fantasy premier league GW1 tips – Jordan Sadler shows his GW1 team


Here’s another FFGeek contributor Jordan Sadler (no relation to Jason) with his fantasy premier league GW1 tips article and talks through his GW1 team

fantasy premier league GW1 tips – Jordan Sadler shows his GW1 team

So after a few weeks of tinkering and 5-6 drafts I’ve finally come up with a team I’m happy with. Something to be aware of is that I’m planning on using my wildcard after gameweek 4 so this team is basically a 4 week free hit. I decided to go with a 3-5-2 which could potentially switch to a 4-4-2 if a midfielder has a particularly terrible fixture.


After some thought I decided to go with a premium GK and a £4.0m. The three in consideration were Alisson, Ederson and De Gea. I decided to go with Alisson (£5.5m) because of Ederson missing the Community Shield and De Gea being more expensive. I went with Stekelenburg (£4.0m) purely because Pickford may not play GW1 but this pick was pretty irrelevant.


My aim was to have Man City, Man United and Liverpool cover as I feel Liverpool and City have the best clean sheet prospects and with De Gea’s ownership I felt I should cover United as well. Alisson is my Liverpool cover so I decided to go with Mendy (£6.0m) as City cover due to his attacking prospects and Shaw (£5.0m) as United cover. Shaw should play the first few gameweeks as Mourinho doesn’t have many other options at the moment due to injury.

With Luiz (£5.5m) playing in the Community Shield and Sarri stating he will be an important player this season I felt at his price he was a good pick. As cover for Shaw just in case he doesn’t play I went with Lowton (£5.0m) due to Burnley’s good fixtures, Burnley’s excellent defensive record last season and his attacking prospects in preseason.

Finally to finish off I went with Wan-Bissaka (£4.0m) who seems to have claimed the RB position for himself just like I hoped when talking about him in my budget players article.


Of course at 52% ownership I got Salah (£13.0m), it would not surprise me one bit to see him break his record again this season with how good Liverpool are looking.

I decided to go with Mane (£9.5m) as well as he seems to be on penalties preseason and Liverpool’s offence is well worth the double investment in my opinion.

After Pep’s comments yesterday about B Silva (£7.5m) he went straight into my team for obvious reasons. He’s great value for a City player and he’s looked extremely sharp in preseason posting 2 goals and 2 assists. Finally, joining those three are Richarlison (£6.5m) and Jota (£6.5m).

Everton have excellent early fixtures and (£6.5m) Richarlison was excellent under Silva last season so I’m hoping he can replicate his form. I expect Wolves to be pushing for a top 10 place this season looking at their squad and Jota will be a key player for them so alongside his 17 goals 5 assists last season it was a very easy pick for his price.


I’ve had Aguero (£11.0m) since my first draft and his performance in the Community Shield only solidified that. He may end up being transferred out for Aubameyang after my wildcard due to him sharing minutes with Jesus but I expect him to play most minutes in the first few games, well I hope at least.

I’ve really struggled to make my mind up with my second forward: I initially had Zaha, then I changed it to Tosun, then I changed it to Wood and I thought I had it sorted but then he got injured and is a now doubt for GW1… so finally I settled on King (£6.5m). King has been in great form in preseason with 4 goals and 1 assist and Bournemouth have a decent first 3 fixtures so he seems to be the best choice.

Finally and most unimportantly I picked Maddine (£4.5m) as a non-playing 3rd sub. Went with Maddine over Kamara just for value protection in case Kamara gets mass sold when he likely doesn’t start.

Here’s how the team looks:

fantasy premier league GW1 TIPS

This should be my final team, I wouldn’t expect it to change much now before Friday unless an injury occurs or there is new information regarding a player. I’m feeling quite confident with this team, it covers everything I wanted and has excellent fixtures for the next few weeks. I started the season very slowly last year, so hopefully this year I can start high and stay high. Hope this article helped make up some minds and good luck for gameweek 1.

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  2. Hi Ben. The issue with Wilson for me is that he went 11 weeks without a goal last season, finally scoring in the last game of the season. He’s also not been particularly great in preseason neither. I prefer King because we saw what he could do when in form in 2016/17 and he’s been in great form pre season with 4 goals 1 assist. However, Wilson is certainly not a bad pick for £6.0m if that’s all you can spare I just think if you can find the extra £0.5m then upgrade to King. It’s all personal preference at the end of the day. Good luck!

  3. Thanks Jordan I’ve got the extra money and will hastily take your advice. Watch Wilson get a hatrick 🙂

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