World Cup 2018 – France as a finalist and their history

Here’s Leonid with his article on France in this 2018  World Cup final, the social and political context and their history of past finals

World Cup 2018 – France as a finalist and their history

This year’s FIFA world cup is full of unpredictability and thrill. All the non European favourite teams exited the world cup. It is now an all Europe affair. The semifinals saw the four European teams take on each other. France met Belgium in the first semi-final. It was 20 years ago when France won the world cup. With she again in the final, hopes are high to see her hold the trophy again. If you are on Betway, we assume you are already betting on France to go all the way this time!

Can France Lift the Trophy?

Even for the politics, this is the best time to gain the people’s support. The French president Emmanuel Macron, who is notoriously called as the President of the rich, travels to St. Petersburg to show his support for his national team.

But then people say that the ghost of past never leaves you. 20 years back, the then French president did not even know the name of all the players of the world cup winning team. Surprisingly, the world cup win uplifted his ratings among the people. Macron believes that the same magic is going to happen again. He has already shown his support to the national team, confessed his love for football and even appeared for a football-based show. If the French team wins, it is going to prove instrumental in addressing some of the grave problems that France is facing. Racial discrimination, issue of migrants, job crunch and the rising economic disparity are just a few to name.

What Worked for the French Team this Year?

This year’s French football team has already attracted the international attention owing to its talented and ethnically diverse squad. The message of France being a tolerant nation is already out there. The football commentators are all praises for the extremely professional players. Les Bleus and Kylian Mbappe are already the national heroes. The local football teams are already known for churning out the talented footballers.

Macron is well known for his pro-business slogan ‘France is back’. If the national team manages to win this world cup, along with creating history, it will be embracing the president’s slogan as well.

However, the human rights activists point out that even 20 years back, these issues were present and the politicians thought that they could solve all the issues just with the win. But those promises lasted only ‘ as long as the fireworks’. Macron government needs to ensure that people don’t feel cheated this time. If France can make a comeback on the international platform, she needs to establish the trust of her own people all over again.

Croatia, the team France will be taking on in the finals, aren’t as good on paper at least, which makes France the favourite. However, Croatia did beat all odds to defeat England in the semis, and we can only know who is better in the finals. Who do you think will win? Can France make history again this time? Let us know below!

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