Barclays fantasy premier league – my first draft team

Here’s my first draft barclays fantasy premier league team.  I’m doing this before my fantasy premier league bargains article which is a bit roundabout but what the heck.  Looking forward to all the comments.  By the way I’m assuming RVP will be away and not to City.  If this happens all bets are off and the fantasy premier league drawing board is back up.


Green QPR – (£4.5m)

Ive gone for the 2 cheap keeper  rotation with Green and Davis of Southampton.  It seems the best home and away combination at £4.5m in fantasy premier league.


Clichy – Man City (£6m)

Not the most certain of game time especially with Mancini experimenting with 3-5-2 but it seems the best option at the moment.  Id prefer Lescott but dont have the funds as hes .5 more expensive.

Ferdinand – Man Utd(£6.0m)

Again not perfect but with the 2 best clean sheet records by far last year man u and man city seem essential defensive options. Evra is the safest but £1m dearer.

The rest of the defence are to be rotated cheaply in 3-4-3 to find the best fixtures in fantasy premier league.

McCartney – West Ham( £4.0m)

I dont have much faith in West Hams defence but at £4.0m hes one of the few options that seem likely to play.  2nd best in fixtures in the first 6 games in fantasy premier league.

Killgallon – Sunderland (£4.5m)

With Turner gone to Norwich and Wes Brown injured Kilgallon seems likely to play.  Sunderland have good fixtures to start.

Mariappa – Reading (£4.0m)

A 3 way battle for the CB position between Pearce Gorkks (both £4.5m) and Mariappa.  Im banking that even with an Oligarch owner you dont spend over £2m wthout intending on playing him.


VDV – Spurs (£9.0m)

No need to say anything – pure class in fantasy premier league

Hazard – Chelsea (£9.5m)

CAPTAIN – the best choice among the Chelsea midfield to play in 4-2-3-1 with Mata just back from the Olympics .  Marin and Oscar must be doubtful starters

Michu – Swansea (£6.5m)

15 goals last season in La Liga and with Swansea having the best opening fixtures he seems agood choice.  Pienaar and Osman are also good options.

Noble – West Ham (£5.0m)

good fixtures and penalties plus a reasonable price.  Rotates home and away with Guthrie of Reading reasonably well. Nolan at £5.5 is also a good option.

Guthrie  – Reading (£4.5m)

There are very few midfielders at this price with even a hope of playing in fantasy premier league.  Good attacking instincts and some set piece potential


Rooney  – Man U (£12.0m)

No need for explanation the best striker in fantasy premier league behind RVP

Aguero – Man City (£11.5m)

VICE  CAPTAIN Tevez is so tempting at £9.0m but you’ve really got to be thinking of him as more rotation prone.  a rested Aguero in his 2nd season should wreak havoc.

Jelavic – Everton – (£8.5m)

deadly last year and in the Euros.  good underlying stats and Everton are 7th best in opening 6 fixtures.

Things will undoubtedly change. BTW Im thinking of putting Torres in GW1 and flipping to Rooney in GW2 so keep in touch to see all the changes






20 thoughts on “Barclays fantasy premier league – my first draft team”

  1. Given, Jaaskelainen,

    Lescott, Cahill, Simpson, Fox, Mariappa,

    VDV, Hazard, Kagawa, Noble, Maloney.

    Rooney (torres for week 1), Jelavic, Ba

    (danny fox made a ridiculous amount of assists for saints last season, and is well worth considering for a value rotating defender. I’m also gambling on Ba returning to lethal form)

    however, that is a first draft and as you said is likely to change at least 16 times.

    • OK heres my comments

      given plus Jaas – this gives you a total cost of £9.5m either go for another £4.5m who rotates with jaas or go the whole hog and get De Gea plus a £4.0m at a total cost of £10m. There is a rotation risk with De Gea given Lindegaards presence but it still is good value. also I think lamberts attacking philosophy plus his defence issues with Norwich (only 3 clean sheets last year) means he shouldn’t be rotated cheap keepers are green plus Davis of Southampton

      Lescott – agreed
      Cahill – he will fight with luiz for starts so i would stay away. cole at the same price is the best chelsea choice. no cover and what there is in Bertrand just played at the Olympics.
      Simpson – Im not that convinced that newcastle will repeat the clean sheets they did last year. their underlying defensive stats werent that flash. in addition newcastle are trying to by Debuchy the France RB. so keep an eye out their. I would prefer Rangel os SWansea for the same price, much easier fixtures
      Fox – Good call, you not tempted by Clyne or Fonte at the cheaper price of £4.0m
      Mariappa – Im also gambling on him

      Dont have any issue with all of your midfield. How do Maloney and Noble rotate home and away?

      Rooney agree and Im thinking about the Torres GW1 ploy as well.
      Jelavic – everyone knows what a huge fan I am
      ba – Im a big fan and have got loads of points in the past from him. The stats support Cisse easily though although the price difference is significant. the positioning on the flank last year is also a worry. I have read some 4-4-2 reports in pre-season though but needs monitoring

      my only comment overall is the lack of city players. i cant envisage a team without aguero or tevez s i would really go back the drawing board and squeeze one of them in.

      hope that helps. Come back again if you need.

      • after a week of playing around. here’s my third draft team.

        mignolet, jaask (excellent H/A rotation and martin o’neill always has a solid defence)

        lescott, vertonghen, jones, fox, mccartney.

        VDV, hazard, kagawa, michu, guthrie.

        Aguero, Jelavic, Pog.

        1) im not happy with pog. i possibly may sacrifice kagawa for noble and free up funds for a 3rd striker.

        2) what about this for a shout. defoe? if spurs dont sign a striker until deadline day then with their run of games, he could score 6+ in august.

        3) torres and cole/cahill may be added for GW1

        • hi Jim,

          Mignolet and jaask totals £9.5m only £0.5m off having De Gea at £6.0 and a £4.0m. i know theres lindegaard risk but he played agaisnt Barca and by all accounts was excellent. the defence has a number of injuries but still could line up rafael Vidic ferd and evra and last year had 19 claen sheets. stick to £9m or go for De Gea is my advice.

          lescott – agreed only agger coming and 4-4-2 can prevent him playing
          vertonghen – spurs have good fixtures and he seems all class and is a definite starter but £6.5 is steamy and there will be no bonus points with bale vdv etc in the team. lets not forget what a mess AVB made of the Chelsea defence as a warning. there is value if AVB gives clues as to whether Kaboul dawson oe gallas will play at CB but too hard to guess. I would probably go for cole of Chelsea at the same price myself.
          jones is injred go redy at same price
          fox and macartney agreed

          VDV hazard and kagawa just beware of kagawa coming on as sub in last 2 pre-season and RDMs words about easing hazard in. Need monitoring before next week
          michu guthrie agreed

          aguero – a must have
          jelavic – agreed
          pog the best value at £5.0 without doubt

          your comments

          1) i wouldnt use my precious 3rd spot for pog and would follow your lead
          2) defoe is a great shout if adebayor doesnt come
          3) Torres agreed but not over aguero. you will need Rooney for GW2. Cole instead of caill. same price Luiz is a risk to cahill. remember that GW3 has no reading or chelsea so dont leave yourself short here

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  3. No doubting VDV’s qualities….but enormously frustrating. Up there as one of the most subbed players…always getting injured…hamstrings like old rubber bands. So often last season I was left feeling let down by his limited appearance/starts, throwing a spanner into my gameweek. So much of a risk for me…you clearly have more faith….? Is Siggy or Bale not a safer option?

  4. green Federici

    Clyne Williams Coloccini Fabio Koscielny

    hazard noble vdv park yaya toure

    torres rooney lukaku

    (lukaku because he has said that he wants to be starting and has been linked with a move to either fullham or wigan were i bieliveve he is still good value for money or if he stays at chelsea then i can sell after double game week were he might play any way and possibly pick up a goal by chance.

    • hi Tyler, great to have you on the site. keep following.

      My comments are as follows

      GK. 2 cheap keepers at £4.5m good start. just check how they rotate Home and Away

      clyne agree. fonte is a little safer but clyne has more potential
      williams. I prefer rangel but its quibbling. agree with a swansea defender
      coloccini – im not a believer in the Newcastle defence. The clean sheets were impressive but not represenatitive of their overall stats. sunderland have a kinder draw a maybe a better bet if anyone is fit come opening day
      fabio agreed
      Koscielny – he is relatively good value at £5.5m but arsenals start is very tricky. if its £5.5m you need to spend though its a bit tricky to find a guaranteed starter although there are a few monitors distin, rafael,kaboul

      hazard – agreed worrying comments from RDM this week about easing in gently which need monitoring. the community Shield will be interesting
      Noble – agreed
      VDV – agreed
      park – doesnt shoot enough and Im not sure hes going to play in an advanced position. if youre stuck on QPR I would go for Taarabt but too much shooting outside the box for my liking. £6.0 is a bit of a tricky price tag and theres no one jumping out at me.
      YYT – the more Mancini plays 3-5-2 and the more we see YYT as the most advanced midfielder the more I start to warm to the prospect. the community shield will be interesting especially if silva plays

      torres – im not a fan but I understand it for GW1
      rooney – a must have when it comes to GW2
      Lukaku – Hes since gone to WBA and you would have seen from my article on aug 9/10 that its 4 strikers in to probably 2 places so i would give him a wide berth. hes also quite expensive at £6.5m. some other options are

      petric fulham £6.0m been on fire in pre-season
      Vaz te or pogrebnyak – cheap fillers for 5.5 and 5.0m(bit of a waster of a striking position for me)
      cisse QPR – quality if he can avoid getting sent off. great underlying stats bad hair

    • apologies to all youre correct. BTW begovic vs sorenson its not clear at the moment. follow until the opening day Pulis may give some enlightenment on the subject

  5. Hart, Jaaskelainen

    Terry, Evra, Baines, Jose Enrique, Alcaraz

    Britton, Yaya Toure, Walters, Ramsey, VDV

    Suarez, Petric, Zamora

    Your thoughts please. Bear in mind with the exception of Petric i’m not looking to put in new players to the league. Thanks in advance.

  6. Krul, Green
    N.Taylor, R.Ferdinand, Coloccini, Clichy, Tomkins
    Hazard, Valencia, Sinclair, Guthrie, Noble
    Aguero, Jelavic, Wellbeck

    Serious Feedback is highly appreciated. I have been fiddling around since the website re-opened. I am planning to leave Guthrie & Noble as subs for most of the season and only play Neil Taylor for his home games.

    I’m really not sure about Wellbeck, couldn’t find another single cent for Rooney anywhere except maybe if I sell Valencia (whom I really love and produces a ton of assists)

  7. Green/Davis




    What are your thoughts?

    • Hi David, sorry its taken a while to get back.

      Here’s my suggestions regarding your team


      Davis and green are the best £4.5m rotation. You will have seen from my draft 2 team that I’ve opted for DeGea and a benchwarmer at £4.0m as I think the extra £1m total outlay will give a better return with United last year posting 19 clean sheets. The Lindegaard risk is one I’m willing to take for this potential greater return


      Since my first draft team Ive got a little nervous about Mariappa and if I had to choose a safe £4.0 defender now for Reading it will be Gorkks but its not without risk. Theres no one certain for the Reading back line at the moment you just have to hope for the best

      Rangel – The last 2 pre-season Swansea defensive displays have made me shy away from a £5.0m investment in the Swansea back line. I’ve upgraded to Hibbert of Everton. Everton I thought overall last year were the 4th best defence based on all stats. He’s not without risk and hopefully I wont see Neville in his position come Monday night but I didn’t have the cash for Jagielka who’s the safest option at £6.0m

      Again Ive shied away from Clichy even with the positive noises coming out about 4-4-2. I’ve gone for Zabaleta which is a bit short term when Richards comes back but the whole 3-5-2 and the Kolarov business just made me too nervous and I just didn’t have the cash for Lescott at £6.5m

      McCartney was injured when I last looked so I went for Demel at RB. He should be safe.

      I would go Tierney instead of Clyne, its a shame as he’s a real attacking prospect but I wouldn’t double up on the Saints defence

      Totally ok with your midfield and your forwards

      good luck with the season

      Here’s the link to my 2nd draft team which covered some of the points in your team

      • Thanks for the comments.Love the website,great info,will be following it throughout the season.
        Thought you would be happy with the midfield and forwards :)
        The defence is tricky to decide on though.Changed it completely now keeping your advice in mind.
        Cech (Cerny)
        Demel,Hangeland,Gorkks (Tierny,Stevens)

        Went for the pricier keeper like yourself but picked Cech as he has a double gameweek,and im wary of Lindegaard especially since he has signed a new deal.Still have .5m left in the bank and I’m considering alternating between Cech and Hart throughout the season based on fixtures or should I just upgrade to a more reliable defender/midfielder?
        Again thanks

        • actually changed team again.ageuro is out for tevez,the extra 2.5m is just not worth it.Hangeland and Tierney out for zabaleta and ferdinand,scraping the cech/hart rotation seeing as chealsea have good opening fixtures.
          Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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