barclays fantasy premier league midfielders – some roughies!

OK I hear you say anyone can tell me that VDV Bale and Dempsey are the best barclays fantasy premier league midfielders from my last article


So what you say, my mum could have told me that!  In my next Barclays fantasy premier league article below  Im going to identify those midfielders who don’t measure up on all counts but have the potential to shine if they can put some things right.  I’m also including those  who finished strongly last season

remember the crucial stats were

1. Shooting stats
2. % shots are on target
3. Percentage shots are in the box
4. Touches in the box

So here goes

1.  Victor Moses (£7.0m) – 38 appearances – 6 goals

Shooting reularlity is up there with the strong 2nd tier players and gets in the box regulalrly with a high percentage of shots coming from there.  His only drawback is once he gets in these positions his on target percentage is rubbish.  Wigan is 12th in fixture ease in fantasy premier league to start so there’s no compelling reason to jump in from my point of view and hes a little expenive at £7.0m compared to michu osman and pienaar at £6.5m.    Finished the season strongly and one to watch when fixtures improve

2.  Frank Lampard (£9.0m) – 30 appearances 11 goals

This has to be an all time low price in fantasy premier league.  You may be surprised to hear that he got 11 goals last season.  He will also probably have  penalty duties.  Still shoots with reasonable regularity and has a good on target % just shoots from outside the box most of the time.  Finished strongly shooting more than ever but again from outside the box.  I cant see this changing and I think he will be one of the 2 in 4-2-3-1.  Hazard at £9.5m for me sorry.

3   Malouda (£7.5m) – 26 appearances 2 goals

Only 2 goals last year from 26 appearances but the price is an all time low again.  Does everything reasonably well apart from on target %.  Could even start if Mata doesn’t given the lack of premier league experience that would be a 3 of hazard, oscar and marin.  Still hazard for me at £9.5m

4.  Nzogbia (£6.5m) – 30 apearances 2 goals

villa have  great starting fixtures in fantasy premier league and an attacking new manager.  Nzogbia doesnt shoot with any great regularity and has a poor on target % but the Nzogbia of Wigan in a good attacking team with good fixtures has real potential.  Too much rotation from lambert makes me nervous and i will probably go for Michu, Osman or Pienaar at this price instead.

5.  Hoilett (£6.5m) – 34 appearances 7 goals

Not a bad goal return but shooting and on target % are not great at all.  Not sure if he will play but does get in the box alot.  I’d prefer Taarabt in fantasy premier league at this price.

6.  Andrew Johnson (£7.0m)  – 26 games 2 goals

If he gets a run in the side watch out.  Could shoot more but on target and shooting and getting in the box are a match for anyone. Doesn’t seem to be Mancinis cup of tea but seriously consider if he gets his chance. finished the season strongly.

7 Jordi Gomez (£5.5m) 28 appearances 5 goals

has good regularity of shots  and reasonable accuracy just mostly outside the box.  finished strongly however including shooting and getting in to the box.  big doubts over whether he will start but worth monitoring for when fixtures improve.


Newcomers to mention in fantasy premier league

Michu (£6.5m)

15 goals in la Liga with a relegation threatened team last season says it all.  Worth considering.  has had god scoring chances in pre-season if not taken them

Marin (£7.0m)

More of an assist provider than a goal scorer, has to be doubts over game time at the moment, but the value compared to others in the Chelsea team means he’s one to monitor


hope that gives you a few ideas, ive still got to do a bargain article to round the barclays fantasy premier league articles  off