The FFGeek fantasy premier league podcast GW26 with FFGeek contributors Prakhar Patel and Kev in Canada


Here’s our FFGeek fantasy premier league podcast GW26 article with the FFGeek Patreon subscription site link to the 33rd FFGeek Podcast. Podcast 33 and has myself on it as well as FFGeek contributors Prakhar Patel and Kev in Canada . We discuss our teams and plans for GW26 plus answer a number of questions from the FFGeek Slack channel.

The FFGeek fantasy premier league podcast GW26 with FFGeek contributors Prakhar Patel and Kev in Canada

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Thanks to FFGeek contributors Prakhar Patel and Kev in Canada for coming on

Prakhar finished with a rank of 17k last season and an incredible 17th overall in 17/18

Kev finished in 6k last season and 195k in 17/18

Here’s the link to the Pareon subscription site which has the pod

By the way, we had a technical problem at the end so the podcast comes to an abrupt end but we had finished all the questions

What’s on the pod?

We talk about how our teams are doing generally and how they did in GW25.

We also talk about our transfer and captain plans for GW26

We then answer questions from the Slack channel

Question time

Is it mandatory to drop Lundstram this week to get Sheffield defensive cover for next two fixtures? Would you take a hit to do it.  replacement for Lundstram from Baldock, Stevens, O’Connell or Egan ??

For Maddison owners, would you down grade to Perez, Harvey Barnes or maybe Traore from Wolves?

For those who have a goalkeeper with a blank GW28 (like Henderson) is it worth a transfer to bring in a reserve GK, since most of us have a non playing 4.0m one?

Should we have a Mane buyback plan or commit to Liverpool double defence for now?

Would Steven Bergwijn be a good risk, he is certainly less expensive than Son

Spurs defender Japhet Tanganga started 3 of the last 4 weeks and costs £4.0m. Is he an option? (edited)

Will you continue with 3 Liverpool assets until the end of the season if they win the league by mid March?

Which teams do you see finishing strongly?

Should we be dropping Vardy due to his form and underlying stats recently

With Man City probably targeting the CL and many of us chasing after a brutal season, would anyone consider dropping 53% owned De Bruyne as the ultimate differential move?

Will Igahlo impact Martial’s gametime

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