Telegraph fantasy football tips – the FFGeek contributors show their teams week 47

Here’s our Telegraph Fantasy football tips article where 4 FFGeek contributors show their teams. All of them finished in the top 1000 and 2 within the top 500 last season.

Telegraph fantasy football tips – the FFGeek contributors show their teams week 47

Bryan O’Rourke

Bryan finished 37th in TFF last season and 7th in 17/18

Total points 1,533, Overall rank: 4.8k, transfers remaining 11

A good week with 71 points for the week takes this team to 4852 place overall with 11 transfers left.

Undoubtedly the star player was Martial with his midweek hatrick. Goals and assists to go with a clean sheet from Liverpool defenders boosted the tally nicely.

Looking ahead, the injury to Aguero looks longer term so Jesus will be his replacement. That will leave 1m in the bank. I would like to bring in someone for the off form Abraham but just can’t see a standout replacement, possibly a premium defender and a change to 5-3-2. But for now it’s a wait and see and hope Tammy finds his shooting boots again.

The goal is a top 1000 finish, considering this team was around 100K before xmas that would be a good finale. Best of luck this weekend.

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Sergio Torija

Sergio finished with an overall rank in the 300’s last season

Overall position 7483 / Points 72 / Transfers left 6

A poor showing in the initial set of games with 47 points meant my rank dropped below the10K mark, but the midweek games were better with 72 points which help me get closer to my prelockdown rank. The main performers were TAA and Martial with 19 points apiece, Jimenez with 14 and then most of the rest chipping in with at lest one return, except Barnes and the very disappointing Aubameyang.

On Thursday night I did two transfers, moving investment from Liverpool to City due to the extra games and also their additional involvement in the FA cup. KDB and Mahrez came in.

With only 6 transfers left, can’t be playing around too much other than to get the players I want to keep till the end of the season. I won’t be doing any transfer straightaway, but depending on the FA cup quarters results, Henderson could become Ederson, Otamendi probably goes for a more secure and cheaper defender, while Barnes and Aubameyang are under monitoring.

Good luck everyone !

Ben Humphrey

Ben finished with an overall rank of 576 last season

Week points 67 Rank: 7,940 Transfers remaining: 7

Team review

Let’s talk about transfers first of all.
I decided that Jimenez and Doherty had to come in. Once I had made that decision, I started kicking myself that I hadn’t done it earlier. I let Vardy Play on Tuesday, before replacing him with the Wolves striker. Pepe made way for Doherty. This was a slight concern, but as expected Pepe did nothing, so I got away with it.
Both the Wolves players paid me back immediately, which was satisfying, and sent me into smug mode.
The next stage in my remodelling, was to check the Manchester City team news, and bring in KDB for Jota when it was confirmed that the Belgium would start. That worked out okay in the end, giving me a clean sweep of successful transfers, which is always nice.

With the FA Cup also in mind, the final step of my transformation was planned to be Ings out for Martial, once Southampton had played Arsenal. obviously, with the power of hindsight, I wish I had brought in Martial earlier. It seems I am lacking in the power to see the future, but I’m working on it.
If my maths is correct, that would leave me with six players still in the FA Cup, and six transfers in the bank.
Elsewhere, my Liverpool trio did me proud, and justified my earlier decision to go with both Salah and Mane.
There was also a Leicester clean sheet, and a departing goal from Mr Ings.

Team thoughts

As the fixtures rush bye, I shall be keeping a close eye on who Progress is in the FA Cup.
At the moment, I see Manchester United as the top team to watch. They have excellent fixtures for the rest of the season, and as much as it pains me, I fully expect them to brush Norwich aside in the cup. They are also one of the more predictable and constant lineups, with something to play for right until the end of the season.
As previously mentioned, I shall expect to bring in Martial for the quarter-final, once the team news is announced.

Good luck everyone.

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Stephen Troop

Stephen finished with an OR in the 900’s last season

Rank: 3.6k Transfers remaining: 10

The last week or so I’ve managed to climb slightly in the ranks from the mid 4000s to 3600 prior to Thursday night’s games. I’ve used 3 transfers though ( 2 unplanned from injuries) and am tempted to use more as there are a lot of opportunities for bonus games.

I was forced into transferring out O Connell and switched to Baldock who is insanely cheap. Not sure why I had O Connell instead anyway. Aguero’s injury forced my hand again, and I switched to Fernandes who has been looking good, is fairly cheap vs Rashford and united have great fixtures and in the FA cup still. It also gives me £4m to now play around with. I also took Aubameyang back out for Mane (who started the Everton game when Salah didn’t).

That’s got me 9 points but I’m actually tempted to get Aubameyang back for a Liverpool asset (2 transfers for 9 points isn’t good). They have a 3-0 (or 4-1 if you miss out the city game). I really don’t like the look of Auba or Arsenal at the moment but the fixtures are decent for those 3 and could still be in the cup after.

I want to move more assets to FA cup teams, in particular more Man city and Man United. KDB/Sterling/Jesus are all options for me for City but would commit me more or less to going without Mane/Liverpool attack. This could be worthwhile once they seal the league and rotate more but can always punish you when they do play. Plenty to think about.

Good luck all

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2 thoughts on “Telegraph fantasy football tips – the FFGeek contributors show their teams week 47”

  1. It’s my first season in the TFF. I noticed that in the previous season the last gameweek was just the FA Cup final, meaning that you could score a lot of points by just keeping your transfers and then just buying as many ManCity players as possible.

    Does it happen in every season? Is is worth keeping ~10 transfers for that FA final and then buy 11 players from 2 final teams?

  2. Hans, the fa cup tends to be the final game after the league has concluded. It is also likely that you will already have 2-3 assets in the final as you will know who is likely to be there in advance. This year it could be an all Manchester final. You can do subs in advance to gain extra matches in the cup semis so really depends on the league fixtures. I would say as a min you should aim to keep back at least 3 additional subs for the final if you have more left then you ought to be in 1st place.

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