Player Rankings

fantasy premier league GW2 “ones to watch”

Here’s the GW2 fantasy premier league “ones to watch”

I’ve also put the removals  in strike through and new wording since GW1 in italics to make it easier to follow.  Below each position if applicable is a “bubbling under”  category for monitoring certain players before they are added to the “ones to watch” list.  Remember these are fantasy premier league players in would have in my team.

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barclays fantasy premier league – the “I’m considering them” player list GW1 – updated 18/8/2012

Here’s a list of the players I’m considering for barclays fantasy premier league GW1 with a couple of words as to why.  The intention is to refresh this every game week.  Ill also rate the captain choices.  They aren’t in order, its more like a menu if you like, rather than a ordered list.  Im going to try and only pick one player per club for each position.  Remember this is not just for the next game it looks about 6 games ahead and follows my overall fantasy premier league philosophy of looking for teams and players with groups of easy fixtures coming ahead but remembering the quality almost fantasy premier league fixture proof players and the need to plan ahead for your captain choices

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