fantasy premier league game week 13 – Sunday – match analysis

Here’s the fantasy premier league game week 13 – Sunday – match analysis

Swansea 0 Liverpool 0

A nil nil here I didn’t expect.  A game with a lot of high % owned players.  Despite the score the defensive stats were pretty ordinary especially for Swansea who were lucky to get this result. Suarez and Johnson easily had the best shooting stats and then Williams close behind.  High % owned Swansea players Dyer and Routledge  were hopeless.  Michu did just about enough to justify keeping faith with him.  Suarez led pen box touches by miles followed by Johnson.  Gerrard, Pablo and Ki led the chances created.

Southampton 2 Newcastle 0

Back to back wins and a clean sheet.  What next for Saints?  This was no defensive fluke.  The stats were very good.  Newcastles defensive stats were poor as usual.  Ramirez, Ba, Lallana and Puncheon led the shooting stats.   Ba’s stats were good enough to keep faith although they have a testing game away to Stoke next.  Lambert had a very quiet game for Saints.  The same 4 led the pen box touches.  Puncheon led the chances created column.

Spurs 3  West Ham 1

Cant believe my Caulker clean sheet was lost in the 85th minute!  Reasonable defensive stats from Spurs, poor from West Ham.  Goal scorers Defoe and Bale led the shooting stats.  Fantasy premier league favourite Nolan had very poor stats. Defoe and Carroll had the best pen box touches.  Bale, Dempsey and Walker led the chances created column.

Chelsea 0 Man City 0

I hate to say I told you so about the City defence but it was an outstanding statistical performance from the team.  Shame I’ve now not gone anyone in it in my fantasy premier league team although I do in every other format.  Chelsea despite the clean sheet only had ok stats.  Weirdly only Nastasic had anything like ok shooting stats.  Dzeko, Aguero, Nastasic and Silva had the most pen box touches.  Tevez was only a sub but fantasy premier league big hitters Mata, Hazard, Aguero and Silva all did nothing.  Dzeko was the only one who did anything in the chances created column.


5 thoughts on “fantasy premier league game week 13 – Sunday – match analysis

  1. hi as expected ur analysis works for me i played fonte and ivanovic as u told in both i got clean sheet. i need ur help again various questions :
    1st in defence should i play rafael ? i have fonte , cuellar, santon and ivanovic.
    2ndly about demba ba? no ben arfa and cabaye should i bench him and play all my mid which i have michu , mata ,sterling,puncheon,fellani ? and in attack as i hav suarej and rvp.

    • hi Aarnav,

      here’s my view

      I would play Rafael instead of Santon. I think he will play although everyone is a game time risk at Man U.

      i would either bench ba or sterling. if i had the choice it would be sterling. he’s been inconsistent in his returns and ba is someone who can score against anyone although its true no ba or cabaye isnt helpful

      hope that helps and good luck

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