fantasy premier league team tips – here’s 6K OR finisher in 17/18 Jason Sadler with his current draft team


Here’s our fantasy premier league team tips article with another additional FFGeek contributor Jason Sadler’s team.  Jason finished with an overall rank of 6k last season and is not to be confused with that other FFGeek contributor, the similarly named Jordan Sadler!

fantasy premier league team tips – here’s 6K OR finisher in 17/18 Jason Sadler with his current draft team

First of all I am so pleased to be a part of the Geek’s website this year! The managers on here spend a huge amount of time researching and I also have a great passion for football and the exciting hobby that is FPL management.

My team this year has already changed 15 times over the Summer with the number of quality cheap players on the game but I feel pretty good about this team! FPL clearly want to keep things interesting this year and I think it’s going to be wide open, so keep your finger on the pulse! Having read the geeks website for the last 3 years I have taken advice from various managers and just added my own twists based on my own opinion and rolling the dice.

The defence and goalkeeper

This year I have decided to focus on my defence as they offer great value. Especially the attacking full backs. My theory is, if you could get a striker who scores 6+ points week in week out for 5.5 then he would be in everyone’s team! Therefore Van Aanholt was on my radar for a long time as he can keep clean sheets and also assist or score. I had to cut him out in the end to make room for the Liverpool deadly duo, Mane and Salah. Mane may even have pens this year as seen in pre-season so the rewards could be huge! Schlupp is a worthy replacement as he is likely to start left wing for Palace. Wan-Bissaka is my bench warmer but from what I’ve read, he could turn out to be the best 4 mil defender that we’ve seen in years.

My defence of Robertson, Mendy, Schlupp and Davies are about as attacking as they come. Shaw was in originally but with Moaninho’s defensive approach and possible rotation with Young, I decided not to risk him.

I wanted Alisson in goal of Liverpool however due to having 3 Liverpool players I went with Ederson. Both Liverpool and City will dominate the ball this season so chances for other teams will be few and far between.

Patricio is my backup and looks a solid Wolves purchase.  They will probably look to grind out clean sheets this season as a newly promoted side.

The Midfield

A solid three mids of Salah, Mane and Moura (could have been Pedro) both looking good in pre-season in the absence of Son and Hazard. Richarlison was in my team until this week but I feel that Everton are a bit of a mess at the minute and he did prove to be quite inconsistent last year for Watford towards the end of the season. Silva seems to want to play attacking Fifa football and therefore does not care if he concedes 2 or 3 goals. This is surprising, when he did so well with a depleted Hull squad. Instead I had enough funds for Jorginho who has superb passing ability. Hopefully he can slip through a few balls for the likes of Pedro and Hazard if he stays. Morata I’m not convinced by!

Stephens is a solid 2 pointer if injuries/rotation takes a nasty turn but I never really worry about my bench in the initial few weeks as I’m likely to play my wildcard when the big hitters return properly after the World cup rest.

The forwards

Aguero speaks for himself as we saw in the Community shield (to my sadness as a Chelsea fan). He will be rotated or share goals with Jesus, however I feel he is the most likely expensive striker to start. Kane and Firminho may come in later. Zaha is always going to be knocking about in the 18 yard box, sniffing out goals and winning pens for his team. The third is a bit of a wildcard with Josh King, looking like the main striker preseason and he can score for fun when in form. 6.5 mil strikers are in abundance this year. Chris Wood looked good but may be injured and rotated now Burnley have qualified for the Europa.

I have an extensive watch list and many Wolves players are on it. Including Jota and Jiminez.

That’s it! Hopefully that will give you a different view and a few ideas or confirmation of what you already knew. I know that I always seek others views in order to confirm my own thoughts!

Here’s the team set up for GW1 although it could easily change!

fantasy premier league team tips

Good luck to everyone! This is going to be a very interesting season!

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4 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team tips – here’s 6K OR finisher in 17/18 Jason Sadler with his current draft team”

  1. Current GW1 team is:
    Patricio // Speroni
    Robertson, Mendy, Bailly, Wan-Bissaka // Daniels or Cedric
    Salah, Mane, Sane, Jota // Stephens
    Aguero, Zaha // KAmara
    thoughts on this lineup?

  2. Looks good as a core group of players. The only Players I would have reservations about are Daniels and speroni.

    I would stick with Cedric like you’ve suggested and then a 4.5 goalkeeper such as foster or Ryan.

    Kamara probably won’t play but useful bench fodder so might be a back up 1 pointer when you’re desperate.

    Good luck!

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