The 73rd FFGeek FPL Podcast with Rob Reid and Sergio Torija


Here’s the 73rd FFGeek FPL podcast on our Patreon site with FFGeek Contributors Rob Reid and Sergio Torija. They both discuss their GW19 teams and plans for GW20 and we answer questions from the FFGeek Slack Channel

The 73rd FFGeek Podcast with Rob Reid and Sergio Torija

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Please note this podcast was recorded during the Arsenal v Newcastle game on Monday

Sergio’s last 4 seasons were 2k, 596k, 17k and 21k

Rob’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

Geek’s last 4 seasons are 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k

Here’s the link:

Whats on the pod?

We talk about the gameweek to date as well as early plans for transfers and captains for GW20

We also answer questions from the FFGeek Slack channel

The Questions

When are the panel aiming to use their wildcard?

Now that the BGW and the DGW are behind us, what fixture runs/players/gameweeks are the panel keeping an eye on?

If you were wildcarding, would you consider having no Liverpool players?

With attackers looking tired and fixtures coming up fast with low recovery time, do you think its maybe smart to play 5 at the back with strong defences of City Arsenal United and Totteham starting to look better and better…

And leicester defence.

Time to get some Leicester players in or do we hold off until Vardy’s situation becomes clearer?

If you’ve already used your FH, and are considering a DGW25 wildcard + GW26 benchboost, do you have any early thoughts on managing the rapid transition to a blank GW29? Seems like the blank will be very tricky to navigate (assuming that schedule materialises!)

Do u prefer having two playing GK and switch them or do you like to flow that money in rest of squad.

With Kane and Son consistently returning, even in the harder fixtures, is it a must to own one or both of them? Could we make do without with KDB, Salah and Bruno Instead?

What budget forwards (under 6.5 mil) are you looking at over the next 6 game weeks?

Should we be looking to Chelsea with their fixtures turning? If so, who?

Q – Is a Man City defensive double up now essential, only two goals conceded in the last nine games, with West Brom, Sheff Utd and Burnley up next, all poor attacking teams ?

Is it a must to have a MUtd Def with their form and coming 7 fixtures?

If you don’t have any city defenders and can only bring 1 in who would it be?

Going forwards I am considering offloading Zouma.

Options :

1: Reguilon ( a geek favourite )

2: Dias ( solid pick requiring a little team surgery)

3: Shaw ( freeing up some funds)

Which Leeds players will you have going forward and why?

Which players do you expect to keep in your team for the rest of the season (ignoring a temporary exit on a FH)

Which three premiums should you have over the next 4 weeks?

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