fantasy premier league final team points – the FFGeek team GW38 points and final rank


Here’s our fantasy premier league final team points article where we show the final FFGeek team points and overall rank. We also have a very brief view of the teams season and thoughts about the summer

fantasy premier league final team points – the FFGeek team GW38 points and final rank

Gameweek 38 review

GW38 points: (average 51) Total points 2,325, Gameweek rank 1,522k, Overall Rank: 36k, no rank movement, Team Value: £103.1m

GW38 points:

fantasy premier league final team points

If you read my FFGeek team selection GW38 article you’ll know I was pretty concerned about a decent sized red arrow that could come my way.  That was due to having 6 players vs Man City and Liverpool plus only 3 other players in Pogba, Valery and Foster that I had any hope for in getting returns apart from my 5 Man City and Liverpool players.

Well in the end the worst case scenario came true in that no players apart from my Man City and Liverpool players returned.  However all 5 Man City and Liverpool players returned. I still ended up with a red arrow but only the tiniest of ones around 200 points or so.

Staying in the 30k overall rank zone was the best outcome I could hope for before the gameweek started and I managed to get there staying on my overall rank of 36k.  Worse than last seasons rank of 17k and 21k the season before but still ok considering how much harder FPL gets every season.

A graph of my OR season

Here’s a graph of my OR season.  The x Axis left to right is gameweeks and the y axis is OR.  I’ve marked a few pivotal points in there with letters.  Excuse the child like writing on the graph btw

Point A and B

Everything was going relatively swimmingly (apart from 1 gameweek) up to GW16 where I sold Salah just before his hat trick against Bournemouth going from 49k OR to 95kOR   ☹

I finally got him back (taking way too long) in GW22 which was my low point at that stage for the season of 142k.

Having eventually fixed that mistake I steadied the ship improving my rank to 71k in GW27.

Point C and D

Then came the start of 4 horror gameweeks in the lead up to blank GW31 which saw me go from 71k in GW27 to point D 208k in GW30.  I am not sure how common a theme this was among FPL managers who prepared for the blanks and doubles the way I did.  I will look into it to see whether it happened alot or just to me

Point E

After the disastrous 4 gameweek run, I then steadied the ship again over the blanks and doubles culminating in probably my best ever FPL gameweek rank of 1k which saw me go from 135k OR to 51k OR in DGW35.


So although I was pleased with my overall rank in the end the negatives of the season were defined by the Salah sale and resultant slow buy back and the 4 gameweeks between 27 -31 which at the moment I can’t explain how those 4 gameweeks were so damaging.

Looking at it I did a reasonable repair job after those problems to slowly improve my rank but really my season was saved by the effects of the GW34 wildcard and resultant bench boost which saw an 84k OR uplift in DGW35 to 51k.

What’s happening on FFGeek over the summer? 

There’s 6 odd weeks before the players come back for pre-season training and pre-season matches.  I’ll still be posting articles but not like the volumes of the regular season.

Over the next week I’ll be doing some articles from the contributors about their season as well as rounding up the contributors as a whole and the 10 top managers I follow.  I hope to do what they call in the corporate world a “deep dive” on some of the managers within this.

The transfer window will open in June so I’ll be looking to profile new players to the premier league.

Lastly I had a pleasing response to those who people who emailed me about becoming additional contributors to the site.  Thanks very much to those who did and I’ll be coming back to people over the course of the next week or so.


Congratulations to Omer Weisberg of Israel who won the fantasyfootballgeek FPL league.

Also Congratulations to Yaniv Salomon also of Israel who won the FFGeek contributors league.  There will be more on the contributors league in upcoming articles.


Thanks to everyone who came onto the site over the season.  The support is fantastic it really is.  I appreciate it so much.

Also a huge thanks to the contributors who give their time to show their teams each week.

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