the fantasy premier league captain choice game week 17

Here’s the options for choice of captain in fantasy premier league game week 17

RVP – (Sunderland H)

Mr reliable.  Third in the overall shooting stats and 4th in the last 6 shooting stats which is disappointing given the quality of the last 6 fixtures.  Also 3rd in both sets of chances created stats. Mr reliable has returned in 12/15 starts

Lets look at his record against qualifying opposition at home:

Fulham 9 points

Stoke 11 points

QPR  2  points

West Ham  9 points

Cant really criticise that.

Will he play.  Some rotation will come around Christmas but there’s no reason to think he wont play tomorrow.

Sunderlands defence away from home is ranked along the lines of Reading, QPR and Southampton so expect goals against them.

Its hard to look past him

Suarez (Villa H)

Will definitely play with no other strikers and having had a rest yet.

1st in the overall shooting stats and 3rd in the last 6 shooting stats with a game missed and the 12 most difficult fixture ranking.   Also 1st place in chances created overall but slipping in the last 6 ranking to 8th.

In contrast to RVP’s record of returning in 12/15 starts, Suarez has only returned in 8/15.  Lets have a look at his home record against captain qualifying teams

Stoke  2

Reading  5

Newcastle   9

Wigan  11

Southampton  1

That’s a 3/5 record. Not bad but he’s not as reliable as RVP.

Aston Villa’s away defence is only slightly better than Sunderlands

Defoe  (Swansea H)

Should play despite the Adebayor effect.  Was worryingly quiet last week though.

not in the last 6 shooting stats but is 6th overall.  Doesn’t contribute in chances created though

Returned in 9/15 games.  Lets check his home record against captain qualifying teams

Its a pretty impressive record

WBA  2

Norwich  5

QPR  8

AVL  5

WIG  1

WHM  12

Thats 4/6 which is pretty good going.

the bad news is that the Swansea defence is much stronger away than either Villa or Sunderland (witness the Arsenal game)  So its this and the Adebayor effect which casts some doubt


I would probably stay away from Defoe this week and its  a straight choice between RVP and Suarez.  I’m going with RVP as more reliable

Here’s some I’ve ruled out


An option if you don’t have RVP especially as has penalty duties.  Its just that the recent revival is way ahead of the underlying stats.


You’ll be shocked to hear this but the  Wigan defence away is surprisingly good


A bit of game time risk and  he’s more comfortable knocking over rubbish teams on his own patch

Cazorla and Giroud

Its a bit of a sad state of affairs when you cant rely on Arsenal away to Reading but thats the case