FPL Podcasts – the 6th FFGeek Podcast with Scott Taylor and Joseph Crilley


Here’s our FPL podcasts article again with the Patreon link to the 6th FFGeek Podcast. This time it’s myself, Scott Taylor ( last season 1k OR and 12k the season before that) and  late stand in for an ill Sergio Torija, Joseph Crilley (28k OR last season and 7k OR the season before that) discussing a range of FPL related topics.

FPL Podcasts – the 6th FFGeek Podcast with Scott Taylor and Joseph Crilley

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You can access the podcast using the Patreon site link above.

Firstly thanks to Scott and Joe for participating.  Get well soon Sergio


Scott discusses last season and the learnings from it,  positive and negative, he will take into next season

Scott discusses his latest draft team

Joe discusses Spurs pre-season and transfers/rumours

There’s a few words from me supplied by Sergio about the Spanish PL related transfer market.


Kane vs Aubameyang vs Aguero

3 premiums vs 2 premiums (I’m assuming this means £10m + Joe and Scott may assume differently)

Which 2 players that you swear you’ll never go near again but have got every previous season, that will you definitely avoid this season

Which budget players are catching your eye this season (I’m assuming this is £5.5m and under for attacking players and £4.5m or under for Defs)

Liverpool defence which 2 of the 5 (assume we know VVDs partner for GW1) will you be choosing or not as the case maybe

Digne v Coleman (first stats are form, 2nd stats are season stats)

Here’s the link to the patreon site to access the podcast


August Podcast schedule

This is the current schedule.  Obviously circumstances could change things.

Thursday 1st August – Kev from Canada and Chris Tucker (date to be finally confirmed)

Wednesday 7 August – Joe, Alex and Rob Reid

Thursday 15 August – Andrew W and Kev from Canada

Thursday 22 August – Keith and Alex

Thursday 29 August – Sergio and Scott

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