Fantasy premier league – the early week bandwagons and sinking ships for GW5

Here’s the fantasy premier league  early week bandwagons and sinking ships for GW5 ie the 5 most transferred in and out players leading up to GW5

The bandwagons


2 goals with 2 great bits of finishing in an eye catching performance.  The Sunderland game seemed to involve Flamini sitting and the rest of the Arsenal midfield bombing forward even though Ramsey was supposed to be 1 of the 2 in 4-2-3-1.  His average position was quite deep and he didn’t have many pen box touches but his shooting stats were good.  Personally although he’s very good value I cant see the goals continuing and there’s still the gametime issue to be resolved when Arteta and Cazorla are both fit.  Its an IGNORE  for me


I have been sceptical about him this season but the last 2 games have converted me.  He’s finally getting in to the box and shooting although he is one of the few players who does have the power to make shots from outside the box count.  Doesn’t create chances for others which is the only negative but reasonable value if you’re trying to save some money for strikers.  If you’re going to buy him home to Hull next is the game to do it.  Has the 10th best next 6 fixtures in my fixture ease ranking so his best fixtures have now gone.  However its still a BUY for me


A fantastic performance as a debut for Arsenal playing behind Giroud which generated an assist.  Created really good goal scoring opportunities which was very positive.  I still think that a fantasy premier league manager cannot live by assists alone especially with the bonus system favouring goal scorers so for me the players to buy are Giroud especially and Walcott.  Despite how much I like him as a player its still an IGNORE for me


4 goals and an assist with a 100% consistency rate.  Only RVP has better shooting stats and Giroud is also one of the leading chance creators for Strikers.  Oh and by the way he has one of the best creative midfielders in the world playing behind him.  Its a definite BUY


4 goals in 4 games and a 75% consistency of return against good opposition is pretty impressive to say the least. I thought he and Villa struggled in open play and breaking down Newcastle which is the only worry for me.  He scored from a set piece and didn’t have the chances he had against the better teams.  Going to go through a spell of trickier fixtures which bizarrely may suit him more if Villa then concentrate on counter attack.  Its a HOLD for me at the moment just to see what he does in the next few games.

The Sinking Ships


Injured and touch and go for the Utd v City derby match.  With City going through a tricky spell of fixtures and rotation for the Champions league looking on the agenda after the team that surfaced at Stoke its overall probably a sell for me.  As our midfields slim down to accommodate the elite strikers, choosing the right people is going to be crucial and with the fixtures and the injury its a SELL for me.


Out at least 2 weeks and possibly to mid October with an injury.  Amazingly may not be assured of a place coming back with the attacking midfield quality they have.  Personally Giroud and Walcott are the leading Arsenal assets so if you have Cazorla its a SELL for me


Lost his place deservedly to Negredo and didn’t get off the bench against Stoke.  Rotation will be a factor as we saw in that game prior to the champions league fixtures this week.  A definite SELL for me


Was incredibly disappointing against Everton and with only an assist in his first 4 games which involved pretty good fixtures he’s pretty deserving of being sold.  Hasn’t really got very good shooting stats although is the leading creator of chances for others as far as midfielders are concerned. The only thing is that the next game is home to Fulham and for me that’s not the time to sell.  The game after that is away at Spurs and should he not produce for the Fulham game he will definitely be on my radar. Its a HOLD for the Fulham game for me.


Was injured although with Rooney back the place behind RVP is definitely his.  If he gets back in the side he will be shunted out to the left flank in my view.  A definite SELL

That’s it remember with the European games buying players before they play that game is a risk and it depends on whether you are willing to take that risk to avoid a price rise.  Personally I’m not


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22 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league – the early week bandwagons and sinking ships for GW5”

  1. What about Christian Eriksen? great debut for Christian. His movement was quite fantastic against norwich yesterday. I think he can be the new Spurs wonder boy.

    • Hi Ben, agreed he played very well. This is just a comment on the players that have had the most transfers in during the gameweek at the time of writing. Eriksen wasn’t one of those

      hope that makes sense


  2. Geek,
    Could you explain how you rate Newcastle 6th in your 6GW Fixture Ease with Eve(A), Car(A), Liv(H), Che (H) all in the next 6? Even Hull should not be easy. I have Newcastle rated 18th in my Fixtures Rankings and am wondering where the difference in our numbers is.

    • HI mate, generally what I do is rank all 20 teams in home and away defences based on actual and underlying stats and then grade them in to similar groups and use that as the basis of my analysis. As were so early in the year, the data is mainly last years tweaked for obvious changes such as Southamptons improvement. I’ve rated cardiff Hull and Sunderland as relatively easy games. also there was a big difference between the top teams home and away (City and Arsenal apart) last year. Liverpool had 11 CS at home and conceded 16 goals. Away they had 5 and conceded 27 goals. The WBA home defence was better than that. so playing some of the better teams at home can still mean goals as we saw with liverpool last night. I saw another site that does a similar thing ranked them 8th.

      Hope that helps


    • hi again mate further to my earlier post, just noticed that I put in the GW4 ranking of 6th GW5 is 10th!. updating the article


  3. Great work with this page. Stopping by daily for the latest information!

    Due to some horrible round it’s wildcardtime for me , so any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Boruc – Mignolet
    Distin – Ferdinand – Dawson – Nastasic – Collins
    Hazard – Eriksen – Walcott – Koren – Ward-Prowse
    Benteke – Soldado – Giroud

    May be to focused on Arsenal and Tottenham. Lukaku for Soldado can be an alternative swap, which would free enough money for a possible Rooney/Suarez or Zabaleta comming on for Nastasic.

    All comments would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi have to say it looks pretty good to me. No United or Liverpool coverage in attack which is why you might want to put Sturridge in for Soldado?


  4. RMT please

    Cech (Adrian)
    Zab, O’Brien, Whittaker (Turner, Ramage)
    Y Toure, Ozil, Koren, Nolan (Morrison)
    RVP, Soldado, Gayle

    I funded Ozil by ditching Dzeko for Gayle and Ivano for Zab.


  5. Hey Dude. Your system seems to be a combination of statistics and personal opinion. I think you have the right balance.

    Mignolet (Kelvin Davis)
    Cole – Zabaleta – Koscielny (Baker, Whittaker)
    Silva – Walcott -Hernadez – HBA (Colback)
    Soldado – Sturridge – Giroud

    I am thinking of Transferring Van P for Soldado – but would then need to put in a 5.7 midfielder for Dzeko, and there isnt much quality there (except maybe Barkley)? SHould I wait and hold this transfer for next game week?

    Appreciate your/anyone’s feedback!


  6. Thoughts on my team? have used my WC so still time to change.

    Mignolet (Boruc)

    Zabaleta – Mertesacker – Evra (Fonte, Gabbidon)

    Ben Arfa – Routledge – Nolan – Barkley – Walcott

    Giroud – RVP (Campbell)

    Idea is to have subs who play consistently so are good cover for first 11.

  7. Hi,

    Currently ranked in the top 15k which pretty happy about :)

    Team for this week is

    Vertonghen, Coleman, ??Evra/Zabaletta??
    HBA, Walcott, Erikson, Barkley
    Sturridge, Soldado, Benteke

    Question 1) play Evra or zabaletta?
    Question 2) keep my FT and give soldado one last chance or ditch him for Giroud?
    Question 3) neither of above and take ur advice :)

    Been keeping faith wiv spurs but a fixture in gw6 against Chelsea I don’t really want 3 spurs coverage so if dont take soldado out this week i prob will next week wiv my 2Ft but they have got cardiff this week.

    Thoughts please all :)

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