The Sun Dream Team – If I could select my team from scratch

Here’s my Sun Dream Team if I could start again and put a team out from scratch.  Read it in conjunction with my post selecting players for the transfer window which is linked at the bottom of the page.


Foster WBA £1.5m

Not the greatest of fixtures but should get some good ratings as a great shot stopper.  The best of the cheap GK’s apart from Begovic and I dont want to double up on Stoke


Zabaleta Man City £4.0m

I believe over this period you should have some exposure to the City defence.  Only Kompany will play all games and he is an expensive commitment at £7.0m.  Being out of the Capital One cup is not ideal but I still think Zab will play alot of games and he’s a bargain

Glen Johnson Liverpool £4.0m

The Liverpool defence is not statistically bad despite the difficult start.  Johnson has great attacking stats and the FB injury position means he should get alot of games

Vertonghen Spurs £4.5m

Another Europa League player where AVB has put out his top team  Should be an automatic selection with attacking potential

Huth Stoke £2.0m

Good fixtures once Man U out of the way and  the best cheap defence. Hhas great attacking potential


Hazard Chelsea £4.0m

Poor fixtures but eye catching player who should get good ratings plus goals and assists.  Very good value compared to Mata at £5.5m

Cazorla Arsenal £4.0m

An essential.  Great fixtures and a Sun Dream Team type player who will be involved in everything

Dempsey Spurs£5.0m

A bit of a gamble here as may be rotated with Siggy in the Europa and the Cups but is a consistent goal scorer.  Different than some of the players like Cazorla and Mata but gives a differential to the side


RVP Man U £8.0m

Expensive but will score goals and Man U have the fixtures for him to benefit

Aguero City £7.0m

Sheer class and the leading striker for City.  Will get goals and ratings

Suarez LIverpool £6.0m

With no other fit striker until the transfer window and a Sun Dream Team type player who is heavily involved in the game he looks a good purchase.


Hope that gives some food for thought.  Good luck tomorrow

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8 thoughts on “The Sun Dream Team – If I could select my team from scratch”

    • Gavin, thanks for the comments. yes I do think Richards is an issue. however the problem with city is that the only safe City defender is Kompany and everyone after that is rotation risk. I think city have a good run of fixtures over the transfer period and therefore some defensive exposure to them is necessary. But £7.0m seems a bit rich. However £4.0m is a bargain and the amount of games played plus the tinkering with formations (he played CB in 3-5-2)will mean zabaleta will get a lot of games. He also seems to have the general trust of the manager. Unlike virtually the rest of the defence except kompany. It is a risk and it isnt perefct but £7.0m seems too much.

  1. Here’s my team as it stands! I have 348 points and I am top of two paid mini leagues any advice on transfers would be appreciated.
    Huth vertonghen Williams mertesacker
    Yaya toure. Bale. Hazard
    Torres. RVP. Tevez.

    • Ashely, Good team btw. I would ditch Williams as I have little faith in the swansea defence. I would get cazorla in probably for YYT due to the ACON. I would then swap tevez for Aguero. alternatively you could keep tevez and remove the risk that youve got with mertasacker.


      willliams – S Taylor/Oshea
      YYT – cazorla
      Tevez – Aguero


      Williams – Staylor/Oshea
      YYT – Cazorla
      Mertesacker – Rafael/G Johnson/Zabaleta

      Hope that helps

    • hi sharpy, thanks for the comments all are welcome even negative!

      zab is a risk but great value for a side with good fixtures and no value defensive option.

      DEmpsey isnt really a sun dream team player but is a proven scorer. he is a risk but was the top scoring midfielder in a very ordinary fulham team


    • Tom Hi, its just that with giroud looking like he will play Gervinho will probably move to the wing. this was a total disaster against wEst ham and he then ended up being subbed about the 60th minute. In addition Walcott had a stormer so he could in theory even end up out of the team. cazorla is also a must in my mind so get your arsenal coverage there

      hope that helps


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