What Betting Markets Can Help Your Fantasy Football Decisions?


Here’s Maria with her article on which betting markets can help your fantasy football decisions

What Betting Markets Can Help Your Fantasy Football Decisions?

Sports betting and fantasy football are both strongly related to football and ultimately, player
performance. However, they are two very different industries, although there are some

In terms of what fantasy football players can do, there are a number of betting markets you can
use to help aid your decisions. These are usually based around goals, either teams and players
that can score them or those who can prevent them from being scored.

These markets will give you an idea about what the bookmakers are thinking. If you monitor
them for the full week in the build up to games taking place, you will see price changes that
indicate where the money is being placed by gamblers.

Look out for tipping services too, with many followers they can move markets themselves. The
predictions and betting tips on 101 great goals are followed by many, and price changes can
happen when people are following and betting on tips.

Here are some betting markets to keep your eye on when putting together your fantasy football

Goalscorer Betting Markets

For many, the best part about fantasy football is finding players who score goals on a regular
basis. For this, you can use the goalscorer betting markets to help you identify names to follow.
There are many fantasy player ranking sheets out there for you to use when you are picking
your players, check the betting markets as a cross-reference on these.

For example, if a player is in good form, is a main striker for a team and has a good recent
goalscoring record, he will likely be the favourite to score anytime with bookmakers.

Something else to look out for here is movers on the betting market. If a player is injured and
unable to play then someone will need to replace him. If this is a striker, look for the
replacement player to be backed to score, and potentially move into favouritism ahead of other

Clean Sheet Betting

At the opposite end of the field, you will need to find goalkeepers and defenders who have the
ability to keep clean sheets. Again, this is something where you can follow the betting markets
for advice.

There are two markets to look for here, look out for the clean sheet market, which is simply ‘will
the team keep a clean sheet’ and the win to nil market, which is for a team to win without

We all know the best teams are capable of keeping clean sheets, but what about when other
smaller teams go head to head?

An example of this would be Sheffield United last season. A team who were built from the back,
were involved in a lot of low scoring games and kept a lot of clean sheets because of that.

The bookmakers latched onto this, and priced them up accordingly, any fantasy player looking
at the betting markets would have seen this too.

Total Goals Markets

A general market you should look to is the total goals market. Bookmakers take a lot of bets on
goals in a game, so look for market moves and also look at the initial odds that bookmakers

The most commonly used line is 2.5, which means betting on three goals or more, or two goals
or less.

What you are looking for here is two things. The first is games where many goals are expected,
and look to use attacking players in these as chances should come in the game. The second is
games where few goals are predicted, look to add your defensive players from these games.


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