fantasy premier league team selection GW38 – the FFGeek team for GW38+


Here’s my fantasy premier league team selection GW38 article. As is normal, I review GW37+, share my transfer thoughts, captain choice and the lineup dilemmas.

fantasy premier league team selection GW38 – the FFGeek team for GW38+

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Firstly if you’re new to the site my last 3 seasons overall ranks are 36k, 17k and 21k.

GW37+ Review

GW37+  points: 68 (FPL average 53) Total points 2,284 Gameweek rank 1,212k, Overall Rank: 12k, no rank movement, Team Value: £103.3m

I have no more chips left

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league team selection GW38

So I keep my 12k overall rank in a good week with a pretty eye opening 9 players returning a goal or assist although only the 1 double figure return from Alexander Arnold.

The gameweek rank of 1.2m is a reasonably good one and a neutral arrow staying at 12k was ok.

Transfer thoughts and lack of Free Hit

1 free transfer and £0.1m in the bank.

The free hit decision look back

Those of you who follow my team regularly will know that I used my Free Hit in GW36+.  The idea at the time was that City were playing Bournemouth, Chelsea v Norwich, Spurs v Newcastle and Man Utd v Palace.  These were all good fixtures and I hoped that there was a Saturday and Tuesday game that the City lineup might me reasonably predictable based on who played on Saturday.  We the Free Hit wasn’t a disaster by any means and it was only not a success as I chose the wrong captain in Sterling who came off the bench for a 1 pointer.

Part of the reason for not doing it in GW38 was that I didn’t think the fixtures were as good and I didn’t think with the weeks break that Pepes team sheet would be predictable at all.

However you’ll see from my Man City lineup article that there does seem some to be some players who should play subject to the normal Pep randomness and there also seems to be a possibility of leaked team news minutes before the deadline through someone called FPL scarface.  Take that advice at your own risk btw.

So consequently I now feel pretty disadvantaged and definitely having buyers regret. However it is what it is so no point moaning.

Btw the FFGeek Patreon site among other things that you can see above has an Imaginary GW38 Free Hit team in it that I have done as part of the recent Podcast

Transfer thoughts

Unfortunately this is not going to be that straight forward.  Essentially I am not going to make a transfer now but will make a transfer based on the leaked team news if it comes out before the game.

I will do everything to post it here and on the FFGeek twitter and the FFGeek facebook site but that really depends on time available so I can’t guarantee it.

Overall transfer strategy

My priority is getting what appears to be a pretty unanimous Captain favourite into the team in Raheem Sterling assuming he starts.  What I ever I do it will involve a 4 point deduction.  Not the optimum use of a 4 point hit but unfortunately the guy has potential to do huge rank damage against Norwich so it’s just something I will have to take.  I already have 3 City players and my preference to do it would be to take out Foden.  If Sterling doesn’t start then I won’t get him in.  I know you’ll think that’s a statement of the totally obvious but this is an injury ravaged, already relegated Norwich so any score is possible even from the bench.  However taking a 4 point hit for someone who’s not starting is a step too far for me.

So here are the permutations from the early leaked news:

No leaked news or no Jesus or no Foden or all my City players start and Sterling starts 

Bruno Fernandes OUT Sterling IN.  Jesus OUT £6.2m Chris Wood in (I will have £6.7m to use).  minus 4 points

De Bruyne, Foden and Jesus start but Sterling doesn’t 

Soyuncu OUT.  £4.3m Pieters IN (had £5.0m to use)

No De Bruyne but Sterling starts 

De Bruyne OUT Sterling IN.  Calvert Lewin OUT £4.2m Connolly IN (I would have £4.3m to use)

No Foden and no Sterling 

Foden OUT David Silva IN  Fernandes OUT £6.4m Jarrod Bowen in (I would have £6.7m to use)


Foden OUT David Silva IN  Fernandes OUT £5.2m Armstrong in (I would have £5.6m to use)

No De Bruyne No Foden No Sterling No Jesus

Firstly cry.

De Bruyne, Foden, and Jesus OUT.  D Silva, Mahrez, and £7.6m Ings in (£9.2m to play with)

I could go on forever but hopefully that gives you some ideas


No difficulty there on the current lineup.  When I change the team I might be different.


I will be captaining Sterling if I transfer him in based on the Captain Poll at the moment although I have yet to do the Captain Analysis article.

Here’s the team prior to any transfers

Pretend that Fernandes is Sterling:

fantasy premier league team selection GW38

Good luck for the final gameweek

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  1. So with no team news you’re leaving Foden in?

    You and I have the exact same midfield and forwards. I am deliberating between the two options below:
    KDB and Fernandes OUT – Sterling and Antonio IN (i.e Sterling, Foden, Antonio)
    Foden and Fernandes OUT – DSilva and Trezequet IN (i.e KDB, DSilva, Trezequet)

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