Andrew Ferguson with his final FPL and Sky ranks plus updates on TFF and Sun

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Here’s Andrew Ferguson with his final FPL and Sky score and rank plus his progress in TFF and Sun.  Andrew finished top 1k in TFF, Sky and FPL plus 15k in Sun in 17/18.

Andrew Ferguson with his final FPL and Sky ranks plus updates on TFF and Sun

Fantasy premier league

Weekly Score: 55  Overall Rank: 62,099

A disappointing finish with my Aguero over Mane captain decision proving to be the wrong one. Laporte and Robertson returned as usual with only Mane and Aguero scoring from my front seven. Jota and Bernardo again came so close but their finishing again let them (and me) down. Southampton conceding was the final kick to the groin.


Thank goodness the FPL season is over. It hasn’t been my year and I need to reflect on where it has gone wrong which I’ll be doing soon.

Telegraph fantasy football

Weekly Score: 60  Overall Rank: 63  Transfers: 0

A good finish from the Liverpool boys, I expected more from Wolves I must say but it wasn’t to be. City conceding helped me as lots of players around me own lots of City defenders so I will go into next week hopeful of a top 100 finish. I will certainly be hoping for some defensive rotation and cheering for a Watford goal!

Sky Sports Fantasy Football

Weekly Score: 38  Overall Rank: 88  Transfers: 0

A poor final week with no Aguero, Laporte or Mane with only the Liverpool defence and Luiz scoring me anything. A bit of a drop to 88 overall to finish which I am still very happy with and I have learnt a lot for next season.


Sun Dream Team

Team 1

Weekly Score: 56  Overall Rank: 41,030

The Liverpool players banged again with Laporte and Azpilicueta also bringing home some points. The rest were poor but are all playing again before the end of the season so I’m hoping for a decent finish.

I have one transfer left which will very probably be Aguero to Aubameyang after the FA Cup final.


Sun Dream Team

Team 2

Weekly Score: 58  Overall Rank: 3,454

Same as above with very similar teams.

This will be my last weekly article of the season so thank you to everyone for reading and following, hopefully it has been an interesting journey and maybe of some help. I would appreciate any feedback on how to improve the articles for next season, please get in touch with me @Fergi222 on Twitter.

I have started my post-mortem articles for the four formats and will get them out soon and we can hopefully take some learnings into next season.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their season and finished strongly. See you all ready for GW1!

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  1. Congratulations Andrew. Well played on a good season in all formats. Thoroughly enjoyed your thought-provoking articles and really helped me in my inaugural year in Fantasy football. Look forward to more contributions from you.

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