fantasy premier league teams GW38 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW38 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW38. We look back at gameweek 37 and give our thoughts on the gameweek ahead.

fantasy premier league teams GW38 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 37

GW37 points: 54 (average 48) Total points 2,262, Gameweek rank 2,093k, Overall Rank: 36k, green arrow 5k, Team Value: £102.8m

GW37 points:

fantasy premier league teams GW38

What a strange week.  Only 3 players returned attacking points and they were all defenders.  7 attacking players all blanked but somehow it lead to a small green arrow of 5k and a overall rank of 36k.

Luck was really with me this week.  Alexander Arnold could have easily been sent off for handball on the line and Laporte gets an assist for the most unlikely Kompany goal you’ll ever see.  Apparently Kompany’s last goal from outside the box was 2007.  His last shot on target with his feet from outside the box was 2013 and the number of Premier League shots from outside the box without scoring was 36.

The Son to Pogba transfer was another bit of luck in that Son got sent off and ended with -2 points.  Although Pogba blanked it was still a 4 point swing on the transfer for Pogba’s 2 points.  Pogba was a bit unlucky hitting the woodwork twice.  4 shots and 2 key passes for an ordinary if not terrible 0.27 xG and 0.04 xA.  Still you expect more against Huddersfield rather than him being bang on his non penalty xG average for the season.

How Jota didn’t score is beyond me.  6 shots and 1 key pass for 0.63 xG which is double his season average.

Captain Aguero was particularly disappointing as were Man City generally where they produced an xG of 1.09 which I think is their lowest xG of the season against non top 6 sides.  However a captain neutral gameweek is something that doesn’t really worry me with only the Salah and Hazard captainers gaineing any ground.  They were 8% and 6% of the top 10k OR captainers respectively according to FPL

Transfer thoughts

1 transfer and £0.1m in the bank.

European places

So the last day of the season has somewhat been complicated by the pathetic Arsenal and Man Utd performances at the weekend.  The top 4 is pretty much sealed with only a massive goal difference swing would allow Arsenal to push out Spurs.

As I understand it England can have 5 Champions League spots which means if Arsenal win the Europa League they will qualify for the Champions League.  The final isn’t until the 29th May so I imagine Arsenal will play a full team in GW38.

Man Utd is a bit more complicated.  Again if I understand it correctly a win for Watford in the FA Cup final would mean that Man Utd would have to play a qualifier for the Europa League rather than qualify for the Group stages.  That may mean the treat the Cardiff game as something other than a chance to play the youth team as finishing 5th will qualify for the Europa League Group stages.

I say that as the fact Man Utd have no Champions League place to play for means that Pogba is a natural candidate for being rested unless Solskajer wants to put on some sort of performance for the last home game.

I’m hoping the above on European places is right.  It’s not straightforward unfortunately.

As far as Pogba is concerned he will stay in my team despite the rest risk.

Exit candidates

The 2 main candidates for exiting are Vertonghen who was rested over the weekend and Gray who was on the bench.  That situation is slightly complicated by the fact that Vertonghen looks like he could even play midweek UCL so could be fit.  Still he could be rested given that the Champions League place next season is virtually assured.  However if he plays versus Ajax then he’s unlikely to go anywhere in my team.

Gray is a different matter.  A good fixture home to West Ham but it seems doubtful whether he will start.  Away to Chelsea is different than home to West Ham but lineups this season would suggest Deulofeu and Deeney will start.

Lastly replacing Duffy is also an option.

Gray replacements 

So if I started with the tried and trusted who are Huddersfield playing transfer route I go to Southampton at home.  £5.4m Ings and £4.7m Long are the candidates there.  Ings has really fallen off a cliff.  His last 9 starts have averaged 68 minutes, produced 1 assist and produced 2 good underlying stats performances.

Long incredibly has got 4 goals in his last 4 starts and 2 sub appearances with good minutes starting the last 3.  Only in the West Ham game of those and the 14 minute sub appearance did his underlying stats look bad.  The problem is that he’s Shane Long.  The guy who scored 5 goals in 2,800 PL minutes in the 2 seasons previous to this.

Looking elsewhere there’s £5.9m Rondon at Fulham or even my old favourite £5.6m Ashley Barnes v Arsenal.  If I want to go totally left field I could go for £5.6m Sturridge if Firmino is definitely out and I felt he would play rather than Origi.   Rondon’s underlying stats seem to have tailed off a bit.  Barnes is very hot and cold and doesn’t shoot much.

Alot to think about.  If I keep Gray I would could play a Southampton defender for Duffy.

The Wolves trio

If I decide to keep Gray, Vertonghen and Duffy then Doherty potentially could be sold for a Man Utd defender although a clean sheet against anyone fr Man Utd seems pretty fanciful at the moment.  They’ve only got 2 home clean sheets all season.  1 v Palace and the other v Liverpool.

After seeing Liverpool play Newcastle there seems no reason to sell Jimenez or Jota even if other priorities disappear.  I think they are quite capable of scoring.


Vertonghen if he starts v Ajax will stay in my team.  Otherwise or maybe even instead, Gray out for 1 of Ings, Long, Barnes or Rondon.  Next in line would be a Southampton defender for Duffy.

Lineup issues

With 3 Brighton players in my team they will be on the bench with the transfer dictating who the other player will be.  Probably be between Doherty and Gray if Gray isn’t replaced.


The captain poll will be of interest.  At the moment I’ve put it on Aguero but the polls may dictate what I do.  The poll will probably go up Wednesday or Thursday.

The team

Here’s the team. It assumes Gray is transferred out for one of the above.

fantasy premier league teams GW38


A Sunday gameweek with all teams playing at the same time

 fantasy premier league teams GW38

Hope you had a good gameweek!

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10 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW38 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Hey Geek,

    Congrats on your nice turn around for the last few weeks.

    As for transfer, would you consider a hit to bring in Redmond for Stehens and play a 352 instead of say Ings/Long?

    As for captain, what’s your thoughts on Sterling? I just peraonally not trust Kun’s away form even though they only play Brighton.

  2. Congrats on an OR of 36k. Very healthy! I don’t have Aguero but have 2FT so bringing him in (for Gray) feels like a no brainer. Players out are likely along similar lines to your thinking Geek : Gray, Son, and will be benching Doherty.

    No decisions until after the midweek Liverpool and Spurs games…

  3. I have to get rid of Son so it is either B. Silva or Redmond if I go left of field.

    Liverpool can count themselves very unlucky not to be top of the league going to the final day as City didn’t really look like scoring until that thunderbolt from the most unlikely of sources. And then Iheanacho missed what can only be described as a gimme.

    97 points, 1 loss…no league title


  4. Thinking of Silva too. Also Pogba though I don’t trust him. But surely Man U will hammer Cardiff. Thinking of Wood instead of Gray, I think Burnley could easily beat Arsenal, especially if the latter are in Europa final. -4 looks on the cards.

    • United are abysmal right now (United fan here)… so I would avoid. Altho Cardiff will be deflated and uninterested. Having said that, United have looked disinterested for weeks. They had a real chance of finishing top 4 if they beat Hudds but when Hudds equalized, there was no sense of urgency. No desire to win the game. It was unbelievable to see. Solskjaer needs to have a fire sale this summer. Half that squad do not deserve to be there. Some think they are bigger than the club (Pogba, Sanchez)… Sanchez is a pantomime and needs to be offloaded pronto. He is making a mockery of the club. Pogba needs to go too. Martial just doesn’t seem to care.
      United are in trouble for a long time to cone.

  5. Re Man City/Liverpool…I feel (I’ve no allegiances) that Liverpool have had the breaks. Late winners from dodgy keeper errors and above all, the Mahrez missed penalty at Anfield. It’s not over, of course. Not sure Liverpool will beat Wolves.

  6. Ian, I think you’ve convinced me! I don’t understand Pogba. He was amazing for eight games or so, then he starts wandering around. They should keep him if they can sort his attitude, but I reckon it’s too late for that. When he played well, though, Man U played well.

    • Yes but that’s not good enough. He only plays when it suits him. There should be no tolerance of that. Fergie ran the club the way you are supposed to… no nonsense. If your ego got too big you were gone… Beckham, Keane etc found that out. And so should Pogba… it’s change your attitude or ship out.

  7. I have a 35 point lead in my main mini league which should be enough but you never know…. My current team with 1FT and 0.4M ITB is:

    Bednarek, Shaw, Laporte
    Pogba, Sterling, Mane, Doucoure
    Aguero, Jimenez, Gray
    Subs: Foster, Bennett, Dunk, Son

    I am reasonably happy with my defense. So, I guess my main dilemma this week is Son>? and play 352 or Gray>? and play 343. Unfortunately none of the options really fill me with much confidence. I could ditch both for a -4 and get something like Zaha + Fraser/Milo/Maddison/Moura/Martial but it doesn’t inspire me either.

    Anyone else thinking about a 1 week punt on Shaqiri/Origi?

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