fantasy premier league disaster – free hit chip accidentally activated

Yes it’s a true fantasy premier league disaster and a season defining one.  I couldn’t have picked a worse week to do it

fantasy premier league disaster – free hit chip accidentally activated

The sorry story

Today I had to buy a new computer as the one I was using crashed.  I needed a new one anyway as I was using my wifes pride and joy (after my last one crashed out believe it or not) and she was sure I was running it into the ground.

Anyway I went out today and bought a new one but struggled with the mouse pad cursor mover thing but pressed free hit (it’s just above save my team) instead of save my team as the cursor was sliding everywhere.    No problem press cancel free hit and somehow I pressed the confirm button (just below cancel free hit!) and there it is,  free hit activated.  It is irretrievable.  Totally and completely

It all looks a bit weird and doesn’t say unlimited transfers which I expected it to. Hopefully there’s not more problems to come and I can make a load of transfers.  The rules do say you can.

If it wasn’t so pathetically true then it would be laughable.  I had some very unsympathetic person on twitter saying I was lying and I should own my actions.  I can assure you it definitely is true and accidental.  How much of an idiot do I feel like I can’t tell you.

What makes the whole thing more laughable is the wife fixed her computer herself.  Ironically that’s what I’m using now as I was in danger of throwing the new one into the street.   She really came through and was understanding about the crash and sympathetic over the free hit chip so that was pretty amazing.

I’m not sure I’m in the right frame of mind at the moment to start doing a free hit team so I may leave it until tomorrow

Here’s how the team looks at the moment just with the 2 transfers I did before the free hit disaster came into it.  Lingard to Son and Ogbonna to Jones

Article with free hit team tomorrow.

fantasy premier league disaster

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21 thoughts on “fantasy premier league disaster – free hit chip accidentally activated

    • Thanks mate so do I. I am thinking something like that. Davies, Kane, Lukaku, Lingard, Jones and Alonso are my first thoughts. Good luck your self

  1. On a positive note (for everyone else at least), you’ll be able to tell us how the chip works, for when we all use it. The joys of modern technology for you.

  2. So sorry to hear that Geek! Hope you make the most out of it. And as a follower of this site I would love to see an “imaginary free hit” article from you on the week you actually intended to play the chip, but now unfortunately will pretend to play. Good luck this week!

  3. Shit , what a disaster but then most of the rest of us have no idea what we are doing this week either, so maybe the free hit will work out for you

  4. Ahhhhh man that sucks! Follow every article you post and for someone so deliberate in all his actions this is unheard of!

    All the best!

  5. OH NOOOO!!!

    What a nightmare Geek, feel for you mate!! Hope you score massive this week.

    Will you still do an article at the time you would have done your Free Hit chip.

    Can’t imagine the pain!

    • Does tilted mean upset? Yes I was. I realise that disaster may be an inappropriate term considering what some people would constitute as real life disasters but I put alot into the site so it was painful even if maybe out of proportion Cheers and good luck this week

  6. Bad news is it goes back to before you made your original transfers and resets you down to 1… discovered this the hard way.

  7. I played mine in GW 10 when Kane was injured….i doubled my score…the danger is that your original team does better or the same…GOODLUCK…it will be interesting to see how you navigate through the blank weeks without the freehit chip…you will be a guidance for all who have used our chip… (so a big thankyou in a way) you can make as many transfers as you like even changing your original transfers just like a wildcard…but ur team reverts to before any transfers..

  8. I thought that the freehit is only activated once you make a transfer/s? I was under the impression that up until then, it can be cancelled?

    • You do get a chance to cancel but only in the same way you have to confirm taking a hit.

      Unfortunately the cursor and press function was totally out of control. My own fault!

  9. I accidentally used mine earlier in the season and it actually worked out well for me (although it might have been better when deliberately used) Hope it all goes well for you, you might be rejoicing tomorrow 🙂

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