facebook fantasy football – rules and views


Heres my summary of the 4th format were following here at www.fantasy footballgeek.co.uk.  Its facebook fantasy football although the app is known as facebook fantasy premier league.

I did pretty well in this facebook fantasy football format  last year with pretty minimal effort.  I was around 700 out of 500k people who played facebook fantasy football.  I originally thought it was 1m but in retrospect i dont think it was.

There are some quite radical rule changes and the pricing is totally stingy meaning the tactics are different than all the other leagues.  Weve also opened a fantasyfootballgeek league although no prize money this time.

Rules of facebook fantasy football

So heres a summary of the rules again using a base line of comparison with Barclays fantasy premier league

applicable games

Premier league games only


2 transfers per week no wildcard – bizzare rollover transfer rule as described by the site

Each week fantasy clubs earn 2 rollover transfers with which they can add and drop players. New for this season, unused transfers “roll over” to the following game week. If a club uses 1 transfer in game week 2, they will have 3 available transfers in game week 3. If this club uses no transfers in week 3, they will have 5 transfers in game week 4.  Im assuming this continues on and on but not completely clear


Double points captain no vice captain


No wildcard


3 subs plus a GK

Player values

Player values change rapidly in facebook fantasy football.  part of the strategy is to find players that increase in value.  however you have to hold them for a period in order to get the full benefit of the value increase.  See site details here

The vesting period is increasing from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. You will need to hold a player for 28 days to earn the full difference in value from the price at purchase to the market price at time of transfer.

Player values fluctuate based on ownership. If you have players whom other owners add to their roster, their value will increase and be reflected in your cap number. If other owners drop players you have, your cap number will decrease.


scoring is unusual.  Heres the detail of it in facebook fantasy football.

Satistic plus Abbreviation                                                           FWD MID DEF GK
Start XI                                                                                        2 2 2 2
Substitute S                                                                                1 1 1 1
Goals G                                                                                        4 5 6 6
Shots on Target SOT                                                               1 1 1 1
Assists A                                                                                     2 2 2 2
Fouls Won FW                                                                         .5 .5 .5 .5
Fouls CommittedFC                                                          -0.5 -0.5 -0.5 -0.5
Penalties Missed PM                                                              -5 -5 -5 -5
Clean Sheets (60+ minutes) CS                                          0 2 5 4
Clean Sheets (under 60 minutes)                                      0 1 3 2
Saves SV                                                                                      0 0 0 .5
Penalty Saves PS                                                                       0 0 0 7
Goals Conceded GC                                                               0 0 0 -0.5
Yellow Card Y                                                                         -2 -2 -2 -2
Red Card                                                                                   -5 -5 -5 -5 -5


Here are some of the unusual features

shots on target will get you points

fouls won get you points

fouls committed get you a deduction

assists are very low value -helpful guidance below?

  • Assists are often credited differently among stat providers. Citizen Sports only credits assists based on our stat provider’s decisions.  

defenders don’t lose points if they concede goals


3-4-3 included in a wide variety of formations

Team limits

Only 3 players from 1 team

other points to note

No Man of the match or bonus points

GW2 is the game week where Chelsea and reading play twice

No  prizes

I think 500k people play

Initial Views

Wow this is some game with some unusual rules.  Its also made very difficult by the stingy pricing meaning you can virtually only afford a few quality players and the rest is picking bargains.  Initial thoughts then

Picking bargains will be key

May need transfers early in the week which goes against all my rules

Spotting double game weeks will be key with the transfer hoarding

Shots on target plus fouls against will put an emphasis on forwards and goal scoring midfielders.



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