Telegraph fantasy football tips – Sergio Torija and Ben Humphrey with their TFF teams

Here’s our telegraph fantasy football tips article with Sergio Torija (OR last season 1,951) and Ben Humphrey, top 1000 finisher, talking through their TFF teams

Telegraph fantasy football tips – Sergio Torija and Ben Humphrey with their TFF teams

Sergio Torija’s team

Sergio finished in 1951 overall rank in TFF last season.  See his FPL article if you also play that

Delighted to become part of the FGeek contributors team. I am a fantasy manager that pays significant attention to fixtures, this is reflected on my initial team. Worth saying that this is only my second season playing TFF after few more playing FPL, so my approach should come quite fresh to the game.

Based on last year’s experience, this year I will by trying to maximise on the number of top-6 players to make my team, which will probably leave 2-3 spots for the rest of premier league players. For those top guys, in general I will be selecting with a longevity view, I will be picking those that play week in week out except for isolated rests, but not those not secured in the teamsheet. The guys to make the remaining cheapie spots will be more down to fixtures and gut feeling, I’ve gone with Bertrand, Schlupp and Richarlison to start, whose teams have a good set of fixtures to kick-off.

Steven Troop’s article on TFF value confirmed my appreciation that top-6 regular defenders hold the most value, this will also mean a back 4 or even 5 to start the season. Next, midfielders are generally better value than forwards, so I will start with 1 or max 2 forwards. Besides, for my initial selection I’ve avoided late comers from the world cup, players who are rotation risks, as well as Chelsea and Arsenal until we see how these teams set up under new managers.

The team

Let’s go into the team:

telegraph fantasy football tips

In attack I want to double up on the two most powerful attacks in City and Liverpool. From City I am starting with Aguero on the striker position who seems in top form already as shown in the Community shield, and Mahrez on midfield, of whom I am hoping for a powerful start at the Etihad. From Liverpool, Salah self-picks himself, and I’ve gone Mane over Firmino because he is already playing in preseason while we haven’t seen Firmino yet, is Mane also on pens?

The final premium midfield spot is taken by Sanchez, he’s been locked in my team since the game launched, even though all we hear from United so far is not the most positive. However I seem to remember similar talk before the start of last season, and eventually United started very strong so hoping they can replicate that again. This leaves a final attacker spot and I’ve gone for Richarlison, who seems incredible value if he can come close to his start at Watford last season, plus Everton get good early fixtures.

In defence, I want to at least cover United, City and Liverpool of the top 6 teams. I’ve gone for the trio Ederson, Robertson and Shaw, who would think we could say this, but Shaw seems the most secured in United defence for the start of the season given late world cup returners, injury doubts,etc.

So far this leaves £6.4 m for the last 2 defensive positions. There I’ve gone with a pair of players from mid-table teams with good starting fixtures and who I expect to be playing in advanced positions so hoping for some attacking returns on top of few clean sheets. They are Bertrand, expected to feature as left wing back for Southampton, and Schlupp, who has featured as the regular starter left midfielder for Palace in preseason.

Note late team change:

There is one deadline day transfer to my TFF team: Mahrez OUT –> Lucas Moura IN + 1m in the bank. I am a bit wary of how City is going to setup with all the attacking talent, plus a tough game at Arsenal to start. Spurs have two very good opening fixtures plus they play before City in GW2. Therefore I am starting with Moura and I will reassess the situation after the opening two games, I can swap back to Mahrez for GW2 vs Huddersfield if needed, but equally the money in the back would allow upgrade from any defender to Mendy, which also is very tempting.



To finish, there are few regrets of omissions for my team.

No Aubameyang or Arsenal players, I’ve tried hard to fit Auba but that necessarily meant to give up on the City/Liverpool attacking double ups or Sanchez. Also splashing that cash for a guy that might end up in left wing doesn’t feel right. One to watch in coming weeks, Lacazzete might come out as a better option.

No obvious Kane in plan and Spurs players. Unless Aguero fades and I go for straight swap, Kane won’t be coming into the team for a while, which is scary to say the least. No Eriksen is also a pity, but I can easily bring him in for Mane/Mahrez/Sanchez.

Finally, I rate the Spurs defence very highly too, but with late comers from world cup and fullback rotation I’ve had to leave them out for now.

That’s it from my initial team, good luck to all Geekers in the season

Ben Humphrey’s Team

Ben is a top 1000 finisher in TFF.  See also his earlier team article

Hello again. Not long to go now, and as expected, I didn’t leave my team alone for long. I’ve had another tinker, and this is the team I have landed on. At the moment I’m very happy with it, and hopefully I won’t be forced in to any injury related changes. As I said in my previous post, I am determined to get a solid start, so don’t want to take any risks with uncertain starters.


I suppose in many cases our hands have been forced by the world cup, but I don’t remember such an early template team appearing. With the likes of Robertson, Mendy, Salah, Richarlison, Aguero, Aubameyang, Arnautovic, Zaha, and now B.Silva, after the words of Pepsi Max, all featuring heavily in the teams of any serious fantasy manager, the differential gems we try to uncover become more important than ever. I’m putting my faith in a £3.0m midfielder that I am hoping will prove a master stroke. Setting myself up for a fall there, whilst having egg on my face, and maybe even some burnt fingers too..


I’ve made a change hear. After another scan of the early fixtures, Manchester City’s start is too good to ignore. Once the Arsenal game is out the way, they have a dream run which I shall be doing my best to capitalise on. With that in mind, I have hired the services of Ederson £3.9m as my number one.


I am sticking with Robertson £3.8m and Mendy £4.0m here. Why wouldn’t you? I think enough has been said about the pair’s potential. I am also keeping faith with Van Aanholt £3.2m. I think that this is the season where his true monstrous attacking power will propel him in to the superhero bracket. I have changed my fourth defender, removing Burnley’s S.Ward £3.0m. I’m a little wary of his injuries, and the involvement in the Europa League. He has been replaced with Papastathopoulo £3.7m, AKA Socrates. He was the last piece of my jigsaw, and was the best I could afford. I did look at Luiz, but I was £0.1m short.


I have of course stuck with Salah £6.0m, and I am holding firm with Richarlison £3.8m. Both are attacking bags of point’s potential with good fixtures, I’m just hoping that Richarlison can rise above the poor form of Everton in preseason.

My third and final midfield spot sees Ramsey £4.6m replaced with my gut feeling choice of James Maddison, who I highlighted in my potential bargains article. He comes in at just £3.0m, and I honestly think he could make a mockery of that price. I have just learnt that he is a doubt for the match with Man United after coming off in the 2nd half against Lille. I may just ride that out depending on any further news.


Like most other managers, I am sticking with Aguero £6.8m. I was hoping he would be ready for week 1, and the win over Arsenal on Sunday has allayed any fears.

The second place up front belongs to Aubameyang £6.6m. I would have probably gone for his team mate Lacazette £6.0m if I could be certain that he would play. Not only would it save me some funds, it would also mean having the central attacker while Aubameyang was shifted out wide.

Finally in my third attacking position comes another change. I have shifted out Wood of Burnley £4.5m. Unfortunately he is another who seems prone to injury, and I don’t want to be using transfers on players who are forever in and out. Despite some tricky fixtures, I am once again following my gut with Arnautovic £5.2m. As I have said before, He can score points against anyone, so I’m putting my faith in him.

Here’s the team:

telegraph fantasy football tips

Good luck to all of you with your last minute plans. I would also like to thank John for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the site and write about what I love.

See top 1k finisher last season Andrew Ferguson’s TFF team

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