how to get him in

telegraph fantasy football tips

Ben Humphrey

Ben finished with an overall rank of 576 last season

Week points: 41  Overall rank: 93732  Transfers remaining: 39

Week review

I think my start to the fantasy season can best be described as average. I have at least cracked the top 100,000, which is a start.

I made one transfer last week, correcting my stupidity from the start and bringing in Pukki, back to where he belongs. After letting Sigurdsson disappoint again on Friday, it was an easy decision to replace him with the Norwich striker, who promptly rewarded me with 10 points against Chelsea.

As for most managers, clean sheets were extinct, and the pressure grows on the backline. Trent and Zinchenko did at least get a KC each.

Sterling kept up his early form, but Mane had a break, and Jota and Pepe have yet to turn up to the party at all.

Team thoughts

I feel much better for having Pukki in my team, and I am keeping faith with Jota, Pepe and Adams, they will come good, you mark my words.

I am also keeping faith with my double Liverpool and Man City defence. I know there are a lot of managers out there, moving on their expensive defenders, but they will keep clean sheets sooner rather than later, and I want the points when it happens.

I have a good feeling about this week, and hopefully I can get above the average. My mini league isn’t looking good.

I therefore won’t be making any further changes this week. My plan is to leave as is until after the international break.

Good luck everyone.

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Stephen Troop

Stephen finished with an OR in the 900’s last season

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Here’s the link to last weeks article

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