Telegraph World Cup fantasy football teams – the final FFGeek team


So here’s my Telegraph World Cup Fantasy Football Teams article where I show my final team (hopefully!) for the Telegraph format

Telegraph World Cup fantasy football teams – the final FFGeek team

I am going to be brief as time is running short.

Firstly for player suggestions you can see my Defenders, Midfielders and strikers articles 

Firstly here’s the team:

Telegraph World Cup fantasy football teams

I’ve gone risky all over the place on defence to try and get the big players up front.

I hope all 5 start but they all have to some degree some gametime risk although they do represent value for their teams.  No Spain or Germany defenders are the main limitations.

I have been thinking that I should go 4-4-2 upgrade the defence and then just rotate the premium players for the fixtures but have left it as it is for the moment.

The one change that is likely to happen is Griezmann will go for Neymar after the France v Australia game

Golovin for Russia was just a plug for the cash that was left after all the transfers that were made.  Russia do have a reasonable group though so hopefully he earns his cash.

If I change it I will put it on twitter.

Block defence team

I have done a team for this but I won’t be publishing it.  I haven’t done it before and I really didn’t have a clue how to get the best out of it and I felt I would be giving bad advice.  The team is done but it isn’t public for that reason.  I may choose not to even bother updating it

Good luck

Good luck.  This is a short tournament which unlike the premier league fantasy means that decisions that don’t go for you aren’t as easily recovered from so to do well you will need it

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2 thoughts on “Telegraph World Cup fantasy football teams – the final FFGeek team

  1. Good punt on Golovin, worked out nicely for the first game.

    How did your block defence team go? I’d be interested in seeing that. (Quick question: You keep the points of the players you transfer out, right? Like Russia got a CS, if you changed the block to France, would you retain the Russia CS points?)

    • Yes it was lucky although I chose Dzagoev for the block team unfortunately

      Yes you would keep the points

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