Fantasy football geek team performance – All formats – game week 23

Here’s a summary of the fantasy football geek teams performance the week just completed, game week 23.    I haven’t updated this last week  so the comparison is against GW21.  A good week generally with Walcott and Cazorla represented in most leagues.  It’s going well at the moment in  Sky Sports, facebook and Sun Dream team

Barclays fantasy premier  league

Total points:  GW  82  (av 54) TOT 1,316

Fantasy Football Geek league position:  62 /582 up from 75/582

Overall position: 21,022 up from 36,251     Total Players: 2,561,675

Top spot in fantasy football geek league Iyad Zahlan 89  GW points  OVR  1,496 overall rank 15

Facebook premier league fantasy

Total points: game week 88 points total points 1,1278.5

FFgeek league position: was 4/28 but there seems some issue in showing the leagues with the app

Overall position: 931 up from 1,418  top 0.2% Total players estimated 700,000

FFgeek Leader:

Telegraph fantasy football

Total points:   1077

FFgeek league position:  6/53 down from 7/53

Overall position:  3967 down from 2,430.  Total players estimated at 250,000

Leader:   Neil Carrington total points 1,179  overall rank 128

League of leagues position:18 up from 25

transfers left: 11

Sky Sports fantasy football

Total points: GW 104 TOT 1,114

week position 160 up from GW21 12,312

FFgeek league position: 6/144 up from 11/114

Overall position: 317 up from 1,052.  estimated 300,000

Leader:     Gary Wood pistol pete sampras 1,322

transfers left 9

Fantasy football geek league position 6 up from 7

Sun Dream Team

Team NameWeekMonthSeasonTransferMini leagues

Early Doors Rangers

Robin van Persie
History Edit









estimated 1 million players

 5/14 up from 7/14
1 Get in there my son Dom “Brian Clough” Bell 1202