Telegraph fantasy football tips – the FFGeek contributors show their teams GW14

Here’s our Telegraph Fantasy football tips article where 4 FFGeek contributors show their teams. All of them finished in the top 1000 and 2 within the top 500 last season.

Telegraph fantasy football tips – the FFGeek contributors show their teams GW14

Bryan O’Rourke

Bryan finished 37th in TFF last season and 7th in 17/18

Week points: 60 Overall rank: 41k

A good week with 60 points scored and a rise in the rankings to 41234 place overall.

3 transfers made last week which worked out well with a farewell goal from Cantwell and goals for the incoming De Bruyne and Mane.

This week I have a potential headache with Abraham’s injury.  At the moment I’m not sure what to do.  There aren’t good like for likes.   Maupay or Wesley perhaps? To get a stronger replacement for Abraham requires a change in formation and more transfers used, which I’m reluctant to do.

Still waiting for that elusive Liverpool clean sheet to see the rankings rocket but nice to get a Guilbert clean sheet, what a bargain he is turning out to be. Good luck

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Sergio Torija

Sergio finished with an overall rank in the 300’s last season

Aguero, Digne, Ryan out and Alisson, Chilwell Salah in

Double Liverpool and Leicester defenders, hoping them bring me in decent condition to Christmas without more change although I still need to make a decision on Abraham.

Ben Humphrey

Ben finished with an overall rank of 576 last season

Week points: 45 Rank: 18.8K Transfers remaining: 27

Team review

Baldock came in for the out of favour Lowton, but it was far from a grand entrance, as he brought home a round 0. As I mentioned last week though, Sheffield Utd do have a lovely run of fixtures coming up, so I’m hoping he will be making more meaningful contributions in the future.

My Leicester triple up just keeps paying off. Another clean sheet, and another Vardy goal and assist, and just to top it off, they are brilliant to watch.

From the start of the season, I backed Mane to match Salah, and so far, I am very happy with that decision. He is a man in form, and kept racking up the points with another goal while his Egyptian team mate sat on the bench.

Aubameyang did get himself an assist, but his returns haven’t been acceptable for his price.

Team thoughts

After being forced in to a cheap defender transfer, I am keen to minimise further transfers until the new year. I am however weighing up the worth of Aubameyang. I certainly won’t be getting rid of him before a match up with Norwich on Sunday, but I shall be keeping a close eye on him as he skates on very thin ice.

Should he disappoint me, there are several players who have peaked my interest. One of them being Heung-min Son £5.9m, and the other, and perhaps less expected, Ings £5.0m.

Son looked lively at the weekend, and despite Tottenham’s dubious form, has actually himself been in good form. You can then add the effect of the special one, and the secret ingredient, Son’s tendency to perform over the Winter months. There may be nothing in this last reason, but over the last few years, he has turned red hot as the weather turns cold.

Ings may sound like a less appealing option, but Southampton’s fixtures look like this. Watford, Norwich, Newcastle, West Ham, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Crystal Palace. Not bad a? He has also been involved in almost half of Southampton’s goals, and has very little serious competition for his place.

There is however, no way that Vardy or Abraham will be leaving my side although Abrahams injury has got my thinking cap on, meaning that if Aubameyang is removed, there will be room for only one, and realistically, that is more likely to be Son. This week though, there will be no transfer action, barring injuries of course.

Good luck everyone.

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Here is a link to his podcast, “Oh My Pod, it’s fantasy football”.

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Stephen Troop

Stephen finished with an OR in the 900’s last season

 GW13 Score – 46, overall score 599, overall rank 15.6k

A fairly mediocre week which saw me rise a few hundred places. The Leicester boys were again the saviours of the week and a nice contribution from KDB as well. Apart from that returns were slim. I moved Aubameyang on for Sterling which didn’t have any immediate returns but I’m hoping he can pick up form again soon.

My main issues now are a lack of Liverpool attack and an injury to Abraham. If Abraham is out for a while then I can move him on to Mane provided I make room in midfield. This can be done by moving Buendia on for either Chilwell or Stevens of Sheffield United, a move I’d been looking at

anyway. If Abraham plays, this makes it a trickier decision and may need to move one of the City duo on for Mane after their lunchtime game. I’ll still likely take Buendia out as well as it’s been no returns in about 10 games now and both Leicester and Sheffield United play after him, so it’s a good week to do so.

After this I’ll have fewer transfers then I’d like at this stage, but not disastrously so, and if I can hold off for a few weeks I’ll be relatively happy. With all the games around xmas I suspect there will be some good opportunities for bonus games, in particular a 3-0 for many teams over Liverpool when they play first, and then miss a gameweek around boxing day due to the club world cup. Will look at this more closely nearer the time though.

Good luck all

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