fantasy premier league – last minute FFGeek team changes

Those who come to the site wont be surprised that I’ve been prevaricating and pontificating over my fantasy premier league team and decided to make some changes.  Here they are with a few words

fantasy premier league – last minute FFGeek team changes

The team

fantasy premier league

So changes are:

Cedric for Stephens – you may have seen my tweet that Cedric is being monitored so this is a sideways trasfer

Lacazette, Lokilo and Naughton out – Firmino, Zaha and Mason in

Although Lacazette fixes gameweek 4 as a captain he rather unbalanced the team.  This change got 2 players in with good fixtures.  The Coutinho news could have been better though.

Unfortunately to afford it I had to put in a £4.0m midfielder which I was desperately trying not to do.  Unfortunately no one in the United defence looks certain at under £6.0m.  I’ve been on lots of sites to get a 2nd opinion and there was no consensus.  In fact 3 sites had 3 different players next to Bailly so Bailly had to stay.

I would have downgraded Davies to any top 7 team apart from Everton due to their fixtures but even Liverpool don’t have a guaranteed £5.0m starter.  This unfortunately makes it hard to go back to 4-3-3.  I did think about Moreno for Mee but it just seemed like too much of a gamble.  By the way there’s no chance Mason will play.  I probably think Rosenior has a better chance but if by some miracle Mason did play it would give me a reasonable rotation with Mee.

I don’t have a specific plan for GW4 captain which has the potential to be an Arsenal player  only but I will be keeping 2 transfers for it come what may which is pain.

Thats it.  Good luck and remember GW1 either way doesn’t dictate your season.  It’s a marathon not a sprint.

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