Barclays fantasy premier league – the community shield


The Community Shield was the game to give us more clarity on the opening day selections and in particular the captain dilemma for chelsea players.  City won 3-2 and the game unfortunately was ruined because of a hrash sending off.  Lets look at the implications for opening day next week then

Firstly here some stats for the community shield from the BBC sport website




  • 01 Cech
  • 02 Ivanovic Dismissed
  • 03 Cole Booked
  • 04 David Luiz
  • 26 Terry
  • 07 Ramires Booked
  • 08 Lampard Booked
  • 12 Mikel Booked
  • 17 Hazard (Bertrand – 71′ Booked )
  • 09 Torres
  • 10 Mata (Sturridge – 74′ )


  • 22 Turnbull
  • 24 Cahill
  • 34 Bertrand
  • 05 Essien
  • 16 Meireles
  • 23 Sturridge
  • 40 Piazon

Manchester City

  • 30 Pantilimon Booked
  • 04 Kompany Booked
  • 05 Zabaleta
  • 13 Kolarov
  • 15 Savic Booked (Clichy – 46′ )
  • 07 Milner
  • 08 Nasri (Silva – 76′ )
  • 34 De Jong
  • 42 Y Toure
  • 16 Aguero
  • 32 Tevez (Dzeko – 88′ )


  • 63 Johansen
  • 22 Clichy
  • 28 K Toure
  • 11 Johnson
  • 21 Silva
  • 62 Razak
  • 10 Dzeko
Ref: Friend
Att: 36,394


54%   Manchester city
46%  Chelsea


9     Chelsea
13   Manchester City

On target

5     Chelsea
9   Manchester City


5     Chelsea
9   Manchester City


So what does this mean for opening day

Chelsea defence

Ivanovics red card means he misses 3 games for Chelsea. With Luiz and Cahill fighting out the CB position along side John Terry then it really means only Ashely Cole at £6.5m.  for anyone thinking short term with the CHelsea defence we may get some clues during the week.  Ferrira and Bertrand are £4.5m.  Hutchinson £4.0.   Personally I would go for Cole as the most certain.  Im backing them to improve significantly over the 10 clean sheets last season.

City defence

City rolled up for this community shield game again with a 3-5-2 or a 3-4-1-2 if you like.  Lescott was rested so the back 3 was Kompany Savic and Zabaleta.  The wing backs were Kolarov and Milner.  Assuming that Lescott replaces Savic and Agger doesnt appear then this really brings Zabelta and Kolarov in to contention and places major doubts over Clichy who came on as a su not to replace Kolarov but Savic in the back 3.  Unfortunately both kolarov and Zabaleta are £6.0m so neither are huge bargains and it may be that the extra £0.5m is worth it for Lescott.  Clichy though becomes a big risk.

Chelsea Midfield

Chelsea played the 4-2-3-1 in this community shield game as expected with Hazard Mata and Ramires behind Torres  with Despite being at Euro 2012 and the Olympics Mata started but will he really play 2 games given that background?

Hazard was quiet and that coupled with the “be patient” words from RDM is making me more nervous by the day about hazard.

Ramires had to go to RB but didnt inspire me.

Lampard still managed to get forward from his position along side Mikel and had a few shots as well as getting in to the box.  Hes £9.0m which although cheap historically is expensive for someone as part of the 2 and despite presumably retaining penalties its just too risky position and rotation wise to be looking at him

City midfield

Nasri was the furtherest forward midfielder and was very effective with what ended up the winning goal.  You just cant help thinking that Silva will walk in to that position.

Despite the goal and the community shield man of the match performance Nasri as the 1 behind Aguero and Tevez was the end of the road with my thoughts about YYT.  Dont get me wrong he’s an amazing player but from a fantasy premier league perspective I dont want to be relying on someone who shoots primarily outside the box and supplementing this with bonus points whens he competing against a team of stars for them

Chelsea attack

Torres looked quite sprightly and took a neatly taken goal. I didnt see how many shots he had but Ive seen so many so called corners being turned with this guy I feel like hes in the maze at the fairground.  still only a GW1 option for me

City Attack

If you didnt read my fist Q and A where i did a lengthy analysis on Tevez vs Aguero this game showed that in a comparison with everything else being equal and with the price difference you would go for Tevez.  However that isnt the case and i cant escape from Tevez being the greater rotation and substitute risk and thats not what you need when youve given him the captains armband at home to Southampton.  Ive put the link to the article re tevez and Aguero at the bottom of the page

Captain GW1

I think everyone knows I’m not a fan and it makes me sick to the pit of my stomach to even think about doing it but the more I think about it the more logical it seems to give the armband to Torres.  Hazard has not been convincing, will Mata play both games given his active summer, Lampard as part of the 2 just isnt logical and when you start considering Ramires you know you’re really desperate.  Time for a lot of thought and reflection……


TEvez v Aguero deep in to this article below


20 thoughts on “Barclays fantasy premier league – the community shield”

  1. Some clarifications, im skipping Hazard as for now, but I think he will be the value in the future. Yaya at 8.0 is a steal, even when playing deeper. Kolarov, what a nice game, he should be a certain at wing back. Tevez was my first choice, then changed to Aguero under some advices, now Im going back with Tevez. Even if Aguero will score more, I think the difference wouldn’t be so huge, and saved money may be invested in midfield, which probably gives more points in general. Here’s my current roster:

    R.Ferdinand Kolarov Clark
    VDV Yaya Kagawa Mata
    Tevez Torres Graham

    Jaaskelainen, Nelsen (or Clyne), Tierney, Robson-Kanu
    2.0M in the bank.

  2. Being the charity shield I don’t think Ivanovic gets an automatic 3 match ban.
    It’s to the FAs discretion this one. he could get 3, but equally he could get 2 or 1.

  3. Good article. For me the Charity shield posed more questions than it answered but Hazard looked woeful and went to ground to easily. If Torres is only in for gameweek one is it worth looking to defoe for the next 4 gameweeks ( vs Wba, Norwich, Reading and QPR)?

    • As the Adebayor situation continues going no where then defoe with these fixtures is looking more and more of an option. I think you need rooney from GW2 and Aguero/Tevez then its just working out whos best for the next spot

    • I like Korolov but if City don’t play 352 it’s unlikely he’ll start as Clichy is probably the prefered choice in a 442 whereas Lescott is a little more of a safe option. I’ve plumbed for Zabaleta as he can function on the right in both formations and Richards is reported to be facing a month out with an ankle injury. If they do sign Agger then it’s going to make things very tricky with regards to both players you’ve mentioned. Might be best to steer clear for a few weeks especially with their fixtures after Southhampton. Hopr that helps.

  4. After the Charity Shield I’ve tweeked my telegraph team, its now as follows
    Terry, Zabaleta, Shawcross, Walker
    N’zogbia, Michu, VDV (interestingly he’s valued the same price as Gerrard and Lampard so I’ll be switching between them based on fixtures)
    Torres, Tevez and Rooney.
    Can I have some thoughts please. Thanks in advance.

    • like the team cant criticise it at all, I think I might go for DeGea instead of HOward if you can squeeze him in

      • Thanks for the feedback. Wasn’t sure about DeGea as was under the impression that there had been some positive noises of late for Lindegaard. Can you shed any light?

        • Cheers Ive seen him been talked up in the press and he started the last pre-season but apparently didnt play that well whereas DeGea played well against Barca. Im taking the gamble as for £1m more then say Davis and green it seems a far better strategy. keep commenting really appreciate the feedback and challenge when needed!


          • You’re more than welcome. It’s great to have found somewhere to debate selections and formations. I’m sure it’s difficult to come up with selections and formations for all the teams in the league, I know I struggle just with my own team. You are doing a great job. It’s easy for us to sit here and say he’s not going to play and that formations wrong after you’ve done all the hard work.

          • cheers no its good to have everyones knowledge. I wanted the site to be something where everyone contributed not just me spouting on with my views so keep them coming!

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