Fantasy premier league GW36 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll


With the gameweek now over here’s our fantasy premier league GW36 captain poll for you to say who will be your captain this week. There are also the polls for who you are planning on transferring in and also for who you are transferring out in the gameweek. 

Fantasy premier league GW36 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll 

There’s 3 polls. These are the normal captain and the transfer in and out polls return.

There’s only 1 vote per poll. That makes sense on the Captain Poll. On the transfer polls I would have liked to have 2 but there’s no obvious way of allowing it so sorry it’s 1 vote only. Just do your primary transfer.

Add any comments below on your reasoning.

The fixtures

Fantasy premier league GW36 captain poll

The anytime goalscorer odds

The odds are for £1 invested up to £2.40. They assume the player starts and ignores assist potential.

£1.50 – Mane, Salah

£1.65 – Aguero

£1.70 – Son, Sterling

£1.73 – Firmino

£1.95 – Vardy

£2.00 – Moura, Llorente, Aubameyang

£2.05 – Sane

£2.10 – Babel, Mitrovic, Ings

£2.30 – Murray

£2.37 – Lacazette

£2.40 – Andone

The Polls

Remember the captain poll is who will be your captain? Also please try and take the time to vote in all 3 polls.

Thanks very much!



Other stuff

If you’re needing to plan transfers use Joseph Crilleys google spreadsheet which is an excellent team planning tool.

See also our fixture ease article

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13 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league GW36 captain poll – plus a transfer in and out poll”

  1. Hi,
    How was everyones wildecard? Mine was probably best week ever with 134 pts, GW rank of 2,566 and OV up from 21,161 to 7,282!
    It could be better though, because I gambled with Jimenez as a captain and it didnt pay off :/

    It could be my best season, as in 2014/15 I was 10,381 at the end.

    Now I’ll probably go with -4 pts: Ericksen and Duffy for Yoshida and Mane for tripple captain.

    • Salah has apparently missed training as he went to the USA so I suspect he is a higher rotation risk but either or both could be rotated out. I’m captaining Mane (don’t have Salah but would go Mane anyway) just haven’t decided to TC this week (see below)

  2. I see a lot of talk about Liverpool resting most of their top players tomorrow as they will almost certainly win anyway and are looking ahead to Barcelona. It makes me wonder ibout the game time risk of Mane and should I use my Triple Captain on Sterling now they are free of CL fixtures. Things to think about:
    Salah has missed training after going to New York
    Mane has not seen any rotation to date
    There is 5 days before the CL game
    If I do go with Stirling which fixture? (Brighton is obvious but if the title is decided again their could be rotation risk so Leicester might be better)

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