The Top 6 Fantasy Premier League forwards by total points

Here’s a fantasy premier league forwards article on the top 6 fantasy premier league forwards by total points

The Top 6 Fantasy Premier League forwards by total points

The Premier League is one of the biggest national football leagues in the world.   It’s the most popular and football competition besides the UEFA Champions League, and of course the World Cup.  It’s the most bet on tournament in the world on sites like bookmakers comeon. When it comes to forwards, we can see the biggest variety of highly talented strikers of all the national leagues in the world, and these according to their fantasy premier league total points these are the top 6 strikers to watch in FPL so far this season.

1.  Jamie Vardy – £9.7m 167 points

The Leicester forward has scored 19 goals and 6 assists in 25 starts plus 1 as sub.  He also tops the forwards rankings in points per match plus goals scored and is 2nd only to Roberto Firmino for assists.

A blistering series of gameweeks between GW9 and GW16 saw him return a goal or assist in 8 consecutive games totaling 82 points at over 10 points per game.  That run included a hat trick in the 9-0 demolition against the hapless Southampton.

That was curtailed by 7 consecutive starts after GW19 where he failed to score and only returned the 1 assist before restoring normality with 2 goals off the bench in the 4-0 win over Aston Villa in GW29.

The only negative you could throw in his was in that he has over performed his underlying stats significantly.  While he does have a history of being able to do so it’s not exactly clear cut and we could see some regression

2.  Aubameyang – £11.1m 152 points

The Arsenal forward has scored 17 goals and 3 assists in 26 starts this season.  In the goal tally he’s 2nd only to Jamie Vardy and in points per match he’s third behind Vardy and Marcus Rashford.

He started the season off in great form returning a goal or assist in the first 7 games.  That produced 53 points which is a third of his total points despite it being just over a quarter of the matches.  Things tailed off a little after that and he wasn’t so consistent but has still ended up with a very respectable 5.8 points per match.  He is rumoured to leave in the Summer which should keep his motivation high as he will be permanently in footballs shop window

Like Vardy though he has consistently over performed his underlying stats but unlike Vardy he hasn’t shown any ability to do this previously.  Again we may see some regression taking place.

3.  Raul Jimenez – £8.1m 147 points

The Wolves forward has scored 13 goals and 6 assists in 28 starts plus 1 as sub.  Although he’s only 8th in goals scored and 7th in points per match.  His ability to play every game even with the backdrop of a Europa League campaign is what has seen him into 3rd place in total points.  His consistency has been his key with him returning a goal or assist in 16 of his 28 starts which is an impressive 57% of games.  That’s exceptionally good for his price.  What’s more he only once went as much as 3 consecutive starts without returning a goal or assist.  All this is backed up by a good set of underlying stats.

4.  Danny Ings – £7.1m 140 points

After an injury hit season last season this was a pretty much injury free success for the Southampton forward only diminished by a poor run before the Premier League suspension.  In total he scored 15 goals and 1 assist from 23 starts plus 6 as sub.  8th in points per match he was still the cheapest player up to that position.  Unfortunately his season was blighted by a run before the Premier League suspension of 1 goal in the 7 games prior to that.  Included in that were 2 games off the bench as Hassenhuttl tried to manage his minutes proactively to avoid injury.

5.  Marcus Rashford – £8.8m 134 points

The Manchester United forward has been very productive despite playing notionally as a left sided forward rather than a CF.  Only an injury, which prevented him playing the last 7 gameweeks, curtailed what would have been a much higher points tally than the 14 goals and 5 assists produced.  It was good enough to be 2nd behind Jamie Vardy in points per match with 6.1.  It was a tally of goals boosted by 5 penalties though and the watchout is what happens if Bruno Fernandes is permanently given the responsibility.  Without that his tally and PPM would be undoubtedly less impressive.

6.  Tammy Abraham – £7.5m 131 points

The Chelsea forward despite a successful season with promoted Aston Villa in the previous season was an unknown quantity as far as the Premier League was concerned.  No one needn’t have worried as he took the league by storm with 7 goals between gameweeks 3 and 5. Things then slowed down with only 6 goals in the next 19 starts plus 1 as sub.  Those last 20 games were at a pretty average points per match of 4.45.  It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season pans out.