Euro fantasy football tips – the FFGeek first draft team


Here’s our Euro Fantasy Football Tips article where I outline my first draft Euro 2020 fantasy team together with commentary on how I got there

Euro Fantasy Football Tips – The FFGeek First Draft Team

We’ll be doing a load of articles for the Euro 2020 fantasy here. Here’s the link to the site

There’s a FFGeek league use the league code 49KWOPI907 to copy and paste into the join league section

Also see my article on the rules and Rob Reid’s first draft team

My Chip Strategy determines the team

So if you’ve read the rules article then you’ll know that their are 2 chips. Those are the limitless chip and the wildcard chip. Limitless means you can make unlimited transfers with no budget restrictions for 1 matchday. The Wildcard is as it is in FPL.

Rightly or wrongly I’ve decided I will use the limitless and the wildcard in Matchday 2 and Matchday 3 respectively. I have seen theories about just deciding on the wildcard for MD3 once you’ve seen how things lineup but I’m keen to get the points on the board and hope to deal with the knockouts on free transfers.

So the team you will see is a team set up for Matchday 1 only. I have not had the slightest thought about Matchday 2 or 3 and will deal with those via the chips

The Bookies to win odds for Matchday 1

If you read my FPL articles you’ll know that I don’t really pay much attention to the European Leagues.

Judging by some of the pronunciation I’ve seen by people doing teams then I’m not alone in this. So I’ve turned to the bookies to help me.

At the moment there are no anytime goalscorer odds just Team to Win and Clean Sheet odds. Once ATGS odds are out things will definitely change

So I’ve put these into a table to help me with the teams to focus on in Matchday 1

I’m trying to concentrate on teams that have odds to win or clean sheets under 2.00 and the pick a player that I think works from that team. Those team odds under 2.00 are marked in green

Here’s the schedule:

Euro Fantasy Football Tips
Euro Fantasy Football Tips

Here’s the draft team so far

Euro Fantasy Football Tips

Here’s how it looks on the various days of Matchday 1

Euro Fantasy Football Tips

A few comments


I’ve generally only tried to pick players from the attack and defence with the green to win odds. I didn’t have enough defenders in that category so I’ve had to stretch it a bit.


Firstly I’ve only gone for a 2 designated captain strategy. Those 2 are Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku. The funds are quite tight especially for midfielders so having 3 players over 10m to maximise the captain opportunities when you’ve got 5 days to get a decent result seemed a waste of budget.

I’ve tried to have someone playing on each match day in order to have options each day to switch the captain in case things go horribly wrong as a back up. Only having two 10m plus players is very helpful to the rest of the squad


Firstly I’ve ordered the bench in order of the days of Matchday 1 so I can use my substitutes to change the team if anyone blanks.

Comments of the individual players

I’m not going to run through each of the players by any stretch. The only player I really want to comment on is David Alaba. He’s very cheap at 5.5m but he is a defender by trade although he does play in midfield at times for Austria so I’m sorting of hoping for that. I can see him moved out if I find some funds closer to the start of the tournament.

I wanted an Italian defender but just couldn’t afford one as to be secure you need to spend 6.0m which I just couldn’t get.

No Ronaldo or De Bruyne or Lewandoski are just part of the two 10.0m player restriction I’ve imposed on myself.

Sasa Kalajdzic for Austria is a player I’d never heard of before picking my team but his record for Stuttgart with 16 goals and 5 assists in 23 starts and 10 sub appearances seems pretty good to me so he is a bit of a cheap punt with a good fxiture

I’ve generally gone for the cheapest defender out of those I think will start

Ok that’s it. I’ll put new drafts on when it seems a good time to do so.

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