facebook fantasy premier league – my first draft team


Heres my first draft team with a week to go in the 4th format were following here at www.fantasy footballgeek.co.uk.  Its facebook fantasy football although the app is known as facebook fantasy premier league.

As I said before I did pretty well in this facebook fantasy pemier league format  last year with pretty minimal effort.  I was around 700 out of 500k people who played facebook fantasy premier league.  I originally thought it was 1m but in retrospect i dont think it was.

There are some quite radical rule changes and the pricing is totally stingy meaning the tactics are different than all the other leagues.  Theres no hope to do it without reading the rules.  Ive included a link to my article on the rules and views below .Weve also opened a fantasyfootballgeek league although no prize money this time.  the link is also below.


There are 2 transfers every week and the Reading Chelsea double gameweek is in round 1 and the game when they dont play round 3.  With 3 reserves that means you can have 7 players in both teams and still have a full compliment for GW3.  for this reason Ive started with 3 chelsea and 3 Reading players.   the rules also give points for shots on target.  the 2 transfers per week also give you a chance to take more selection risks.  Interestingly the cut off for doing your team is 2.45pm on the 18th so it givs you a chance to see the line ups of these teams below which will be great for picking up on bargains in facebook fantasy premier league.   The pricing is very difficult so its almost a value extraction exercise


18 Aug 15:00
18 Aug 15:00
18 Aug 15:00
18 Aug 15:00
18 Aug 15:00
18 Aug 15:00


heres my team.


De Gea – £12m – He’s cheap at £12m compared to Hart at £15m and with save points makes him good value when you considered how many saves he  made last season.  Still a Lindegaard risk but 2 transfers makes it far easier to rescue.  the total cost was £18m compared to £16m for Federici and Davis.  Theres also a goals conceded points rule which put me off the cheap rotation.  My benchwarmer is Gomes which seemed a good proposition when you consider Friedels age and that Spurs are no closer to buying someone else a week away from kick off


Cashley Cole- £9m  good value compared to say £1m more than Ivanovic but way more secure. Doesnt have Ivanovics goal threat though.  Chelsea poor record last year makes him good value compared to evra at £14m and Walker at £13m.  Cheaper than K Richardson?

Zabaleta – £9m –  a steal if he plays.  no richards  probably after the Olympics.  the 3-5-2 means he could be left out for kolo toure.  unfortunately theyre playing on sunday but hopefully the community shield will assist

Fabio  – QPR -£6m  one of the  3 cheapies makng up the numbers.

Dawson  – Spurs – £6m again an absulte steal if he plays.  unfortunately its not 3 pm saturday

Pearce – Reading – £7m – now reading do play at 3pm so hopefully Mariappa will be in the lineup to save some cash



Hazard – Chelsea – £16m  – RDMs words about easing him in are not making me sleep easy but who else guaranteed to play in the front midfield 3 do you go for?

A Young – Man U – £12m – Kagawa sub in the last 2 games has made me too nervous.  teeing young up for 3 easy games starting GW2.  still a rotation risk but only really Rooney and Era arent.

Taarabt – QPR- £9m – not particularly good value but with about 100 shots per game even if half look like pass backs he should rack up some points

Pienaar – Everton – £8m – may suffer in the shooting stakes but still good value.

Guthrie – Reading -£7m- another one to check before KO



Aguero -£20m – even with the difficult pricing its still captain based s you need some top performers.

Torres – £12m – good value after an appalling last season.  will be shipped out for Rooney for the next game week.

Pogrebnyak – £11m – Only there for the 2 games in GW1.  Then out as soon as possible – not even good value.

unfortunately my team will go to the wire next week so you may not be able to see it in its final form before the cut off but if I can i will.

Dont forget to join the facebook league no prizes though