fantasy premier league season review – plus congratulations and thanks


Here’s my fantasy premier league season review article. There’s a quick review of  GW38+ and then my thoughts about my teams season.  There’s also a few congratulations as well as some thanks and a short word on next season.

fantasy premier league season review – plus congratulations and thanks

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Firstly if you’re new to the site my last 3 seasons (prior to 19/20) overall ranks are 36k, 17k and 21k.

It was a pretty full on weekend doing articles and nothing else pretty much so apologies for the silence on the last couple of days.  I just needed some rest

GW38+ Review and final overall rank

GW3+  points: 60 -4 = 56 (FPL average 60) Total points 2,340, Overall Rank: 17k, Team Value: £103.0

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league season review

So a final rank of 17k which I’m definitely happy with.  It makes a pretty consistent run to add to 3 seasons prior to 19/20 of overall ranks of 36k, 17k and 21k.

The last gameweek was an unmitigated disaster though.  I got up in NZ for the gameweek deadline at 1.30am and the leaked team news.  However my brain couldn’t react to the Man City and Liverpool team sheet quick enough in the few minutes they appeared before the deadline.  What was blindingly obvious in retrospect was to transfer Sterling in for Salah and leave Fernandes in place and upgrade Foden to make the 3 City spots but my brain just couldn’t take it all in and I ended up doing the transfers as I intended to before the team news.

So I was down a minimum 11 points from transferring out Fernandes.  However I can’t complain.  I think the deadlines should be moved earlier to avoid these early team sheet leaks.  It’s not particularly fair on everyone but if I’m honest if it’s there I’m going to try and take advantage of it

If you read my GW38+ team selection article you will see that I moaned about not having a free hit chip which actually worked out lucky as I could very well have ditched De Bruyne which would have made everything worse.  So that was a bullet dodged that’s for sure.

However I’m definitely not moaning about the final rank of 17k.  I’ve had more than my share of things go right this season so it’s a case of taking the rough with the smooth.

FFGeek team season review

Firstly it’s worth remembering that there are many ways to play FPL.  I play a certain way and I’ll describe how I do it here but it’s not meant to be preachy and these are not even tips or secrets or tricks or such like they are just my way of playing.  Costas Chari for example plays totally differently to me and ended up with the same rank.

So firstly here’s my season history:

fantasy premier league season review

fantasy premier league season review

So generally I stick to the core of my team being what I call a template and then try and find other players with good underlying stats and fixtures to fill in the rest of the team.  Captains are generally the poll favourites. I use the chips generally in a pretty traditional way as well.  The idea for me is to minimise rank drops and rely on the few extremely good gameweeks which I think will invariably come if you’re patient. I doubt my way of playing will get me into the top 1k but I hope it will continue giving consistent top 1% scores as I have done the last 4 seasons now.  If you buy our  new EBook you can see my way of playing in far more detail as well as 10 other contributors.

So for me a good week is a gameweek rank under 1 million but the real weeks which move you up are under 500k.

I had 6 gameweeks between 500k and 1 million which are nice steady type of rank movers and 7 between 100-500k and 1 under 100k.  Those 8 are the ones that really move your rank up and those under 500k pretty much halved my rank each time they came.  Luckily I only know how to play 1 way so I’m never tempted to change it which makes it easier to be patient when things are going wrong.

That certainly was the case after the first 10 gameweeks where I was 1.273 million overall rank after 3 consecutive gameweek ranks of around 4 million.  At that point I had only had 1 sub 500k gameweek.  However I had 7 in the last 28 gameweeks which completely changed my score doing nothing different than my usual way of playing.  It’s those 50/50 decisions gameweek to gameweek  that will kill you or save you. I think you’ve got to have faith that eventually the 50/50’s will go your way.

Costas was more of a roller coaster ride.  He had more 4 million plus gameweeks but he also had more gameweeks under 500k.  He even had 2 under 10k of which I had none.

Some congratulations

Firstly congratulations to Andres Rodriguez who won the fantasy football geek league by 29 points and finished an amazing 24th overall.  Funnily enough Andres was an early visitor to the site and here’s an early “meet the FFGeeks” article with him.  A fantastic achievement and many congratulations

Secondly congratulations to another Spaniard, also a Madrista, in Sergio Torija who won the FFGeek Contributors League after a fantastic final day 3 way battle between him, Yaniv and Ben.  Sergio’s last 4 seasons history including 19/20 is now,  2k,  596k, 17k and 21k.  A remarkable turnaround after the disappointment of last season.  Sergio will be on our Patreon Podcast this week to tell us how he turned this season around after last season’s disappointment.

Thirdly is a congratulations to Yaniv Salomon who finished with an overall rank of 3k added to his last 2 seasons of 4k last season and 8k in 17/18.  That’s an incredible 3 seasons inside the top 10k and he will now be the first manager in our 10 top FPL managers series.

Lastly congratulations to 12 of the FFGeek Contributors who finished in the top 1% of teams.  A remarkable achievement by all and hopefully it will show how useful their articles will be for you next season.  You can see their favourite players in an FPL tracker team that finished at 52k overall rank this season on the FFGeek Patreon site 

A few words of thanks

Firstly thanks to everyone who comes on the site.  The support you give is phenomenal and I will never take it for granted.

Thanks to everyone who supports the site on the Patreon subscription side.  Contrary to what you may believe the site hasn’t made me rich and I don’t own homes in the South of France or the Carribean.  I have rent to pay and food to buy like everyone else and the support from those on the free and the subscription site I’m so grateful for.  Google isn’t worth $632 billion because they throw money at me left right and centre so the additional income from the subscription side, especially after the financial implications of Covid,  is vital to the future of the site.  If you’re going to sign up wait until 1 August as the payments are per calendar month.

Thanks to the FFGeek Contributors who add so much to the site.  It’s a great practical supplement to me throwing loads of stats at you.  Thanks especially to Joe who does the transfer planner and points projection tool plus runs a team from it that finished with an overall rank of 32k on the Patreon side.

A couple of other things

I am currently in NZ but looking like I’ll be back in England in the next few weeks so look forward to UK timing of articles coming out.

I’ve also had some feedback on the level of adverts and again they are the main source of income for me.  I am thinking of putting all the articles on the Patreon site in ADDITION (before people give me abuse) to the free site you’re reading now. So if you are a regular reader and would rather pay a few dollars per month to have an advert free experience you can do.  That will be closer to next season. Feedback on this idea would be appreciated.

I will keep putting articles on the site although not in the usual volume.  Things will ramp up when the FPL site opens for the new season.  I also hope to do more on youtube.  Thanks again and enjoy the off season.

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18 thoughts on “fantasy premier league season review – plus congratulations and thanks”

  1. Firstly, thank you very much for your articles throughout the season. They certainly helped me alot. I have signed up for patreon membership as a result and do not regret even a tiny bit, jus can’t wait for next season to begin.

    However, I would like to suggest to make certain content members exclusive only, such as contributors team articles and ff geek team article. I. Feel there should be more stuff exclusive to members onky and at present, it is just the podcast, contributors tracker team and Joe’s transfer planner. Some articles should be made exclusive too.

    • That’s not very public spirited of you Sun! They need to drive traffic on this site to get future Patreon members and it’s those articles that do it.

      • I have to agree with Sun. The free content is brilliant and more than enough for most people to consume. If I was paying, I’d want more exclusive content, or on the other hand, if there was more exclusive content (such as some of the currently free stuff), I’d be more tempted to pay.

  2. This is my first full season after discovering FFGeek.

    Thanks to Geek and to all the other contributors for giving us an insight on your decision making process and different styles of play. I’m definitely getting a subscription for the coming season. Work this detailed and of this quality deserves support.

    TAA on the bench against Leicester was the highlight of my campaign. I’ve never wished harder for something like I wished that I was a contortionist just so I could kick myself where the sun don’t shine. Got me a dislocateded foot trying nevertheless.

  3. Cheers Geek man. I always read your articles as they are interesting, informative and helpful. All the best from downunder (I live in Auckland, New Zealand)!

  4. Thanks for the content all year Geek!

    This was my first year discovering the site and I’ve found the content from you and the contributors both interesting and useful – helping me to my highest OR yet!

    Hope you have a good break before things kick off again.

  5. Thanks for all the hard work, Geek, really appreciated. Also a gentle reminder of the Ultimate Losers League – I was doing so well / badly, but the winner / loser had an amazing season! It was amusing to follow – same again next season?

  6. Awesome work as always! Putting all the articles on the Patreon site so we can get an ad-free experience makes a lot of sense to me.

  7. Thanks Geek and all the contributors for all the great information and inspiration you guys have freely given throughout the past season. I am certain that this has contributed to my best overall finish (9,903) in 10 years of playing, and I will be paying serious consideration to joining the Patreon site, but times is hard, sadly.
    Good luck to all for the comming Season!

  8. Thank you Geek, awesome content as always!
    Also in Auckland, New Zealand up at 1.30am for the deadline clearly not thinking straight decided to free hit out De Bruyne and Fernandes. Still top 1% but should have been so much better, lesson learnt and looking forward to next season!

  9. Top articles again geek, thanks v much. Particularly like your definitions of template/diff maker/bench etc.

    Apologies but I’m only gonna be using free site as loads of good free content out there. What you choose to make exclusive to your subscriber’s is obv up to you but if there is sufficient free stuff next season I’ll be back here looking at it and if it’s all subscription only thanks for all the help as I’m now a less shit manager than before (tho still long way off your league).

  10. Thanks again geek, site was even better this year. You had a good season too. I do find the adverts very annoying, especially the way they jump to try and make you hit them. But I understand the income is necessary for the site to function


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