FPL forward tips DGW34 – player rankings double gameweek special


Here’s our FPL forward tips DGW34 double gameweek special article, again in the shorter form and concentrating solely on players with 2 games in DGW34. There’s still a comprehensive table of stats to help you make a transfer choice plus some brief comments afterwards.



Pts per 90: the FPL points earned per 90 minutes played

Fixture ease ranking so you can see who has the best fixtures to the end of the season. See our fixture ease article
Bookies anytime goal scoring odds for the player in GW34. There are no ATGS odds available for the 2nd games so I’ve just inserted anther column with the team win odds.
Expected goal information is from the excellent free site understat.com. See our underlying stats article

DGW/BGW: This will tell you whether the team has a DGW34 or DGW37  and whether they have a fixture in the blank 35. A positive mention says they do. Hopefully it’s not too hard to understand and the fixtures are below.




fantasy premier league dgw34 midfielder tips


Important preamble

Remember it ranks players as a transfer in this week and on their points potential to the end of the season. So a player home to Huddersfield this week will have a ranking advantage on one away to Man City. However it’s only 1 factor. There’s no account for value for money so for example while Hazard may be ranked higher than Willian the price difference makes Willian attractive.

Here’s a link to the google spreadsheet. You can copy it and paste it.

fpl forward tips DGW34


The trickiest thing this week is the gametime risks, if any, associated with the teams with FA Cup semi’s next weekend.  They are Spurs, Man Utd, Chelsea and Southampton.

For different reasons you could argue that there is an ability to rest players for midweek games.  Spurs and Man Utd with Chelsea’s form should be comfortable with a top 4 place.  I suspect given Kanes hunt for the golden boot that he will resist any resting.  Lukaku who knows and may depend on Mourinho’s desire to take no risks in trying to finish 2nd.  Chelsea you could argue have little top 4 chance so could prioritise the FA Cup.

Here’s the top 6 which shows you the gap that Chelsea have now allowed:

fpl forward tips DGW34

Southampton have relegation battle issues and the team sheet v Arsenal showed that being unable to score goals and having a natural goal scorer in your side doesn’t mean he’s going to start.

Leicester and Burnley without any FA Cup distractions should be the safest.

However I have no crystal ball and I definitely over think gametime issues.  It’s just being aware of the risk and making your own decision.

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