fantasy premier league GW16 tips – analysing the teams of 10 top FPL managers


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW16 tips article where we analyse the teams of 10 top FPL managers. These 10 managers have not finished outside the overall rank of the top 10k in the last 3 seasons. Considering how variable the last 3 years have been this is remarkable consistency and shows an ability to adapt strategy in different seasons. It also gives you a view other than my own on strategy and player selection.

fantasy premier league GW16 tips – analysing the teams of 10 top FPL managers

If the article is too long there’s a template team for the top 10 FPL managers analysed towards the end of the article


This season we welcome back 4 of last seasons managers who were the subject of our article. We add to that a new 6 managers. Stats of these managers are unbelievable and every bit as impressive as last season

1. The overall average finishing overall rank of the top 10 managers in the last 3 seasons is 2,963

2. The top 10 FPL managers have not been out of the top 10k in the last 3 seasons (ie 30 times playing)

3. All 10 have finished in the top 1,000 in the last 3 seasons


A mixed week for the top 10 FPL managers. Only 5/10 had green arrows.

The average score of the managers in GW15 was 49 compared to the game average of 44. That’s 1 point and 11% above the game average score. High score of the 10 was 72. The low score was 37. A very high spread of 35 for a low scoring gameweek.

The average overall rank of the top 10 FPL managers saw an improvement to 331k compared to 341k in the last gameweek. An average rank improvement of 10k. The best overall rank is 39k and the lowest 692k.

The average points are 816.

The average value stayed level at £103.0m

If you’re interested my score was ok at 53  and resulted in a 22k green arrow from 142k overall rank to 120k . I had a higher score than 6 of the managers. I’m ahead in OR terms at the moment of 9/10 of the managers. My team value is level at £103.0m. My total points is 839 pts. You can see my early thoughts on the FFGeek team article for GW16


Elliot is in 10/10 FPL managers teams

Daniels is in 6/10 FPL managers teams

Moreno, Ward and Mee are in 5/10 FPL managers teams

Alonso is in 4/10 FPL teams

Christensen, Pope, Fabianski, Foster, Naughton and Dunk are in 3/10 FPL managers teams


Burnley GK/Defs are represented 13 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Newcastle are represented 12 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Chelsea are represented 8 times in the 10 managers teams.

Liverpool, Swansea and Bournemouth GK/Defs are represented 6 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

Brighton GK/Defs are represented 5 times in the 10 FPL managers teams

C Palace,Watford and WBA GK/Defs are represented 3 times in the 10 FPL managers teams


Salah is in 9/10 FPL managers teams

Richarlison is in 8/10 FPL managers teams

Hazard is in 6/10 FPL managers teams

Loftus Cheek is in 5/10 FPL managers teams

Sane and Sterling are in 4/10 FPL managers teams

D Silva, T Carroll and Gross are in 3/10 FPL managers teams

Choupo Moting and Pogba are in 2/10 FPL managers teams


Kane is in 10/10 FPL managers teams

Morata is in 7/10 FPL managers teams

Niasse is in 4/10 FPL managers teams

Calvert Lewin and Jesus are in 2/10 FPL managers teams


Kane was the captain in 4/10 of the FPL managers teams

Hazard was the captain in 3/10 FPL managers teams

Sane, Salah and Aguero was the captain in 1/10 FPL managers teams


 Not done this week


10/10 have now played their 1st wildcard.

None of the 10 have played their bench boost

0/10 have played their triple captain chip.

0/10 have played their free hit chip

In this round 1 managers took an 8 points deduction for additional transfers.

6/10 of the managers made a transfer.

Transfers in

Moreno was transferred in 3 times

No one else was transferred in more than once

Transfers out

Dann and Jones were transferred out twice

No one was transferred out more than once


I won’t update this every week


The celebrity manager we followed last season finished around the 20k mark so he’s not in the group this season. This season were going to focus on the manager each week who had the highest finish last season with an amazing overall rank of 15 believe it or not.

 fanatsy premier league GW16 tips

An ok score of 50 for this manager. He was the 6th highest scorer of the 10 and his rank is 217k. A improvement of rank of 14k from last weeks OR of 231k. His points total is 824. He’s the 3rd ranked of the 10 FPL managers. Amazingly he doesn’t own Salah.


 His score was 72

fantasy premier league GW16 tips


fantasy premier league GW15

His score was 37.

fanatsy premier league GW16 tips

This  is a good example of small differences in a team can make a huge score difference

6 of the 11 players were the same including 4 of the 7 attacking players

As I mention above, I’ve often said that differences in scores in a gameweek come down to 1 of more of the following 3 things normally:

Defence – 3 points difference but to the lower scoring team

Captain – 13 points additional difference

A few attackers – 3 attacking players of Hazard, Silva and Morata made a 22 point difference


Lets look at the differences in the 2

Player % top 10k % top 10 managers
de Gea 44 n/a
Courtois 14 n/a
Fabianski 8 30
Pope 8 30
Elliot n/a 100
Azpilicueta 33 10
Daniels 24 60
Kolasinac 22 n/a
Otamendi 22 20
Ward 30 50
Mee 29 50
Alonso 17 40
Dunk n/a 30
Moreno n/a 50
Christensen n/a 30
Naughton n/a 30
Salah 95 90
Sterling 42 40
Richarlison 31 80
De Bruyne 28 n/a
Gross 36 30
Sane 26 40
Hazard 20 60
Silva D n/a 30
Loftus Cheek 11 30
T Carroll 10 30
Kane 53 100
Morata 51 70
Aguero 20 10
Lukaku 19 10
Jesus 17 20
Vardy 16 n/a
Firmino 12 n/a

The top 10 managers favour more than the top 10k (using more than 30% as a significant difference)

Elliot, Richarlison, Kane, Daniels, Hazard, and Moreno

The top 10k favour more than the FPL managers (using more than 30% as a significant difference):

De Gea

The top 10k average score was 48 and the 10 FPL managers average score was 49.

All this information is from the excellent site FPL discovery


Here I’ve tried to replicate a typical structure and players just outside my budget at £103.6m.

fantasy premier league GW16 TIPS


 I’ve decided to discontinue this part

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14 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW16 tips – analysing the teams of 10 top FPL managers

  1. Really hoping I can push up the ranks my team isn’t far off the combined top 10 fpl managers team. This is my team:

    Pope, Speroni
    Azpi, Mustafi, Daniels, Moreno, Tarkowski
    Hazard, Salah, Coutinho, Richarlison, Loftus-Cheek
    Kane, Morata, Niasse

    My team value is 104.8 and I’m 664k currently, like 80 points off the leaders of my cash mini league. I’ve caught the leader by 40 points over the last 5 game weeks but I just keeping making the wrong captain picks. Apparently I’d be 110 points better off if I’d picked my vice captain each week over my captain… aka the difference between 664k and top 10k, it’s genuinely incredible. Not a fan of captaincy as it feels very luck based.

    Can I please get some peoples opinions on these proposed transfers over the next few weeks:
    GW17: Daniels to Kenny
    GW18: Possibly Niasse to Calvert
    GW19: Tarkowski to Kiko

    I will keep an eye on Mustafi’s fitness and may contemplate if I can afford to, moving to Otamendi. Thank you for your help guys, I really do appreciate it and thank you geek for all your great tips and articles.

    • The fact that you don’t have any kind of Man City cover is worrying. You have a fantastic TV, so I’d recommend getting Sterling or Sane for Richarlison if you can spare the cash. You can have Watford representation with Kiko in the subsequent gameweeks.

      • Had Sane for the last 7 weeks, but just got a bit sick of his dreadful returns and underlying stats. Went Sane to Coutinho as Man City just aren’t look any where near as dominant as they did originally. Will likely bring him back in once they start being so dominant again.

  2. Non-starters in my team:
    Elliott, Krul, Jones, Gomez, Niasse.

    1.6 ITB, 1FT left. Sorting out the GK issue is a priority, but that still leaves me with 3 non-starters which is too risky for my comfort. I’m willing to take a 4pt hit but not sure whom to target among Jones, Gomez and Niasse with effectively 1m in the bank. Jones is falling in price, but FPL says he’s recovering, and when fit, he’s a formidable asset in the United squad. This is what has led me into such a quandary.

    • Gomez was ill this weekend, came down with a bug on friday. I’d keep and see if he makes the bench for the Moscow game or what klopp says. I’m holding Jones for now, again going to see what happens mid week.

  3. My current team

    Fabianski (Elliot)
    Alonso, Kolasinac, Daniels (Ward, Zeegelaar);
    Hazard, Salah, Richarlison, Zaha, Gross;
    Morata, Kane (Niasse)

    any suggestionss???

  4. My team
    elliot , lossl
    christensen,mustafi,otamendi,davies, gomez
    sanchez,coutinho,gross,surman, cork
    aguero,kane, quarner
    2 transfer and 0.2 in bank…
    Any advice

  5. Corurtois, Elliot
    Gomez, Davies, Naughton. Mbemba, Hunemeier
    Richalison, sane, Salah, Sterlin, Hazard
    Jesus, Firmino, Calver-Lewin

    Team Value 100.9
    in the bank 1.4
    No transfers
    Any Advices?? Just shipped out Kane and Hogg after gw 15

    • Aguero or morata in place of jesus… I think jesus will start in champions league and aguero in premier league… Midweek champions league can give u hint of guardiola’s ratation
      ozil in place of sane or sterling… As city will face united and spurs in next 3 gameweeks…
      If u r willing to take hits…

    • I would drop all City assets myself, don’t like how they have been playing, as they aren’t putting teams away any longer. Jesus seems to be a part time play, at 10+ I can’t afford to have that when I know I can get Morata, who usually plays all 90 minutes and has great fixtures through GW27. In the midfield, I would look at Ramsey for Sterling, has he’s been returning some good attacking numbers.

    • Not sure I would take a -4 to bring Doucoure in. He’s quite active in the middle of the field, lots of dribbles, but only has 18 shots on goal. Sure 5 goals, which matches Richarlison, but I couldn’t see taking a hit for him.

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