fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW9 – Rob Reid with his draft wildcard options


Here’s the first of our fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW9 articles where FFGeek contributors show their draft wildcard teams.  First up is Rob Reid who’s contemplating a number of options.  Help him choose the best option with the poll within the article.  Rob has finished 3 of the last 5 seasons in the top 0.5% of FPL managers

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW9 – Rob Reid with his draft wildcard options

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After a fairly catastrophic few weeks that have seen a succession of red arrows and a plummet down the overall rankings, I have decided to activate my first Wildcard. Pre-season when I’d looked at weeks for playing this chip, I’d ear-marked a key weeks that looked good options for Wildcard deployment. I quite liked the look of GW5 or GW6 initially and looking back, perhaps I should have gone for it in one of these weeks especially in view of how my team has suffered since. I also really liked GW9 though. There are seem key fixture shifts around now and I also have the advantage of 2 weeks to plan with it being an International Window. I kind of 98% made the decision at the end of GW7 that I was going to do it and an absolutely rank Saturday in GW8 with 15 points from 7 players 100% confirmed this call.

Here’s my team now and here were my stats for GW8

GW8 points: 34 (average 36) Total points 456 Gameweek rank 4,008k, Overall Rank: 320k, red arrow 91k, Team Value: £101.9m

You can see Rob’s team write up from GW8 here

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW9


First up it’s impossible to ignore the form of certain players. Aubameyang, Aguero and Wilson have all looked good so far despite blanking in GW8. I jettisoned Wilson in GW3 for what looked like a tough fixture run and (as usual for me with Wilson) he’s punished this move since. For Aubameyang and Aguero, it’s simply been a case of my funds being in the wrong place to accommodate them. There’s also the Chelsea duo of Mount and Abraham – this coupled with their great fixtures make them very dangerous. And of course there’s De Bruyne, though his groin injury is a little bit of a worry moving forward. Will his gametime be managed moving forward…can Pep afford to do this with them already 8 behind front-runners Liverpool?

Then there’s the players in my team who simply aren’t cutting it. Tying up 12.5m in Digne and Van Dijk hasn’t been productive over the last 5 weeks and the Norwich duo of Pukki and Cantwell have seen a downturn in returns since that dramatic win over City which mirrors the current poor form of their side. Finally there’s Salah. A goal and 2 assists in the last 5 isn’t bad, but at 12.5m and for someone I’d like to captain I’d really be hoping for a bit more. You’re always playing a dangerous game selling the Egyptian, but I think a small downgrade in price to Mane could be a good move at least over the next 5 weeks when Mo isn’t such a viable captain option and can’t hurt you as much. I hope I don’t live to regret this statement as I did last season mind!


Next up, there’s some teams who’s fixtures have now turned for the better. I’d really like to cover Arsenal and Leicester – both have superb fixture runs now and I’m keen also to keep Chelsea covered though I might switch some of this into defence. 4 of Bournemouth’s next 5 also look really nice and if Wolves can learn to juggle the Premier and Europa Leagues, they also have a nice run up to GW17. I also plan on trying to keep 3 City assets at least for their next 4 despite their GW8 defeat to Wolves, but as mentioned above Liverpool’s next 5 look tougher and although they are fairly fixture proof, it does make me wary of tying funds up with them.

Premium Dilemmas

I’ve already gone through the Mane v Salah debate and that extra 0.9m would be very helpful. Especially considering I’d like to accommodate Aubameyang and 2 out of Aguero, Sterling and De Bruyne. The latter of these 3 Citizens is staying – I’ve had him since GW1 so he’s effectively a 9.5m rather than a 10m player for me so he’s staying at the moment. That leaves me with a Sterling vs Aguero debate. Tough one this and although I like Sterling, I’ve been disappointed with him the last few weeks questioning his reliability as a captain option. Aguero has been more consistent and can be very explosive on his day but is more likely to fall victim to rotation? Who knows!

Budget Price-Busters

There are viable budget players potentially emerging across all the categories. Lundstram will be staying in my squad (again effectively a 4m player for me) but you can now add Rico, Kelly and possibly even Taylor at Burnley as workable options here. Just above this there’s also Soyuncu and Tomori playing for good teams with good fixtures at a sub-5m price. There’s also 2 sub 4.5m keepers available in Roberto and Gazzaniga – both viable medium term options with Fabianski and Lloris both out (get well soon guys) even if they’re not playing in for the most attractive teams defensively. Then there’s the attacking options – there’s a possible 4.5m striker in Connolly of Brighton, Arsenal have a young 4.5m priced midfielder in Saka who’s playing OOP as a forward and I still like Dendoncker as a squad filler and he’s now only 4.4m with great fixtures. Plenty of food for thought here.


So I’ve drawn up 4 drafts!

Draft 1 – Aguero/Abraham Draft.

Scope to jiggle around midfield and 3rd striker with Maddison, Hudson-Odoi, Wilson etc all possibles here. Defence relies on playing a cheap each week.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW9

Draft 2 – Sterling & Wilson Draft.

This has Wilson and Maupay but again scope to change to strikers 2 and 3. No Leicester attack coverage. Again relies on playing a cheap defender each week.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW9

Draft 3 – Sterling & Vardy Draft.

Again a cheap needs to be played each week, but can be rotated around the positions.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW9

Draft 4 – Aguero/Hudson-Odoi Draft.

This one looks more flexible. Husdson-Odoi could easily become Yarmolenko or H. Wilson to cover nice fixtures. 3 solid defensive options so don’t have to play a cheap each week.

Vote for the best option in the Poll below

Lots of tinkering to be done over the next 2 weeks. Why not have a vote for your favourite in the Poll below or leave me a comment? One thing I do know is that there’s going to be a lot of 50/50 calls to make and all these drafts step away from the template somewhat – not having a Liverpool defender for example is a bit scary! It’s going to be an interesting International Break, and maybe not the most comfortable next few weeks in FPL.


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7 thoughts on “fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW9 – Rob Reid with his draft wildcard options”

  1. Hey mate great read!!! i voted for draft 4 that gives you more flexibility…! My only issue with draft 1 which seems to be the favorite in tielemans as LEI cover you players a bit back especially with perez coming into the team i can see vardy (off course) maddy and perez getting more attacking returns!

    The issue i have myself is Saka… I really like the potential but Laca come back end of Oct and i think he is the first to be shoved out of the starting 11…

    Good Luck!

  2. For me number one purely for the attacking three… i’m sure Aguero will get firing again soon. I’m up sh*tc creek with my dream team now as I have Matip, Salah and DeBruyne all out with injuries.

    • Wouldn’t worry too much about Salah & De Bruyne think they should be both back after the international break

  3. Hi,

    An interesting read as always.

    I voted for draft 3, even though there are only two up front. Vardy and Auba really has some good fictures. And do you dare not owning Sala or Sterling? Aguero can do some damage though. Abraham also have great fictures, and personally i must have him. It really is a tricky one.

    As an amateur Norwegian FPL-manager, I was wondering what your thoughts were on time for making the transfers?

    Obviously there are some concerns making these early on, but considering the changing of prices we’ve seen this year, this can certainly ruin one’s plan.

    For example; Both Pukki and Barnes has already decreased in value by 0,1m from sunday, and the price of Vardy has gone up with 0,1m.

    So for me, i’ve «lost» 0,3m, leaving me with only 5,9m instead of 6,2m for my last player.

    It probably depends, but do you also think it’s too much of a risk not owning either Sala or Mane the next few weeks?

    I don’t know if you’re answering quesions, but wanted to give it a go.

    Anyways, good luck.

  4. Very interesting analysis, thanks. I’m about 20 points behind you with 6 of the same players you have in each option, so I was totally conflicted and couldn’t choose! :)

  5. Watching saka myself as he’s a good price but might be too risky. Thing is lacazette and anyone whose nearly back from injury often never happens as planned. Look at Kelly for example most people gave him a few weeks as the 4m CB option early doors.
    Good luck mind went option 1

  6. I am really stuck on the decision … Aubameyang Vardy and Wilson or Aubameyang Vardy and Abraham. Personally option 3 for me as Sterling is too good to bench and has good fixtures and Vardy is definatley a captain option.

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