FPL new player profiles part 2 – Man City to Watford


Here’s our FPL new player profiles article where we give some basic stats and prospects to players new to FPL. This looks at players coming in alphabetically from Man City to Watford except for the promoted sides which I’ll deal with separately

FPL new player profiles – Man City to Watford

This article only looks at transfers of players who haven’t played in the premier league previously.  I go through the teams alphabetically from Man City to West Ham.  If a team hasn’t had such a transfer in then there will be no heading for them.

I’m also copying and pasting the format so the information is given in a consistent manner so excuse me if I make the occasional mistake!

I think all the information is self explanatory so there’s no key.

If you can’t be bothered reading the whole article there’s a “who are the key players” heading at the end.  Also in the main text after the stats of each player there’s a couple of lines on prospects

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Man Utd

Fred Mid £6.0m

The 25 year old Brazilian CM Fred  joined Man Utd from  Shaktar Donetsk for £43.7m.  He played 16 (1) games in 17/18 for them for 2 goals and 2 assists at a goal or assist every 362 minutes.  He has played 76 games in the Ukrainian League and 8 for the Brazil national team.  He was in the Brazil squad but didn’t play down to injury apparently.  There’s no whoscored rating for the Ukrainian League.

Will start for Man Utd in the 3 of 4-3-3 but I can’t see him being an FPL option with those numbers.  Was injured and didn’t play in the World Cup.  What that will mean for his return is questionable.

Dalot Def £5.5m

The 19 year old Portugese RB Dalot  joined Man Utd from Porto for £19.0m.  He played 4 (2) games in 17/18 for them for 0 goals and 2 assists at a goal or assist every 204 minutes.  He has played 6 games in the Portugese league and 4 times for the Portugal U21 team.  He doesn’t have a whoscored rating

Valencia will surely start at RB and even though Dalot can play LB one of Shaw, Rojo or Darmian will start there


Elyounoussi Mid £6.5m

The 23 year old Norwegian LW/CAM  Elyounoussi  joined Southampton from  Basel for £16.0m.  He played 32 (1) games in 17/18 for them for 11 goals and 15 assists at a goal or assist every 103 minutes.  He has played 108 games in the Norwegian League and 65 in the Swiss League.  He’s also played 16 times for the Norwegian National team.   He has no whoscored.com rating

An incredible record albeit in inferior leagues.  However his Champions League stats are good as well.  Could easily start for Southampton in the attacking midfield 3 behind the striker with Tadic now gone to Ajax.  Southampton have Redmond, Boufal, Davis and Ward Prowse who can all play in those positions but all have had bench spells or in the case of Davis and Ward Prowse played as CMs.  Pre-season will be crucial.  The other question is the transition from the leagues he’s played in.

Armstrong Mid £5.5m

The 26 year old Scottish CM Armstrong  joined Southampton from Celtic for £7.0m.  He played 14 (10) games in 17/18 for them for 3 goals and 4 assists at a goal or assist every 197 minutes.  He has played 222 games in the Scottish Premier League.  He’s also played 6 times for the Scottish National team.   He has no whoscored.com rating

I suspect Southampton will play 4-2-3-1.  The midfield 2 where Armstrong would fit in will probably be occupied by Romeu as a definite and then Lemina or maybe Hojobjerg.  Hard to see him starting or being a viable FPL asset.


Navarro Def £4.5m 

The 23 year old Spanish  RB Navarro  joined Watford from  Espanyol for £3.0m.  He played 10 (9) games in 17/18 for them for 1 goal and 0 assists at a goal or assist every 1103 minutes.  He has played 31 games in La Liga and has not played any International games.  His whoscored rating is an ordinary 6.44.

How many RBs does one side need?  Already in place is Femenia and Janmaat.  Can’t see him getting near GW1 and can’t see why he was bought.

Masina Def £4.5m

The 24 year old Italian  LB Masina  joined Watford from Bologna for £3.5m.  He played 32 (2) games in 17/18 for them for 0 goals and 1 assists with a goal or assist every 2840 minutes.  He has played 99 games in Serie A and 6 for the Italian U21 team.  His whoscored rating is a good 6.87.

Again another strange one with Holebas and Zeegelaar already in place.  Does seem to have some pedigree but hard to see him starting and with everyone else at £4.5m for Watford it would be pointless in picking him for your FPL team.

Sema Mid £5.0m

The 24 year old Swedish  LM Sema  joined Watford from Ostersunds for £1m.  He played 11 (0) games in 17/18 for them for 0 goals and 5 assists with a goal or assist every 198 minutes.  He has played 58 games in the Swedish League and 5 games for the Swedish national team.  He was not in the World Cup squad though.   He has no whoscored.com rating

Another strange one as Watford have Richarlison who played as a left sided AM last season and then latterly Pereyra.  Again can’t Sema him starting GW1.

West Ham

Diop Def £4.5m

The 21 year old French  CB Diop  joined West Ham from Toulose for £22m.  He played 34 (0) games in 17/18 for them for 3 goals and 1 assist with a goal or assist every 765 minutes.  He has played 85 games in Ligue 1 and 5 for the French U21 team.  His whoscored rating is a reasonable 6.82.

West Ham were terrible defensively last season and it’s hard to see them improving under Pellegrini who’s a quite attacking coach.  However the acquisition of Fabianski is a definite step in the right direction.  At the moment West Ham have Ogbonna, Reid, Rice and Oxford as CBs.  Pellegrini is also a back 4 man so it’s hard to see Diop starting.  Cresswell is £5.5m, Fredericks £5.0m but Reid and Ogbonna are £4.5m so there’s no price advantage either.

Fredericks Def £5.0m

The 25 year old English  RB Fredericks  joined West Ham from Fulham on a free transfer.  He played 44 (0) games in 17/18 for them for 0 goals and 9 assists with a goal or assist every 435 minutes.  He has played 141 games in the Championship and 1 game for the England U19  team.  His whoscored rating is a healthy 6.9.

West Ham have Zabaleta and Byram who are RBs.  Zabaleta was mainly terrible last season and the fact that Byram still couldn’t get in the side says alot about Moyes’ view of him.  I would be surprised if Fredericks doesn’t start but West Ham for me are a £4.5m defence not a £5.0m defence so I would still gravitate to an FPL rotated Ogbonna or Reid

Yarmolenko Mid £7.0m

The 28 year old Ukranian  RW Yarmolenko  joined West Ham from Dortmund for an £17m.  He played 12 (6) games in 17/18 for them for 3 goals and 5 assists with a goal or assist every 130 minutes He has played 18 games in the Bundesliga and 227 games in the Ukrainian league plus 76 games for the Ukranian National team. His whoscored rating is a reasonable at 6.8.

I would be surprised if Yarmolenko doesn’t start in GW1 given his quality.  The probable competing player is Antonio where it has been suggested he would be available for sale.

If Andy Carroll starts and is fit then he would make a good target for crosses as well.  The issue with West Ham is their tough fixtures to start which you will see from my fixture ease article 

Who are the Key players

Only 2 players of this lot for me.  The first is £6.5m Mid from Southampton of Elyounoussi £6.5m. Preseason will be an important step and he carries risk coming from an inferior Swiss League but his stats are excellent.

The other player is West Ham’s £7.0m Mid Yarmolenko who has potential given his record.  The issue is West Ham’s tricky fixtures and he’s possibly £0.5m or so too expensive.

Any comments welcome if you know the player well or if I’ve made a typo

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  1. When listing Man Utd’s left backs in the Dalot bit did you forget Young? Or am I missing something?!

    • Hi Ryan

      The reason I didn’t mention him is that I don’t think he will be fit after world cup time off.

      Cheers and hope the team tinkering is going well

  2. Diop’s Price suggests he won’t be a certain starter, but surely West Ham don’t have £22m to spare on a bench warmer.

    On that basis, i’d Expect him to start and seems decent value.

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