fantasy premier league teams GW36 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW36 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW36. We look back at double gameweek 35 and give our thoughts on the gameweek ahead.

fantasy premier league teams GW36 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 35

GW35 points: 138 on BB (average 67) Total points 2,109, Gameweek rank 1k, Overall Rank: 51k, green arrow 84k, Team Value: £102.5m

GW35 points:

 fantasy premier league teams GW36

That certainly went better than expected.  I don’t think I’ve ever had anything like a 1k gameweek rank that’s for sure.  A green arrow of 84k to an overall rank of 51k was certainly a pleasant surprise.  Interestingly it was the defence/GKs that was the main source of points with 72 points coming from that.

Transfer thoughts

1 transfer and £0.1m in the bank.

So this week has always been the week when I get back Mane or less likely Salah for the Huddersfield match.  In terms of which it may depend on the GW36 captain poll results.  There’s also a story going around which Andrew W helpfully put in the comments section about Salah in New York coming back a day or 2 before the Huddersfield match which maybe a sign he could be rested or it maybe just nothing?

The easy no hit way of doing it and my original plan was to take out Sterling but I’ve suddenly become a bit reluctant to do that given that City will likely need to win every match to get the title.  1 assist over the 2 games isn’t fantastic though but he is able to score big points.

Aguero could also be an option with a -4.  His form according to my previous gameweek form charts had dropped off but again another dangerous player going for the title.

With West Ham next I’m reluctant to take out the Spurs boys which would have to be done in conjunction with someone else.  That could be Jimenez or Jota but unless I take out Sterling it will be a -4.  The -4 doesn’t particularly worry me.  It is a special circumstance after a double gameweek and also it is likely to be a rank defensive move for a popular captain.

Needs more thought unfortunately and I can see it being a last minute decision.

Chip thoughts

This had always been my triple captain chip option gameweek and assuming I get Mane or less likely Salah then if I get a warm feeling that they will start I will probably use it.  If not it will probably be Man City at home to Leicester in GW37.  I think there will be less gametime risk for either Sterling or Aguero there.

So alot to ponder

Captain thoughts

Assuming I get in Mane or Salah they will be the captain pick I would expect.

Lineup issues

Preparing a wildcard for the bench boost mean that the lineup decisions are going to be tricky each week going forward.  Thankfully there’s only 3 gameweeks left.

At the moment I’ve gone for a 4 man defence with Jota on the bench which seems an accident waiting to happen.  It could be that I bench Doherty instead but I’m always reluctant to given he is a 15 pointer that could happen at anytime.  Gray is the other option to bench.

Seemingly a lot to procrastinate over.  In some ways I’m glad it’s a Friday gameweek as I’ll have to make a decision earlier than the normal gameweek and at least get it out of the way.  How I get Mane or Salah in could influence my lineup decisions.

The team

Here’s the team. At the moment Mane or as I keep saying, less likely, Salah could be anyone.  Sorry about the uncertainty

 fantasy premier league teams GW36


A Friday night gameweek.  Don’t forget to push the triple captain button if you’re using it

 fantasy premier league teams GW36

The official FPL fixture schedule

Hope you had a good gameweek!

Other stuff

If you’re needing to plan transfers use Joseph Crilleys google spreadsheet which is an excellent team planning tool.

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16 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW36 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Very nice GW Geek. I myself scored 122 and currently sit at 4.6k OR. Pushing for a top 1k finish now.

    I already have Mane so it makes it easy for me.

    I think Mane is just as good an option as Salah to be honest. Against Hudds, they will both most likely score as this could be a rout. I considered Aguero out for Firmino for double Liverpool attack this week but will probably roll over the transfer.

    Rashford for the last 2 weeks looks the right move.

  2. Thanks for the reminder re the triple captain option… not sure if this is within the spirit / scope of FFG but anyone else have problems with the Fantasy Premier App on Ipad? I swore I chose Sterling as Triple Captain last week but it didn’t register. Lesson learnt (although probably a blessing in disguise) so will make my team changes on my laptop going forward.
    I have heard several similar tales of woe of fellow players who thought they had played their wild card but ending up losing 50 points etc..

    • I had similar issue, but until now I assumed I did sth wrong.
      Fortunately nothing major and also turned out ok :)

    • I would stay away from using the official Fpl app.It has glitches in it ! I’ve heard numerous stories from people that have used it in the past and it has done something weird like captain a defender or leave somebody on the bench that they didn’t want benching !

    • Having similar issues over past 24 hours – cannot activate TC chip!! Trying via official app and the website on iPhone, and website via laptop. Tried logging out and back in, and reinstalling app. Having a great 2nd season (OR 8610) but very close in one of my MLs (top by 20 points). Really don’t need the tech failing me now! Anyone experienced this or got any suggestions?

  3. Hi Geek,

    Great work on 138, I also had 128 which saw me took back my mini-league top spot which was nice.

    On the transfers I would recommend just take the -4 to transfer out Eriksen and Duffy for Mane and a 3.8/9 bench fodder which would give you less benching issues. Also this will save you transfer out any of the city assets (I think if you go down the Salah route it will be either Kun or Sterling out which I think it is a big issue now). Mane perform better than Salah at home if you decided to press the TC button also. This would also enhance the flexibility to get Utd asset i.e Rashford back if you need to.

    Let me know what you think.

  4. Hi Geek,

    I think you were due that one, well done. I keep thinking Salah is overdue a big haul. I’m not sure it will be a goalfest, though. Cos it’s so tight, Man City/Liverpool will shut up shop when they’re 2-0 up.
    I don’t like these rumours re Salah. Your last rumour (Lindelof) turned out to be right.

  5. As a Huddersfield fan with tickets for Anfield tomorrow I just can’t bring myself to TC Salah and be willing him to score. Robertson though could be a more reliable TC option, less explosive but a more likely points scorer.

  6. Should’ve went with Hojberg instead of JWP on wildcard, now I’m faced with keeping Eriksen or taking a -4 to switch for Mane. Anyone think the hit is worth it? I’ve been reluctant to take hits all season unless there’s an injury or suspension (thanks Richarlison) and it’s probably why I’m doing better than ever before.

  7. Are you playing your TC? If so, I’d get Mané/Salah. Eriksen might even get a rest and a lot of other folk will be putting the TC in Mané, which could be costly.

  8. Hey Geek. Will you offload Ryan or Foster next week? Both have tough games coming up. I may carry a FT this week so considering Ryan to Pickford or Guita.

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