fantasy premier league GW4 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW4 captain poll for you to say who will be your captain this week. There are also the polls for who you are planning on transferring in and also for who you are transferring out in the gameweek.

fantasy premier league GW4 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll

There’s 3 polls. These are the normal captain and the transfer in and out polls return. Again just to remind you there is a rolling over and chips use part of the transfer poll.

Unfortunately on all 3 polls there’s only 1 vote. That makes sense on the Captain Poll. On the transfer polls I would have liked to have 2 but there’s no obvious way of allowing it so sorry it’s 1 vote only.

Add any comments below on your reasoning. You may want to read the the top 10 FPL managers I follow article to see who they captained last week or my early thoughts on the FFGeek team where I talk about my captain plans

The fixtures

fantasy premier league GW4 captain poll

The anytime goal scorer odds

These were as of Wednesday

These may help you make a decision. Remember though that they assume the player starts and don’t count any assist potential. The odds are the return for £1 invested.

£1.40 – Aguero

£1.67 – Kane

£1.73 – Salah

£1.80 – Sterling

£1.83 – Aubameyang, Morata

£1.91 – Hazard

£2.10 – Tosun

£2.20 – Pedro

£2.25 – Lukaku

£2.30 – Murray

£2.37 – Bernardo Silva

£2.40 – Arnautovic

£2.45 – Mitrovic

£2.50 – Firmino, David Silva

The Polls

I had some issues with the polls taking a while to load last week. Apologies if this is still the case but please be patient. Thanks

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6 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW4 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll”

    • It’s a game where you can buy and sell players every week and their price is changing, so simply if I bought Richa for 6.5 I’m selling him now for 6.6, got Wolcott instead for 6.5(now worth it 6.7).After 2 GW I will sell Wolcott for 6.6 and buy Richa for 6.5 or less again. That will give me extra 0.2 ITB and full strength teem for upcoming weeks rather then 6.5 player frozen on the bench for 2GW.

  1. What Adrian said but I’m bringing in Pereyra, Watford seem to have massively in form player every season (Ighalo, Capoue) looking likely to be Pereyra this season and I’m getting on early

  2. Regarding the Richarlison debacle.. I missed the Walcott boat and was thus short .1m for a direct swap. So I have chosen to go with Pedro as the best option with the best fixture I can afford. I am likely to WC after the international break so this game week was all I was looking to fill.

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