Euro fantasy football – the FFGeek team for the final

Here’s the FFGeek teams for the Euro fantasy football final in the McDonalds, Sun Dream Team and Telegraph formats.

Euro fantasy football – the FFGeek team for the final

McDonalds format

Transfers are: Boateng out – Koscielny in. Draxler out Matuidi in. Ozil out Joao Mario in. Rami out Evra in. Muller out – Giroud in.

Here’s the team:


Sun Dream Team format

transfers are : Muller out Giroud in. Gotze out Pogba in. Hector out Koscielny in


Telegraph fantasy football

Transfers are: Hector to Koscielny. Rami to Umtiti. Ozil to Pogba. Muller to Giroud.


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