telegraph fantasy football tips – FFGeek contributors show their teams

Telegraph fantasy football

Here’s our telegraph fantasy football tips version of the “FFGeek contributors show their teams”.  In it we have last seasons 7th place overall finisher Bryan, Sergio who finished 1,951 last season and top 1k finisher Ben

telegraph fantasy football tips – FFGeek contributors show their teams

There’s alot of telegraph fantasy football tips content on FFGeek this season in addition to this article.

There’s Andrew Ferguson who finished in the top 1k in TFF, Sky and FPL and Stephen Troop who finished around there too.  Both who have included TFF as part of a multi format article

Bryan Forbes O’Rourke

Bryan finished an incredible 7th place overall in telegraph fantasy football last season

83 points Overall rank 770 transfers available 40

It seemed like it was a high scoring week but the national average was only 43 points. Wing backs are a must have; Alonso, Mendy and Robertson all scored well with assists.

The overall leaderboard doesn’t mean a great deal at the moment with so many manager of the months attempts. There will be about 300 dedicated manager of the months attempts at present and it will take until about October/November for the season leaderboard to settle. Familiar names at the top include perennial MOM managers Sandor Kovacs, Robert Morton and Terry Holland.

3 players that caught my eye were Fraser at Bournemouth, Keita at Liverpool and Maddison at Leicester. All reasonably priced midfielders with scoring potential. Fraser has targeted 10 -12 goals this season, Maddison has set piece potential and Keita looks like he could provide a barrel load of assists this year for the Pool

Here’s my team:

telegraph fantasy football tips


Sergio Torija

Sergio finished in 1,951 position last season in telegraph fantasy football

81 points Overall rank 1083 transfers available 40

Great opening week for my team with 81 points which puts me on the verge of the top 1K already. I might have already seen my best week in defence for the season with a repoker of clean sheets at the back plus a goal from Schlupp and 2 KCs from Robertson. The attack also contributed with 5 goals, although two of the big guns in Sanchez and Aguero were unlucky to not produce some points.

Unless injury, the only planned transfer will be Moura to a City mid, Mahrez in principle, who should benefit from De Bruyne injury for set pieces and gametime. Sanchez deserves a few words as well, him not being on penalties plus the ‘score and park’ style from United again this season make a move to City or Liverpool assets very appealing. Arsenal will come into play from GW3 as well. This week only Liverpool plays after United, but I am happy with my Liverpool representation, so I’ll hold on this move for the moment.

Good luck for GW2 geekers !

telegraph fantasy football tips

Ben Humphrey

Week points: 69  Overall rank: 6361  Transfers remaining: 40

I’m happy with that. I wanted a solid start, and that’s what I got. As I hoped, I was spared any of the World Cup syndrome, and avoided any unexpected injuries.

My double up on the Man City back line worked a treat, with Ederson and Mendy both collecting clean sheets, with a few assists thrown in for good measure. Most of my good news came in defence, with Robertson and Van Aanholt both getting a shout out and an assist. Not much from Sokratis, but he is in for the post Chelsea fixtures so that’s alright.

Midfield was solid enough. I think everyone knows what Salah and Richarlison did by now, so I will let them hang around a bit longer. My gamble was Maddison. I was impressed with his first outing in the Premier League, especially since it was against Manchester United. He didn’t look phased or out of place, and was confident enough to get on the set pieces. There will be much easier tests to come, so I shall be keeping the faith.

As for most managers, it was all quiet on the striker front. I have been amazed to read some people talking up a striker crisis, and already suggesting a move of funds from attack to bolster other parts of the team. I think we all need to remember it’s been one week. People have short memories. It wasn’t so long ago that faith in Aguero was being questioned, then he rocked up with a hat-trick. If you chase the points, you have already missed them. You then run the risk of missing the points of the player you have just deserted too.

I was a bit concerned when Arnautovic and Richarlison both limped off, but I’m hearing that they could both be okay. Fingers crossed, especially for Arnie, who has a delicious fixture to look forward to. I know Bournemouth kept a clean sheet last week, but I wouldn’t trust their defence to stop a bus.

I designed my team to have some longevity, so I won’t be making any changes. I know there is some fear in the fantasy world that Aguero could be rested, but I personally don’t see it. I think Pepsi Max had a realisation that Aguero is rather good at scoring goals, it just seemed to take him a while to get there.

I want to take full advantage of Manchester City’s obscene fixtures, and since every attacking player is at risk of being hooked, with the possible exception of KDB, I would rather be on Aguero and reap the benefits when he explodes. As with Sokratis, I wasn’t expecting too much from Aubameyang, last week. I was however very relieved to see that Lacazette didn’t make the starting eleven, after he had featured in my early plans. Luckily I took the decision to jump to Aubameyang, like Aguero, I shall wait patiently for him to go bang.

Let’s go round again. Good luck.

telegraph fantasy football

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