FPL Teams GW23 – FFGeek contributors show us their teams

Here’s our FPL teams GW23 article where the FFGeek contributors show us their teams before the transfer deadline. All of the contributors finished in the top 1% of teams last season


Here’s a version of the 10 or so FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont covering early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.


Also see Rob’s GW23 player picks article and his  still relevant December review 

Rob finished with a rank of 22k last season 4,701 in 2015/16 and 7,810 in 2014/15.

GW22 Points 55 -4 (Avg 45) Total Points 1,263 OR 95k TV 105.2m  no rank movement

Rob’s write up was delivered earlier today with final team later but due to my own issues not posted until now apologies

GW22 Review

Let’s be honest, it was a bit of let-down of a double gameweek wasn’t it?! In the end 51 net points was a ‘meh’ score when I’d gambled on 5 double gameweekers bolstering my tally. I guess the only consolation was emerging with a token 400 place green arrow, at least it wasn’t red.

The big failure was of course Harry Kane. 3 points double to 6 from 2 games in a double is a huge let-down. I guess the one blessing was that I decided against gambling my Triple Captain chip on him although I must confess that my finger was hovering over the Chip button at 1120am on deadline morning – especially after I found out that fellow contributors Alex and Spurs fan Joe had played theirs!

Defence also let me down – 1 clean sheet from 5 players from Phil Jones, though Adrian did rack up a few save points which eventually gave me an overall 1 point gain from my -4 hit to bring him in for Krul. Small margins can sometimes make a difference I guess, we’ll see how important that 1 point is at the end of the season! Only 3 attacking returns – Son and Sterling both scored and there was an assist from Arnie in the 1 game he played.

We’ve already talked about Kane so let’s talk about Morata…ok maybe not. As a former striker myself (albeit at a very, very low level I might add) I can empathsise with his performance. Sometimes you get days where you couldn’t hit a barn door from 2 yards and his trip to The Emirates was clearly one of these! Let’s move on to the aftermath aka GW23.

GW23 Team

Thoughts turn now to navigating the next 5 weeks until the next possible blank in GW28. I’m looking at attractive fixture clumps, form and potential high ownership captain options as transfer targets. Of the big teams, Chelsea and Liverpool still have nice fixtures and City have some appealing games which look good for captain picks. At the other end,, Brighton, Watford and West Ham all have appealing clumps over the next 5 weeks.

I’ve got a few targets on my shopping list therefore, but at the top are Marcos Alonso and extra City attacking coverage. We’ll start with Goal-onso. I really regret not buying him back in early December – this has been an important moment in my season so far and is a big reason why I’m sitting around 100k instead of around 50k. He may be pricey for a defender, but he’s effectively like having a mid-scoring midfielder that has the added bonus of picking up 4 point clean sheets.

For City coverage, Aguero is the obvious draw in light of the recent injury to his rotation partner Jesus. The rumours around Alexis Sanchez won’t go away however and are a cloud over his gametime security. Kevin De Bruyne is also very tempting, but is a high price for someone who is a steady rather than explosive player and doesn’t offer so much captain potential. This one can wait a week though – City have a tough fixture against Liverpool this week, so I won’t be investing until GW24 if I do.

I also have to think about how I’d enable any of these moves, with only £0.3m in the bank and 1 FT. I’ll either have to take a points hit or spread the transfers over 3 weeks and risk missing the boat on some good returns. The obvious enabler would be to sell £8m midfield Son for a cheapie to free funds. This however leaves me with 2 low price attacking players scoring little points if you take Calvert-Lewin into account; though playing 4-4-2 would be a realistic ongiong option if I had Alonso for example as I’d have 3 premium defenders and I could rotate Kenny and Duffy.

The other player I have on my radar is Jessie Lingard. Great price, in fine form and a plum fixture against the team with the worst defence in the league this week – injury-riddled and mangerless Stoke. It’s no wonder he leads the way for transfers in this week. My worry here is longevity and 2 tough fixtures afterwards – Burnley away and then Spurs. The advantage of this transfer though is that I could either sell Son or Arnie and keep my 3-5-2 option.

At present I’m not 100% sure which option I’ll go for and will likely decide on Friday night – I’ll post on Twitter when I do. For the rest of my line-up, I’ll bench my Everton players this week and I’ve currently got the armband on Kane, though I’ll go for whoever leads the captain poll tomorrow night. I have to confess I’m not optimistic for this week with several players playing against each other. You never know though, that’s the beauty of this game!

All the best for GW23 folks – I hope they bring you all a nice healthy green arrow!

In the end

2ts for -4. Alonso and Carroll in. Ogbonna and Son out.

fpl teams gw23


Joseph finished with an overall rank of 13k last season

GW22 Points 55 -4 (Avg 45) Total Points 1,302 OR 24k TV 105.2m red arrow 1k

See Joes GW22 review article

GW22 Summary

The first double gameweek of the season was not a particularly pleasant experience for me which peaked when I travelled to Wembley on Thursday to not only watch my team being held to a disappointing draw, but also to see my triple captain flop in front of my own eyes. Kane had several shots, but unfortunately could not convert any of them which resulted in him returning just 9 points. This chip has not done well for me over the last three years with just one goal in that time and there is actually a little relief that it’s out the way this year. At least my other Spurs asset, Son, scored a wonder goal in that game and Adrian made several saves to return some decent points. Elsewhere, Arnautovic grabbed an assist in the one game he played, Sterling scored yet again and there was another clean sheet for Jones.

Nonetheless, a red arrow in a double gameweek where I played my triple captain has to go down as a massive disappointment and I’m hoping to bounce back over the next couple of weeks.

GW23 Team

Hopefully, the climb up the rankings starts again this week, though I would be satisfied with purely holding my rank looking at a couple of the key players that I’m missing and their fixtures. The specific players that I’m worried about are Lingard and Alonso; I have plans to get the latter into my team next week, but I will be holding off on the United man for now who has been a popular bandwagon this gameweek. Looking at my midfield, there is no one that I want to remove because Sterling and Salah will definitely not be leaving my team and the other three players have great fixtures. Additionally, Man U face Burnley and Spurs away in the subsequent gameweeks so I think that it’s best for my team that I wait to bring him in. The only way that would change is if there is a strong suggestion that Arnautovic won’t play against Huddersfield.

Therefore, I am looking to hold my transfer this week and reassess some situations for GW24. In terms of team selection, it’s an easy decision to leave Kenny and Calvert-Lewin on the bench, but there is a dilemma as to who should join them. It’s a straight shootout between Dunk and Otamendi; currently I’m leaning towards playing the Brighton man who has a much better fixture. However, it is a worry benching the Argentine because he has such a goal threat and does play for the best team for the league.

It’s a fairly simple captaincy selection for me this week which was ultimately decided by the captain polls. Kane is comfortably leading them, and I’ll be placing the armband on him as the ‘shield’ option. He has a good fixture at home to Everton who have been struggling slightly in recent weeks with no win in their last four games. We are all aware of his explosive potential and I’m praying for another big haul this weekend.

Looking Ahead

I have concerns over the form of Morata who missed some horrendous chances in his last game against Arsenal and I may look to transfer him out next week for a cheap striker like Quaner so I can shift the funds into midfield and also to bring in Alonso. This would be another shift in formation for my team and I would look to start playing 4-5-1 with just Kane up front which would give me a very strong midfield. However, that could all easily change depending on how GW23 goes so I will have to assess the situation next week.

Best of luck to everyone this weekend and may your arrows be green!

fpl teams GW23


Last season he finished in 21k overall rank.

GW22 Points 57 -8 (Avg 45) Total Points 1,325 OR 9k TV 104.7m red arrow 2k

GW22 was not great since I had to take a -8 to deal with Salah and Coutinho injuries.  Oh well, it could have been worse I suppose.  Those that TC’d Kane or took the Free Hit will regret it later when those chips will be truly valuable.

Only one transfer this week—Alli out and Lingard in.  You may say that it was a sideways move, but Lingard is playing Stoke at home and I now have 3.1M in the bank which gives me the flexibility to bring in Aguero next week and VanDyke– who looks like a bargain at 5.4 relative to Robertson at 4.6.

Kane captain.  Hoping for better results from defense and Morata this week.

fpl teams GW23


Top 9k in 16/17, top 1k in 15/16, top 5k in 14/15

GW22 Points 67 -12  (Avg 45) Total Points 1,275 OR 65k TV 104.1m green arrow 9k

FPL Word is one of the top 10 FPL managers I follow

Alli out, Lingard in for me. Captain Kane

 I now have 2.8m in the bank which will be enough to change Son to Kdb in the next move

fpl teams gw23


Mikael finished 5,846 OR last season

GW22 Points 49  (Avg 45) Total Points 1,184 OR 628k TV 104.2m green arrow 9k

Transfer out: Coutinho
Transfer in: Sterling

My next transfers will properly be Son to Lingard and then Morata to Aguero.

Kane (C), Salah (VC)

 fpl teams gw23


fpl teams GW23

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  1. Fpl word I have the same 11 starters as you do! My OR is 3k, and I have my FT. Only difference is I have Pickford Depoitre Robertson and Otamendi in my bench, my only thought is weather to put in my starting line up Otamendi or Ogabonna…
    Good luck to you all!!

  2. Tough choice I’d probably go with Ogbonna . I fancy Liverpool to score at home to city and think West Ham stand a better chance of getting a CS. But then Otamendi does like a goal

    • Thanks dear Wil, I was about to change to Ogabonna, I just remembered I already have Adrian in my starting line up, so I will stay like this (3 Westham players it is a little bit risky) and hope Otamendi will score because I definitely think that Liverpool will score

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