Thanks for your support in 2013-2014 and feedback requested

Just a short message to thank everyone for this season and request some feedback on the site.  

As we go into the last day I would just like to thank everyone who came on to the site during the year. Your support is really appreciated.  I hope you found it useful at least most of the time.  I’m intending to have a bit of a rest now.  I probably wont be doing any more articles until early July where I will be back analysing the season gone, any new transfers and pre-season games.  I’ve said that I won’t do a world cup fantasy either at the moment.  However both of those things I reserve the right to change my mind!

Lastly I would like any feedback on what you liked on the site, what you didn’t, what you would like me to add.  Also any other information, so for example how many other sites you go on and what they have that we don’t.  What you would need for FFGeek to make it a one stop shot.  I’m also thinking of doing a championship fantasy next year?

Please be honest no matter how brutal you are.  Its all good data!

I would prefer it (especially the brutal stuff!) to go to my email address at   [email protected]  I’ll try and respond to as many people as possible.

Thanks and good luck on the final day

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67 thoughts on “Thanks for your support in 2013-2014 and feedback requested

  1. Brilliant site and thank you for all of your hard work! As an avid football fan and FPL player for years now, I can honestly say that this is one of 3 sites I use and it has helped tremendously. There’s a lot of rubbish out there and you keep your advice honest, simple, and most important, accurate. Stats, research, and overall weekly planning in general payoff and your site delivers all 3. I don’t think you need to change a thing! People just need to comment more and open up the day to day discussion. That’s where the extra fun / debate is.

    • JD, thanks for your comments. I am revamping the website and intend to improve the abiltiy for people to put comments on the site


  2. Thanks for the advice on the site. Brilliant stuff.

    Now that the season is over, you should tell us about your overall score and position in the world.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for all the effort you put into this website.
    I only found out about it in March, but I’m sure if I had your insights from the beginning of the season I would have topped my league instead of being second.
    Looking forward to your input next season.

  4. As a Premier League Fantasy ‘Newbie’ in 2014 I managed 2288 points finishing 2nd/21 at my company League plus 929 in the Everton League. I’m not exactly sure where I’dve ended up without your advice. My only criticism is some of the fundamentals should be covered, such as how subs scoring works during DGW, plus general strategies that arent obvious to new people. The main pluses from you have been helping with the Cheaper players. Ward was a cracker for me! Looking forward to your pre-season strategy. Though I wont follow on facebook as I dont want colleagues to find out where to go…!!!

    • thanks for the comments ratfangs. Interesting comments you make about people starting which I will try to incorporate into pre-season articles in some way


  5. Thanks so much for all your invaluable work!!! I have improved by at least 30%, won all my leagues and finished 57,463’th!!!

    The ‘top ten manager’ section was a brilliant addition.

    I genuinely am becoming a fantasy football geek…
    … and it’s great!

    Roll on next season!

  6. Are you going to do a World cup fantasy as well? Would be awesome to get your insight!
    Best regards lojal reader.

    • Nils, thanks haven’t finally decided on a world cup fantasy football but will do so in early June


  7. Thank you for all your effort, I’ve said this before, your site is my 1st port of call – I use another 2.
    I like the thought process you encourage, planning ahead for dgw, fixture ease etc.
    I would like to see fixture ease from both angles.. Attack and defense, as I often disagree with you on that aspect, although it is still a huge resource to have your thoughts in planning. Same with the imaginary wild card, sinking ships, hot buys or whatever.

    I think it would be good to have people comment more, but this is a pain in the arse ATM.I know it’s not a forum and there are other resources for that, but many blogs also incorporate easy comment and generate much more debate and seem the better for it’.. Especially with you seeing the tone of the debate, topics etc

    Thanks again and more power to you.
    Good luck and peace

    • Micheal, thanks for your comments which echo alot of others.

      I agree re the defensive fixture ease which I will endeavour to do next season

      The comments point is one made often to me in the feedback. I’m revamping the site and a comments/intercation section and improving it now is one thing I will integrate into it


  8. What a great website! Probably my favorite website of FPL this season! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope you comeback next season 🙂

  9. Brilliant site! I use a couple of others but this is my favourite… Thank you!
    Finished at 11,384 my highest ever!

  10. Hi. Love your site. I was wondering, are you going to do a World Cup fantasy review aswell? would love to get your analysis.
    Best regards loyal reader

    • Thanks Nils. I haven’t finally decided regarding the world cup but will be back in early June if I do


  11. Note: this is the same info I save on the site.

    The least I can do is provide a little feedback for a site that gave me so much enjoyment this year.

    I am not sure what you business model or drivers for the site are (personal enjoyment in sharing thoughts?).

    These drivers would be central in my honing in my feedback.

    That said, a few thoughts:

    1) Other than price changes, your site is my number 1 site in Fantasy Football and covers a real niche that others do not (e.g., FantasyFootballScout).
    a. Specifically, you take real positions on players weekly (vs. Scout’s position the night before usually) and then only on the “team of the week”
    b. By providing more information, you enable the reader to engage their mind in options (which is what fantasy sports is all about)

    2) Here are the must haves in your current portfolio of articles (but you seemed to have honed in on the same things):
    a. Weekly position by position reviews
    i. Keep bringing in the stats for each player – enabling audience to make own conclusions
    b. Fantasy Team of the Week
    c. Your Fantasy Team Changes Weekly and thoughts – brings home other material to real life / tradeoffs
    d. Analyzing Top 10 Managers – this was great and insightful addition this year
    e. Gameweek analysis – this must be pain but it helps close out the thinking for the prior week via performance review
    f. Fixture Ease Schedule – this is one is borderline for me but I do read it every week

    3) Other sites used for feedback:
    a. Use Total for price changes only
    b. Use Football Scout for stats on Team Offence and Team Defence
    i. You could take this on but feels like just one more thing and takes you away from your key value add (interpreted insight backed with stats)

    As a thought, I would be reluctant to take on Champions League if I was you. Just stretches you to thin possibly (unless you had a guest contributor who ran that piece).

    Really hope this helps.

    Hope you have a wonderful couple months off (well earned)…

    …and that you keep it going come July/August

    Many thanks, again.


  12. Hi

    A big thanks for a great site, my first season, my points score average per week increased after I found FFG.
    My final points tally 2,269
    Fantasy and your site are really addictive, cant wait till next season, have a good rest (you deserve it) GEEK POWER !
    Cheers Al.

  13. Enjoyed the website.

    I have wondered whether the fantasy league could be tweeked to prevent more than “x” teams per league from owing the same player. It seems to me that, if your team gets off to a decent start so as to be near the top of the table, than by the end of the year, most of the top teams in your league will end up with a lot of the same players. How many people at the top did not have Suarez or Toure?

    I am also wondering whether they could tweek the game so as to give an owner more of an “up-tick” in value when his/her player’s value escalates because of good performance. People who selected Coleman or Ramsey at the very beginning of the season never really got full benefit of their incredible performance and increase in value.

    • Steve, thanks for the comments. it wouldn’t surprise me if a draft type format was brought in with smaller leagues. I’m not sure if this exists now. Personally I think the value changes are sufficent. In some ways I prefer the formats that have no value changes. Value changes just creates incentives to buy people because of the value changes cheers

  14. Just wanted to say thanks very much for all the articles great work on the site. I would have done much better in my leagues if I’d followed your advice a bit more closely. I agree with what the others have said and try not to spread yourself too thinly by taking on too much but if you think you can still maintain the quality and quantity of articles, and do a championship one, then more power to you! The analyzing the top teams articles were a really good idea as its great to have a variety of opinions and its almost like having a panel of experts available.

    The only thing I could request is some suggestions or a discussion on how to get expensive teams and the advantages of having expensive teams and money to spend on players.

    Thanks again and I’ll enjoy reading more and hopefully doing better next year

    • Sam, thanks for the comments. I didn’t get an overwhelming thumbs up on the championship idea I have to say but I’m still toying with the idea. It maybe a minimalist appraoch but I think people would enjoy something different. At the moment I’ve parked the idea for the moment.

      Regarding the value point. I will do an updated strategy article which I will incorporate views on value


  15. I second what Sam said there (post immediately above) and would be grateful if this topic could be looked at.

    • Durango, thanks for the comments. I will do an updated strategy article when back in June incorporating the value point


  16. Just popped in to see if there were any early thoughts and updates, perhaps on the newly promoted clubs. I should be more patient. Anyway, it’s great to see all these excellent comments- nail on the head in many of them.

    Do be careful of spreading yourself too thinly / burning out with a Championship FL. I had a go at participating in one for the first time last season, and just couldn’t give it any time. I’d hate to think what it’d be like both playing and writing about both, plus having a real life, paying the bills etc!

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